The Gables

‘The Gables’ faces Coronation Hall on ‘upper’ Chapel Lane, in the SW corner of the ‘island’ of land between Chapel Lane and Main St.
The first known inhabitants of the Gables were the Cargill's. The date stone of 1816 with the initials of James and Hannah Cargill was originally on a gable at the back of the house. The house is older than this, however - its deeds show it passing from Stephen Ashwell to Gervaise Armstrong in 1774, then from Armstrong to James Cargill in 1797. It stayed in the Cargill family until it was sold to James Thorpe in 1884. For information about the Cargill family follow the link to the People/Families section. {insert link}
In the 1918 Thorpe Estate Sale William Smalley was the tenant of the “house, stabling, workshop and other outbuildings, yard and good garden”. It was sold to Messrs. Tallent for £480, who let it to the vicars Rev John Blore in the 1940s and Rev Lancelot Hepper Craddock-Watson in the 1950s. An old photograph shows that, like many of Coddington’s old buildings, it once had a open porch - which sheltered both the door and a window of the house.
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The Rev Peter Wright, last vicar of the separate benefice of Coddington, lived here for many years before moving to the new All Saints Vicarage, built on Newark Rd in 1963. After this the house was sold to private owners, the current occupant buying it in 1979. Since then they have repaired and restored the rear wing which lies along Main Street.