Dagleish, Mr

(? Dalgleish??)

 In 1879 Mr Dagleish listed as organist at church, but lived in Newark.

Dalton, Miss Jane (later Mrs Goss)

Goss, Richard

16 - 03/08/1797 - Richard Goss married Jane Dalton          

Dalton, Mr Francis

Dalton, Mrs Catherine (née Grocock)

16 - 03/09/1849 - Francis Dalton married Catherine Grocock.   

24/7 - Mr Francis 1853 listed as sawyer.

29/2 - Mr Francis in 1863 occupied house/cottage in corner of Well Green and Main St. In 1879 Mrs Catherine Dalton listed, but no details possibly a widow?

Danby, Thomas

Danby, Mrs Martha (née Harvey)

16 - 05/05/1863- Thomas Danby married Martha Harvey

Daniels, Edward

Daniels, Mrs Jane (née Burgess)

16 - 28/01/1862 - Edward Daniel married Jane Burgess

Daniels, Miss Annie

15 Miss Annie - April 1893 never absent prize for attendance at school.

Daniels, Miss Susannah (later Mrs Richards)

Richards, Harry

16 - 25/04/1898 - Harry Richards   married Susannah Daniels      

Dann, John

Dann, Mrs Marie (née Scantham)         

16 - 27/04/1673 - John Dann married Marie Scantham

Daubney, George

Daubney, Mrs Rebecca (née Heslam)

16 - 20/05/1838 - George Daubney married Rebecca Heslam

Davies, Mr J H

15 Mr J H  first recorded as inspecting the school in March 1897.

Davis, David

Davis, Mrs Charlotte (née Henton)

16 - 25/02/1896 - David Davis married Charlotte Henton

Davis, Mrs Sarah Elizabeth

Davis, Mr James

3 Mrs Sarah Elizabeth d 2.6.1921 aged 82 (b~1839) wife of Mr James

Davis, Harry

20  1950 cowkeeper, at Corner Farm

18/19 1957- 1961 at Corner Farm

Daveson, Mr Thomas

Daveson, Mrs Mary  (née BIRKETT)

16  07/06/1753 - Thomas Daveson married Mary BIRKETT

Davinson, Thomas

Davinson, Mrs Mary (née Waite)

16  18/02/1800 - Thomas Davinson married Mary Waite

Davison, Mr William

Davison, Mrs Sarah

3 Mr William d 1.4.1824 aged 73; b~1751

3 Mrs Sarah d 11.11.1813 aged 67 (b~1746) - wife of Mr William

Davison, Mr Thomas

2 Mr Thomas - in 1863 occupied cottage/ house in NW corner range of Wells Green (in 1918 these 2 cottages had become 3-cottage range Lot 39)

Daws, Alfred

Daws, Mrs Elizabeth (née Campion).     

16 - 03/08/1878 Alfred Daws married Elizabeth Campion


36 ? Will Proved 1619 Labourer

Dawson, Thomas

Dawson, Phebe (née Fletcher)

(? Phoebe?)

16 - 07/12/1809 - Thomas Dawson married PhebeFletcher

Dawson, Joseph

Dawson, Eliz (née Ligget)

16 - 29/04/1828 - Joseph Dawson married Eliz Ligget     

Dawson, Miss Mary (later Mrs Beaumont)

Beaumont, William

16 - 06/09/1832 - William Beamont married Mary Dawson

Dawson, Edward

Dawson, Mrs Mary

Dawson, Sarah

35 1841 Census

Edward Dawson, age 50 b~1791, Y(in Notts), Agricultural labourer.

Mary Dawson, age 45 b~1796, Y(in Notts),

Sarah Dawson, age 13 b~1828, Y(in Notts),

Folio 9, 862

Dawson, Mr F

15  On Rev Frederick Taverner's map of 1857 he is recorded as having four children and living opposite the current school.

Dawson, Dorothy

3 Mrs Dorothy Dawson d 12.2.1978 aged 59 ? wife to Mr Herbert Andrew

Day, Miss Ann (later Mrs Burkett)

Burkett, John

16 - 24/11/1781 - John Burkett married Ann Day See also Birkett

Day, Maj H D

9 Maj H D in 1928 Coddington Hall

Daybell, Mr Charles Robinson Daybell, Mrs Gertrude Alice

Daybell, Mr George Philip

3 Mr Charles Robinson d 8.4.1936 aged 67; b~1869

13 Mr Charles Robinson farmer, Hill and Vale farms.

34 Mr Charles Robinson in 1912 farmer at Hill farm.

9/22/23 Mr Charles Robinson in 1912, 1923, 1928 & 1932 is principal landowner (>150a) farmer Hill and Vale Farms

3 Mrs Gertrude Alice ? d 3.5.1951 aged 83 ? wife to Mr Charles Robinson; b~1868

10 Mrs Gertrude Alice ? in 1941 farmer (>150a) Hill and Vale Farms

20/21 1936-8, 1950 Mrs & Sons farmers Hill and Vale Farms, Tel Nwk 240

3 Mr George Philip d 6.5.1986 b 14.9.1905

Daybell, Miss Hannah Elizabeth (later Mrs Lee)

Lee, Edward

16 - 12/06/1890 - Edward Lee married Hannah Elizabeth Daybell      

Daybell Mr

5 1969 Bought Brownlow House from Brownlow. Many buried in Barnby in Willows.

Daybell, Mr Edward

Daybell, Mrs Irene

Daybell, Mr Hugh

Daybell, Mr Edward C P

15 ? Pg 7 Picture of house on Balderton Lane where from 1937 Edward and Irene Daybell lived, followed by their son Hugh. (William and Joseph Booth lived here in Victorian times).

18/19 - 1957-1961 at Homestead

Daybell, Mr Thomas Edward

Daybell, Mr Edward Charles Patchett


Revill, Mr Tom

3 Mr Thomas Edward - d 2.9.1950b5.10.1905


3 Mr Edward Charles Patchett ? d 22.11.1977 b 5.10.1905


3 Mr Tom Revill, d 24.9.1944 b23.8.1878

Daybell, Mr Frank

Daybell, Mr Frank R (jnr)

3 Mr Frank d 4.5.1949 aged 76; b~1873

10/20 - 1942 - 1950 Mrs & Sons. farmers Hill and Vale Farms, Tel Nwk 240

18/19  at Hill Farm

Daybell, Mr William,

Daybell, Ann

Daybell, William

Daybell, Samuel

Deakins, John

Joseph, NK (surname not known?)

or NK, Joseph

35 - 1841 Census

William Daybell, age 40 b~1801, Y(in Notts), farmer.

Ann Daybell, age 40 b~1801, Y(in Notts),

William Daybell, age 12 b~1839, Y(in Notts),

Samuel Daybell, age 10 b~1839, Y(in Notts),

Also in household

NK Joseph (or Joseph surname not known), age 15 b~1826, N(not in Notts), male servant

John Deakins, age 14 b~1827, Y(in Notts) male servant

Folio 8, 862

Daybell Mr William

6 - Mr William 1- in 1832 farmer = Mr William Snr or Junior? Or TD?

25/26/24/27 ? In 1844 (not owner), 1848, 1853, 1869William Daybell listed as farmer

15 William Daybell (which?) was one of the Managers of the National School, when in April 1st 1872 it passed into state control (Others were James Thorpe, Rev John M Dolphin, Joseph Smith.).  Also one of the managers who made the decision to sack John Roberts (At that time he was a farmer of 260 acres. Others party to the decision were James Thorpe, Godfrey Tallents and George Ross).

Daybell, Mr William T D

=Daybell, Mr William Thomas Dalby

=Daybell, Mr William Jnr ?

Daybell, Mrs Mary

Dolby, Mrs Eleanor

29/30 in 1879, 1881Mr William Thomas Dalby farmer aty Hill Farm.

3 Mr William T D2  d 2.2.1914 in 86th year (b~ 1828)

7/27/28 =? Mr William Jnr in 1864, 1869 and 1872 farmer Hill Farm

31/32/33/8 Mr W 3. in 1892, 1894, 1897 and 1900 Hill Farm

3 Mrs Mary  d 19.7.1902 aged 70 (b~1832) wife to Mr William T D

Mrs Eleanor Dolby  d 10.2.1914 aged 43 (b~1871) née Daybell, daughter of William Thomas and Mary

Daybell, Mr William / W

Daybell, Mr Charles

Daybell, Mr James

15 Mr William / W and Charles and James all listed as prizewinners for attendance at National school in period 1873 - 1877. (sons of William TD?)




Deakins, John

Daybell, Mr William,

Daybell, Ann

Daybell, William

Daybell, Samuel

Deakins, John

Joseph, NK (surname not known?) or NK, Joseph

35 1841 Census

John Deakins, age 14 b~1827, Y(in Notts) male servant

In household of

William Daybell, age 40 farmer.

Ann Daybell, age 40 and sons William Daybell age 12, Samuel Daybell, age 10.

Also in household Joseph NK, age 15 (or Joseph surname not known), male servant

Folio 8, 862

Dean, Mr Harry

Dean, Mrs Phyllis (née Walster)

Dean, Mr Trevor

Dean, Mr Trevor

Dean, Mrs Sybil (née Andrews)

Dean, Mr Gordon

Dean, Miss Anne

Dean, Miss Susan

Dean, Miss Patricia

3 Mr Harry d 2.10.1986 aged 82 husband and father; b~1904

12 Mr Harry d 1986 b1904, married in 1925 Miss Phyllis Walster.

12 Mrs Phyllis (née Walster)- d 1988 b 1905 wife (1925) of Mr Harry, daughter of George Roland/Ruth Walster, granddaughter of George Snr/Mary Walster.  Mother of Trevor Dean.

12 Mr Trevor  b1926 married 1949 Sybil Andrews, and had children Gordon, Anne, Susan, Patricia.

Deepine, Anthony

Deepine, Mrs Jane (née Easte)

16  31.1.1603 Anthony Deepine married Jane Easte

Deeppine, William

Deepine, Mrs Dorathy (nee Standlay)? Dorothy?

16 ? 23/11/1674 William Deeppine married Dorathy Standlay  


36  Will Proved  1692 Yeoman

Deeping, William

Deeping, Mrs Mary (née Gosse)

16 ? 10/12/1679  William Deeping married Mary Gosse.         

Deeping, Mrs

30/10 1881 first mention of a village library, supported by the vicar (Dolphin) and a bequest from the late Mrs Deeping. Mrs Deeping was probably Mary Eleanor Thorpe who married William Deeping? the sister of the Mayor, James Thorpe who first bought Beacofields and Colonel James(3).  Thorpe's aunt. 1941 directory mentions bequest (undated) of Newark lady for library, supported by vicar of 100 vols

Dernig, Mrs Annie (née Walster)

Dernig, Mr Frank (Snr)

Dernig, Mr James

Dernig, Miss Sheila

= Ewens, Mrs Sheila

= Robertson, Mrs Sheila

Kitchen, Mrs Susan (née Ewens)

Ewens, Mr Richard

Ewens, Miss Sally

Dernig, Mr James

Dernig, Mrs Monica (née Pacey)

Dernig, Mr Frank (Jnr)

Dernig, Mr Peter

Dernig, Mr Charles

Dernig, Mrs Isobel

Dernig, Mr Frank (Jnr)

Dernig, Mrs Sheenagh (née Robertson)

Dernig, Kirsty

Dernig, Hannah

Dernig, Virginia

Dernig, James

Dernig, Mr Peter

Dernig, Mrs Merlin (née Johnson-Fergusson)

Dernig, Miss Olivia

Dernig, Miss Jemima

Dernig, Mr Henry

12 Mrs Annie (née Walster) b1895 . 11th child of George Walster Snr 1858 . 1934 and Mrs Mary Walster (née Roberts) mother of James Dernig and Sheila Ewens née Dernig, and their descendents.

12 Mr Frankhusband of Annie (née Walster)

12 Miss Sheila Dernig - married twice - first husband = Rus Ewens DFC (had family, Susan, Richard and Sally Ewens- Susan = Sue Kitchen, with family) - second husband James Robertson.

Richard Ewens married Alma Stokes

12 Dernig, Mr James  married Monica Pacey - had family Frank (Jnr grandson of Snr.), Peter and Charles Dernig.

12 Mr Peter married Merlin Johnson-Fergusson and had family Olivia, Jemima and Henry Dernig.

12 Mr Charles married Isobel

12 Mr Frank (Jnr- grandson of Snr) son of James/Monica ? married Sheenagh Robertson, and had family Kirsty, Hannah, Virginia, James.

Derry, Miss Mary Elizabeth (later Mrs Thacker)

Thacker, John William

16  27/12/1897 John William Thacker married Mary Elizabeth Derry

Derry, Mr William

Derry, Arthur

Derry, Minnie

Derry, Voiletta

3 Mr William  d 18.1.1939 aged 86  husband and father (b~1853)

15 Arthur and Minnie? In April 1893 both got prize for attendance at school (429/431). Violetta also got an attendance prize  (391/431)

Dewick, Miss Jane (later Mrs Greene)

Greene, Thomas

16  16/04/1666. Thomas Greene married Jane Dewick         

Desborough, Cecil A

18/19 .1957- 1961 at 19 Main Rd

Desborough, Gordon

18 . 1961 at 13 Valley View

Dickinson, Miss Elisabeth (later Mrs Baker)


16 - 25/08/1766 Thomas Baker married Elisabeth Dickinson

Dykes, Miss Sarah (later Mrs Newstead)

Newstead, Anthony

16  - 25/11/1760 Anthony Newstead married Sarah Dykes  

Dikes, Mr William

Dikes, Mrs Elizabeth (née Atkin )

See also Dykes

16  19/05/1845 William Dikes married Elizabeth Atkin      

Dikes, Mr Thomas

Dikes, Mrs Sarah (née Parnal)

16  15/05/1843  Thomas Dikes married Sarah Parnal.

First wife?    

Dykes, Miss Mary Ann (later Mrs Wheatcroft)

Wheatcroft, John

See also Dikes

16  23/02/1871 John Wheatcroft married Mary Ann Dykes      

Dikes, Mr Thomas

Dikes, Mrs Mary

Dikes, Ms Hetty

3 Mr Thomas- d 11.7.1896 aged 80; b~1816

3 Mrs Mary d 18.1.1895 aged 72 wife to Mr Thomas; b~1823

3 Ms Hetty d 17.1.1956 aged 90 daughter of Thomas/Mary; b~1866

Dikes, Mr John

Dikes, Mrs Louisa

3 Mr John- d 19.8.1895 aged 34 ? son of Thomas/Mary; b~1861

3 Mrs Louisa d 10.6.1912 aged 80 wife to Mr John; b~1834

Dikes, Miss

? = Dikes, Ms Hetty

1 Dikes, Miss- in 1918 cottage Lot 46

  Dikes, Ms Hetty d 17.1.1956 aged 90, daughter of Thomas/Mary

Dimaline, William

Dimaline, Mrs Charlotte (née Oxby) 

1   05/02/1877 William Dimaline married Charlotte Oxby   

Dimbleby, George

18  1961 at 9 Valley View

Dixon, Miss Eliza (later Mrs Booth)

Booth, Mr John

16  18/03/1844 John Booth married Eliza Dixon

Dolby, Thomas

Grocock, George et al

Grocock, Mrs Ann

Grocock, William

Grocock, Mary

Holmes, Sophia

35 1841 Census

Thomas Dolby, age 15 b~1826, N(not in Notts) male servant

Living in household of George Grocock, age 25 Agricultural labourer, Ann Grocock age 25 and children William Grocock age 3, Mary Grocock age 6m.  Also in household

Sophia Holmes, age 10 female servant.

Folio 12, 862

Dolby, Mrs Eleanor

3 Mrs Eleanor d 10.2.1914 aged 43 (b~1871) née Daybell, daughter of William Thomas and Mary Daybell.




Dolphin, Revd. John Maximilian

Dolphin, Mrs Rose

Dolphin, Miss Lucy

Dolphin, Miss Alice

Dolphin, Mr Arthur

Dolphin, Mr John

?= Dolphin, Mr John Byron

Dolphin, Mr Cyril

3 Revd. John Maximilian d 3.2.1899 aged 61, Canon of Southwell, Vicar of Coddington and Long Eaton. B~1838

7 Revd. John M in 1864 living value £90, in patronage of Lincoln Cathedral.  James Thorpe gives £30/yr to preach extra sermon on Sundays 

27 - in 1869 Vicar of Coddington, living valued at £97/yr with residence.  Listed under clergy and gentry (ie Annie Thorpe, James Thorpe Esq, John Young).

28 - Vicar, living at the Vicarage, living valued at £102.

29/30 - Vicar, living at the Vicarage, Vicaragevalued at £300.

15  Born in Norfolk, came to Coddington in 1863 as batchelor in his mid 20s, energetic, decisive and confident. His initials are carved high up in the church porch.

3 Mrs Rose d14.7.1926 aged 80 (b~1846). wife to Revd. John Maximilian.  By 1880 she had five sons and five daughters.  She sometimes had to stand in for sewing mistresses, they had a very high turnover in these!

15 Miss Lucy. first child of JM/Rose, baptised by her father in March 1867.  In Dec1884 Lucy (16) and Miss Alice (14) supervised a stand-in sewing mistress (Mrs Johnson) when Emily Henton left without a day's notice. January1884 passes in three subjects achieved by Arthur, John and Cyril Dolphin.  In May 1888John Byron Dolphin failed writing at a school inspection, but by June 1889 he had improved and passed, although he failed in Arithmetic (12yrs b~ 1877).  Between 1886 and 1892, A Dolphin also received an attendance prize.

Don, William

Don, Mrs Mary (née Wilson)

See also Dunn

16 - 07/06/1813 - William Don married Mary Wilson

Donald, William G

18/19   1957-1961 at Treetops, Beckingham Rd

Done, Mr Albert

9/22/23 Mr Albert  in 1928, 1923, 1932 farmer (>150a)

Doncaster, John William

Doncaster, Mrs Annie (nee Morris)

16 - 26/12/1899 - John William Doncaster married Annie Morris.         

Dove, Mr George

15 Mr George . child awarded a good attendance prize at the school in the period 1873 - 1877.

Downman, Mr Theodore

9 Mr Theodore  1928 Little House

10/20/21/22  Theodore Frank Cyril . 1932 - 1936-8 Tel 218Y4 -  1942 - 1950 at Little Home Tel Nwk 719, p.res

Draper, Mrs Eva Gertrude

15 Mrs Eva Gertrude in Sept.1899 30 yr old appointed as assistant mistress at the school. She had been a pupil-teacher at Enderby School, Leicester. (b~ 1869)

Drakes, Ms Audrey

3 Ms Audrey 1933 - 1983

Drayton, Miss Ann (later Mrs Cargill)

Cargill, Mr John

16 - 01/04/1837 John Cargill married Ann Drayton.

Draycott, Mabel A

18/19  at 69 Main St

Drayton, John

Drayton, Mary

Drayton, Ann

Drayton, Mary

Hough, William,

Hough, John

35 1841 Census

John Drayton, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts), Agricultural labourer

Mary Drayton, age 35 b~1806, Y(in Notts)

Ann Drayton, age 4 b~1806, Y(in Notts)

Mary Drayton, age 2 b~1838, Y(in Notts)

William Hough, age 15 b~1826, Y(in Notts),

John Hough, age 14 b~1827, Y(in Notts), blacksmith

Folio 9, 862

Drayton, Miss Mary (later Mrs Hall)

Hall, Mr Edwin George

16 - 13/06/1861 - Edwin George Hall married Mary Drayton (see above)

Drewry, Miss Sarah (later Mrs Winfield)

Winfield, Joseph

(See also Drury)

16 - 20/09/1726 - Winfield   Joseph married Sarah  Drewry        

Dring, John

Dring, Mrs Ann (neeHunt).  

16 - 13/11/1837 - John Dring married Ann Hunt

Drury, Mr William

37 Mr William Drury of Coddington, farmer fined 2s 6d at Newark Quarter Sessions 17.7.1723 for fraud in selling fleeces overweighted by dirt (Nottinghamshire County Records of 18thC, Ed K Tweedale Meaby 1947,  page 251)

Drury, Mr Robert

1 - Mr Robert. cottage in Lot 39 (3-cottage range at NW corner of Well Green); in a 1920 auction, 3-cottage Lot 2

Dumblebey, George

19 - 1957 at Red Farm Cottage, Main Street

Duncombe, Mr Slingsby

2 Mr Slingsby 1845 tenant of Carr Close  (check get details).

Dykes, Miss Alice (later Mrs Bromby)

Bromby, John

(see also Dikes)

16 - 25/08/1760 - John Bromby married Alice Dykes

Dunk, Samuel

Dunk, Mrs Ann (née Blackbourn)         

16 - 25/12/1852 Samuel Dunk married Ann Blackbourn


36  Will Proved 1682 Yeoman

Dunn, Miss Mary (later Mrs Leverton)

Leverton, William

(see also Don, Done)

16 - 17/04/1683 - William Leverton married Mary Dunn   

Dunn, John

Dunn,  Mrs Elizabeth (née Hall)

16 - 22/07/1758 - John Dunn married Elizabeth Hall

Dunn, Miss Ann (later Mrs Horton)

Horton, Edward

16 - 22/06/1789 - Edward Horton married Ann Dunn

Dunn, Miss Sarah (later Mrs Lightfoot)

Lightfoot, Richard

16 - 08/06/1790 - Richard Lightfoot married Sarah Dunn

Dunn, William

Seagrave, Mr John et al

Seagrave, Mary

Seagrave, John jnr

Seagrave, Mary jnr

Waster, Thomas

Vessey, James

Shipman, Ann

35 1841 Census  -

William Dunn, age 20, b~1821, Y( in Notts.), male servant

In household of

John Seagrave, age 55 farmer, Mary Seagrave, age 50, John Seagrave jnr, age 20, Mary Seagrave, age 20.

Also Thomas Waster, age 20 male servant

James Vessey, age 15, male servant

Ann Shipman, age 20, female servant

Folio 13;862

Dunstan, Elizabeth Jane (later Mrs Griffiths)

Griffiths, John

16- 02/07/1885 - John Griffiths married Elizabeth Jane Dunstan

Dykes -  see Dikes