Galls, John

Galls, Mrs Ellinor  (nee Byrch)         

16 - 26/04/1638 - John Galls married Ellinor Byrch.

Gardener, Mr John

2 Mr John - in 1863 landowner - get details

Gardner, Mrs Judith (nee Hollingworth)

Gardner, Mr Robert James McIntosh

2 children


Hollingworth, Mr (G) Fred Hollingworth, Mrs Dorothy

Hollingworth, Mr Michael

2 Mrs Judith Gardner (nee Hollingworth), daughter of Fred and Dorothy (still alive in 1987).

Gardner, Mr Robert James McIntosh - husband of Judith. In 1985 they had 2 children. (Newark Advertiser 8.3.1985 - Fred's obituary)

Parents, the Hollingworths, occupied Manor Dairy Farmhouse.

3 Mr G Fred - d 1.5.1985 in 79th year - husband of Dorothy, father or Michael and Judith

Dorothy died after these inscriptions collected.

2 Mrs Dorothy  d xxxxx in 79th year - wife of Fred, father of Michael

3 Mr Michael  d 10.5.1960 aged 24, only son of Fred and Dorothy

Garland, Miss Mary (later Mrs Harvey)

Harvey, William

16 - 24/11/1819 - William Harvey   married Mary Garland

Garside, Mr Joseph

24 - Mr Joseph in 1853 listed as timber merchant

Gascoyne, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Wells)

Wells, Thomas

16 - 28/08/1760 - Thomas Wells married Elizabeth Gascoyne  

Gamage, George

21 - 1936-8 at The Nook, p.res

Gayby, Miss Mary (later Mrs Hall)

Hall, Mr Thomas

16 - 06/12/1773 - Thomas Hall married Mary Gayby

Geeson, Mr Arthur Cecil Geeson, Mr Francis Rudkin

Geeson, Arthur C(ecil)

=Geeson, Alan

3 Mr Arthur Cecil - d 19.11.1982 aged 85 - father; b~1899

10 Mr Arthur Cecil - in 1941 farmer (>150a) Hall Farm

3 Mr Francis Rudkin - d 25.11.1938 aged 11 months -son of Mr Arthur Cecil

10/21 - 1938 - 1942 farmer Tel Nwk 616

20  - 1950 - at Hall Farm = Home Farm

19 - 1957 at Home Farm

18 - 1961 at Rose-Alan, Balderton Lane

Gibson, Willm

Gibson, Mrs Margaret  (nee Tranlow)

16 -  20/08/1635 - Willm Gibson married Margaret Tranlow.   

Gibson, Miss Esther (later Mrs Birch)

Birch, Richard

16 -  09/01/1682- Richard Birch married Esther Gibson.           

Gibson, Miss Margaret

(later Mrs Allcock)

16 - 13/03/1826 - Richard Allcock married Margaret Gibson      

Gibson, Mr W C

9 Mr W C? in 1928 Hill View

Gibson, Stephen

Gibson, Edith M

10/21 - 1938 -  1942 at Gilwern, p.res

18/19/20 - 1950 - at Gilwern, Beckingham Rd, p.res

Gilbart, John (?Gilbert)

Gilbart, Mrs Ann (nee Sumner)

16 - 11/07/1757 - John Gilbart married Ann Sumner.

Gilbort , Silvester

Gilbort , Mrs Mary (nee Anderson)

16 - 21/06/1764 - Silvester Gilbort married Mary Anderson.      

Gilbert, Mr Henry Esq.

24 Mr Henry - 1853 listed as landowner.

7 Mr Henry- in 1864 farmer and owner

28 - in 1872 listed as owner and farmer at Barnby Manor

29 Mr Henry, h - in 1879 listed as farmer at Barnby Manor

Gilbert, Miss Jane (later Mrs Staniland)

Staniland, Mr Joseph

16 - 20/05/1867 - Joseph Staniland married Jane Gilbert            

2 Mr Joseph Stanilandin 1863 occupied cottage -2a- which became Lot 58 (cottage =Manor Dairy Fhouse.  - as under-tenant to John Fryer).

1 Mr Joseph Staniland - in 1918 occupied cottage in Lot 36;

Gilbert, Mr Stanley

7 Mr Stanley- in 1941 tractor repairs, The Spinney Newark 198

10/18/19/20/21  1938 - 1942 - 1950 - at The Spinney, Newark Rd, Tel Nwk 198, p.res

Giles, John

25 - in 1844 John Giles is listed as gent.

26 - in 1848 listed as resident

Giles, John

Giles, Eliza

Moore, Mary

35 1841 Census

John Giles, age 50 b~1791, Y( in Notts) Independent.

Eliza Giles, age 50 b~1791, N(not in Notts)

Also In the household

Mary Moore, age 15 b~1826, Y(in Notts), Female servant

Folio 12, 862

Gill, William

Gill, Mrs Harriett (nee Wilson)

16 - 05/11/1821 - William Gill married Harriett Wilson.

Girsbie, William

36B - William Girsbie, husbandman Coddington - will dated 14.9.1558; proved 13.10.1558; York ref Vol15 pt2 Fol364

Glanville, Mr T E

1 Mr T E - in 1918 cottage in Lot 38 (No47, 3- cottage row west side of Wells Green

Glazier, John

Glazier, Mrs Ann (nee Atterby)

16 - 13.8.1629 - John Glazier married Ann   Atterby.

Glue, Miss Anne (later Mrs Crosby)

Crosby, William

16 - 05/11/1679 - William Crosby married Anne Glue.  

Glossop, Sampson

Glossop, Mary

Hullott, Mary Ann

35 1841 Census

Sampson Glossop, age 70 b~1771, N(not in Notts), Independent.

Mary Glossop, age 30 b~1811, N(not in Notts)

Also In the household

Mary Ann Hullott, age 12 b~1829, N(not in Notts)

Folio 7, 862

Godfrey, Mrs Jane

Godfrey, Mr Thomas Spragging or

Godfrey, Mr T Spraggon Esq. Spragging-Godfrey, Mr Thomas

3 Mrs Jane - d 6.7.1827 aged 23 (b~1804) - wife of Mr Thomas Godfrey Spragging - stone in floor of Coddington church.

6 Godfrey, Mr T Spraggon Esq - Beaconfield House in 1832 Directory.

Newark&District photobook + internet - Mr Thomas Spragging Godfrey, 1801 - 1859, local banker, who built Balderton New Hall in 1840. Was this why he sold Beaconfield house/hall to the Thorpes?

Thomas Spragging Godfrey was Newark's Mayor in 1836 - 4 years after James Thorpe   (his son of same name TSG was Mayor in 1865) When Balderton Hall was first built in 1840 it represented the ultimate status symbol for its owner Thomas Spragging Godfrey.

The Godfrey family had been involved in banking in Newark since the late 18th Century and by the early 1800s had also entered business with the Tallents family of solicitors.

T. S. Godfrey meanwhile had become a partner in the town's forejost financial institution the Newark Bank. This was located in the Market Place between Chain Lane and the Queen's Head (it subsequently moved to the site presently occupied by the NatWest Bank).

With success in business came civic recognition and in 1836 Godfrey was elected Mayor of Newark and subsequently an alderman in which office he continued until his death in July 1859.

Balderton Hall which was taken over by his son Thomas Spragging Jnr. He was also in banking in Newark and had become a senior partner in the firm of Godfrey & Riddell successors to the Newark Bank. He also became a Mayor of Newark (in 1865) and was a magistrate for both the borough and for Nottinghamshire. He was also treasurer of the Newark Board of Guardians chairman of the Balderton School Board and between 1863 and 1874 librarian at Newark's old Stock Library in the Market Place. Thomas Spragging Godfrey Jnr. died jost unexpectedly at the early age of 44 in September 1877. His widow Emily continued to live at Balderton Hall for some time. In November 1880 the house and grounds were put up for sale in an auction held at the Town Hall in Newark. On the day however the property failed to reach its reserve price of ?14 600 and was withdrawn.

Child of Thomas Spragging Godfrey Jnr was Alice Sophia Godfrey. She married Hon. Francis Albert Rollo Russell, (son of John Russell, 1st Earl Russell and Lady Frances Anna Maria Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound) on 21 April 1885 ? and she died on 12 May 1886 a month after childbirth. Their child was Arthur John Godfrey Russell   b. 11 Mar 1886, d. 9 Mar 1943.





Gomer, Mr C

Gomer, Mr Charles

Gomer, Miss Elizabeth

31/8 Mr C ? in 1892, 1900 butler to Col. Thorpe.

13 Mr Charles ? in 1916 gardener to Captn John S Thorpe, JP.

15 Miss Elizabeth ? March/April 1899 Elizabeth became a monitor in the schools infants department. She later became a teacher at the National School and taught there forjost of the first half of the 20th century (get details).

10/20/21 ?1938 - 1942 - 1950 at Almond cottage, p.res

Good, Elizabeth

Good, George

Good, Mary

35 1841 Census  -

Elizabeth Good, age 35, b~1806, Y( in Notts.),

George Good, age 11, b~1830, Y( in Notts.),

Mary Good, age 6, b~1835, Y( in Notts.),

(Folio 12, Piece 862)

Good, Mr William

3 Mr William ? d 25.8.1871 aged -3

Good,Miss Catharine (later Mrs Blackbourn)

Blackbourn, Mr William

16 - 14/06/1887 ? William Blackbourn married Catharine Good.

Goode, Sarah Ann (later Mrs Pilgrim)

Pilgrim, Mr William

16 - 28/12/1869 - William Pilgrim married Sarah Ann Goode    

Goodband, William

Goodband, Mrs Lavinia (nee Hough)

Goodband, Ms Lavinia

Goodband, Mr William

16 - 25/09/1884 - William Goodband married Lavinia Hough.

3 Ms Lavinia ? d 17.10.1947

3 Mr William ? d 19.8.1904

Goodband, John W

18/19? 1957- 1961 at 20 Main St

Goodwin, Robert

Young, John *et al

35 1841 Census

Robert Goodwin, age 15, b~1826, Y(born in Notts), Agricultural labourer.

Living in household of John Young, age 50, farmer, with 3 children up to 10,

Elizabeth Pilgrim, age 20, female servant

Mary Anderson, age 65, Nurse

(Folio 5, Piece 862)  

Goody, Miss Ann (later Mrs Cooper)

Cooper, Rich(ard)

16 - 21/12/1635 -  Rich(ard) Cooper married Ann Goody.         


36 ?will proved (?) 1673 Yeoman

Gosse, Miss Mary (later Mrs Deeping)

Deeping, William

16 - 10/12/1679 - William Deeping married Mary Gosse.         


36 ?will proved (?) 1690 Yeoman


36 ?will proved (?) 1708


36 ?will proved (?) 1746 Farmer/Yeoman

Goss, Thomas

Goss, Mrs Sarah (nee Pilgram)

16 - 26/12/1754 - Thomas Goss married Sarah Pilgram.                 


36 ?will proved (?) 1777 Yeoman


36 ?will proved (?) 1790 Farmer

Goss, Richard

Goss, Mrs Jane (nee Dalton)

16 - 03/08/1797 - Richard Goss married Jane Dalton          

Goss, Miss Sarah (later Mrs Marriott)

Marriott, William

16 - 15/01/1824 - William Marriott  married Sarah  Goss   


36 ?will proved (?) 1824 Victualler

(possibly Richard Goss?)

Goss, Miss Mary Ann (later Mrs Hudson)

Hudson, John 

16 - 24/10/1831 - John Hudson married Mary Ann Goss        

Goss, Thomas

Hudson, Mr John et al

Hudson, Mary

Hudson, Richard

Hudson, Robert

35 1841 Census  -

Thomas Goss, age 35, b~1806, Y( in Notts.), lime burner

Living in household of

John Hudson, age 30, lime merchant

Mary Hudson, age 25, and children Richard Hudson age 7, Robert Hudson age 3.

Folio 13;862

Goss, Thomas

26/24 ? In 1848 and 1853 Thomas Goss listed at the Blue Bell.          

Goulding, George Harry

10/21 ? 1938 - 1942 at Tudor, p.res

Grantham, William Thomas

10/21 ? 1938 - 1942 at Elmwood, p.res

Graves, Miss Sarah (later Mrs Hudson)

Hudson, John 

16 - 24/11/1756 ? John Hudson married Sarah Graves           

Graves, William

Graves, Lydia

Smalley, William et al

Smalley, Sarah

Smalley, Mary

Smalley, Thomas


35 1841 Census  -

William Graves, age 25, b~1815, Y( in Notts.), sawyer

Lydia Graves, age 25, b~1815, Y( in Notts.)

Living in the household of

William Smalley age 25, Agricultural labourer;

Sarah Smalley age 25, and their children Mary Smalley age 5, Thomas Smalley age 3, Jane Smalley age 1.

Folio 10;862

Graves, William

Graves, Mrs Sarah (neeTaylor)

16 - 14/11/1850 - William Graves   married Sarah Taylor  (relationship - if any - to above?)

Gray, Miss Hannah (Mrs Bate)

Bate, Robert

16 - 22/05/1683 - Robert Bate married Hannah Gray. 

Greaves, Mr H

(? see also Freaves?)

15 Mr H ? in 1857 Rev Frederick Taverner?s map shows H Greaves to have 2 small children, and live next to Featherstone, where the present school is.

Grebb, Miss Cathrine (later Mrs Peck)

16 ? 13.11.1609 ? Robert Peck married Cathrine Grebb.


36 ?will proved (?) 1615 Husb

Same as below?

Greene, William

36B ? William Greene, husbandman Coddington - will dated 21.12.1614; proved 14.5.1615; York ref Vol33 Fol524


36 ?will proved (?) 1621 widow

Greene, Thomas

Greene, Mrs Jane (nee Dewick)

16 ? 16/04/1666 - Thomas Greene married Jane Dewick         


36 ?will proved (?) 1682

Green, Thomas

Green, Mrs Sarah (nee Pratt)

16 ? 26/11/1812 - Thomas Green married Ann Pratt  

Green, Thomas

Green, Ann

Towne, Robert

Stanniland, Ann

35 1841 Census  -

Thomas Green, age 45, b~1796, N(not in Notts.), Agricultural labourer

Ann Green, age 45, b~1796, Y( in Notts.)

Also living in household

Robert Towne, age 20, b~1821, Y( in Notts.)

Ann Stanniland, age 3, b~1838, Y( in Notts.)

?Grandaughter of Thomas/Ann??

Folio 7;862

Green, Thomas

26/24 ? In 1848, 1853 listed as shopkeeper.

= above?

Green, Mr Benjamen


13 Mr Benjamen ? in 1916, 1923 landlord of the Plough

Green, Ms Sarah

3 Ms Sarah ? d 11.4.1925 aged 49; b~1876

?? any relationship to Benjamen?




Greenwood, J

Kirkland, Mr John et al

Wells, Ann

Wells, John

35 1841 Census

J Greenwood, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts), male servant. See below for his marriage to Mary Adams.

In household of

John Kirkland, age 65 b~1776, Y(in Notts), farmer

Also in household

Ann Wells, age 25 b~1816, Y(in Notts),

John Wells, age 5 b~1836, Y(in Notts)

Folio 8, 862

Greenwood, Mr John

Greenwood, Mrs Mary (nee Adams)

16 ? 06/01/1845 - John Greenwood married Mary Adams  

Greenwood, Mr William

7 Mr William ? in 1864 gamekeeper at Beaconfield Hall

Greenwood, Miss Mary Elizabeth (later Mrs Bryan)

Bryan, Robert

16  - 04/04/1874 - Robert Bryan married Mary Elizabeth Greenwood.           

Gretton, Miss Alse (later Mrs Crapp)

16 ? 7.2.1631 - William Crapp married Alse Gretton.

Griffin, Mr Robert

Griffin, Mrs Caroline Bridget

3 Mr Robert ? d 12.9.1894 b 26.5.1804

3 Mrs Caroline Bridget ? d 26.12.1889 b 5.8.1798 ? wife of Mr Robert, of Newark

Griffin, Mr Michael

5 Mr Michael  - owned part of lot 34

Griffin, Ernest Michael

10/21- 1938 ? 1942 no address, p.res

(unless house + Michl)

Griffiths, Richard

Griffiths, Mrs Eliza (nee Oxby)

16  - 02/02/1869 - Richard Griffiths married Eliza Oxby  

Griffiths, John

Griffiths, Elizabeth Jane (nee Dunstan)

16  - 02/07/1885 - John Griffiths married Elizabeth Jane Dunstan

Griffiths, Mrs

15 Mrs ? On 18th Jan 1886 was appointed as sewing mistress, in late February she was superseded by Miss Morris, and by mid April by Mrs Dolphin on a temporary basis.

Grime, Miss Sarah (later Mrs Burton)

17 Miss Sarah Grime - of Coddington married William Burton on 21.12.1721 at Elston Chapel.

Grime, Richard

Grime, Mrs Mary (nee Booth)          

16  - 04/04/1687 - Richard Grime married Mary Booth  

Grocock, Mr William

Grocock, Mrs Frances

Else, William (snr)

Else, William (jnr.)

Else, Mr John (Millwright of Fulbeck)

Else, Mary (of Norton Disney)

Snell, Mrs Elizabeth

Pidd, Mrs Phillis nee Else

Pidd, Mr Joseph

Pigrim, John (of Shelford)

Midbone, John ?

Staunton, J ?

36 ?  Frances Grocock (wife of William) is

witness /administrator to miller William Else?s ?will? in 1816 (so probably a daughter or relative).

The whole of the goods, chattles and credits of William Else dId not amount in value to the sum of one hundred pounds.


J Staunton (? signature hard to read so may not be correct)

Elizabeth Snell, widow

Frances Grocock wife of William

Phillis Pidd nee Else, wife of Joseph

John Else of Fulbeck, Millwright

Mary Else of Norton Disney

William Else

John Midbone (? hard to read) Yeoman

John Pigrim of Shelford

Grocock, Mr S

6 Mr S ? in 1832 bricklayer and shopkeeper

Grocock, Miss Maria (later Mrs Thompson)              ?Grocogk

Thompson, William

16 ? 17/09/1835 - William Thompson married Maria Grocogk (?Grocock)    

Grocock, George

Grocock, Mrs Ann (nee Crossby)

16 - 23/05/1837 - George Grocock married Ann Crossby ? see below

Grocock, George

Grocock, Mrs Ann

Grocock, William

Grocock, Mary

Dolby, Thomas

Holmes, Sophia

35 1841 Census

George Grocock age 25 b~1816, Y(in Notts), Agricultural labourer

Ann Grocock age 25 b~1816, N(not in Notts)

William Grocock age 3 b~1838, Y(in Notts)

Mary Grocock age 6m b~1841, Y(in Notts)

Also in household

Thomas Dolby, age 15 b~1826, N(not in Notts) male servant

Sophia Holmes, age 10 b~1831 Y(in Notts) female servant

Folio 12, 862

Grocock, Samuel

Grocock, Mrs Catharine (nee Jackson)

16 - 02/06/1838 - Samuel Grocock married Catharine Jackson ? see below      

Grocock, Samuel

Grocock, Mrs Catharine

Grocock, George

35 1841 Census

Samuel Grocock, age 40 b~1801, Y(in Notts), bricklayer.

Catharine Grocock, age 35 b~1806, Y(in Notts), George Grocock, age 2 b~1839, Y(in Notts),

Folio 10; 862

Grocock, Mrs Catherine

25/26 ? In 1844 and 1848 Mrs Catherine Grocock listed as a resident, so presumably Samuel died suddenly.          


36 ? will proved (?) 1844

(Is this Samuel?s will?)

Grocock, Miss?/Mrs Catherine (later Mrs Dalton)

Dalton, Mr Francis

16 - 03/09/1849 - Francis Dalton married Catherine Grocock.    (Catherine?s remarriage?)

Grocock, George

Grocock, Mrs Elizabeth Clara (nee Featherston)

16 - 03/05/1870 - George Grocock (? above boy now aged c31) Elizabeth Clara Featherston

Grocock, Mrs Louisa (nee Walster)

Grocock, Mr Felix

Grocock, Mr James

Grocock, Mr Horace

12 Mrs Louisa (nee Walster) ? b 1889 ? 8th child of George Walster Snr (1858 ? 1934) and Mrs Mary Walster (nee Roberts) ? married Felix Grocock, mother of James and Horace ? emigrated to Australia.

Grove, Thomas

36B ? Thomas Grove, labourer Coddington - will dated Jan 1 41Eliz; proved 3.5.1599; York ref  Vol27 Fol585  


36 ?will proved (?) 1610 Widow

?same as below?

Grub, Margery

36B ? Margery Grub, widow Coddington - will dated 3.10.1608; proved 3.5.1610; York ref  Vol31 Fol320  


36 ?will proved (?) 1661 Widow