Coddington History Group run very interesting talks by speakers from around the local area.  Events are open to both members and non-members.  Periodically we also organise visits to other local history groups and outings to historic sites and archives / museums for members. 

2022_-_The_Capricious_River_Trent_Apr_2022.jpgThe River Trent between Nottingham and Gainsborough has a wayward and enthralling history of its own.
This talk takes us for a journey down the river, looking at lost channels, forgotten ferries and how the changing course of the river has affected the villages along the Trent.

Coddington History Group Speakers Programme 2022

20th January 2022 - Cal WarrenRefurbishment of Nottingham Castle.

17th February 2022 - Julia DaviesHistory of Brackenhurst. 

17th March 2022 - Lily Anne DawesDuchess of Curiosities: the life of Margaret, Duchess of Portland.

21st April 2022 - Adrian Gray - The Capricious River Trent.

19th May 2022 - Mark DawsonA Modest Sufficiency: what farmers and tradesmen ate in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Everyone is welcome at Coddington History Group events

All dates take place in the Village Hall on Main Street and start at 7:30pm

Members: no charge, non-members: £2.00