Yelland, Mr Jonathan

27/28 - in 1869 and 1872 farm baliff (to Charles Marfleet Esq. - in 1872 at Bassingham)      

Yealand, Miss Isabella (later Mrs Hooper)

Hooper, Thomas

16 - 27/10/1873 - Thomas Hooper married Isabella Yealand          

Young, John *

Young, Edward

Young, William

Young, John

Pilgrim, Elizabeth

Goodwin, Robert

Anderson, Ms Mary

35 1841 Census

John Young, age 50, b~1791, N(not in Notts.), farmer, three children:

Edward age 10, b~ 1831

William age 9, b~ 1832

John age 3, b~ 1848

Elizabeth Pilgrim, age 20, b~1821, Y(born in Notts), female servant

Robert Goodwin, age 15, b~1826, Y(born in Notts), Agricultural labourer

Mary Anderson, age 65, b~1776, N(not in Notts), Nurse

(Folio 5, Piece 862)  

Young, Edward

Brunt, Sarah

35 1841 Census

Edward Young, age 40 b~1801, N(not in Notts), Independent

Sarah Brunt age 25, b~1816, N(not in Notts), Female servant.

Folio 9, 862

Young, Mr Edward Snr.

Young, Mr John *


Young, William

25 - In 1844 Edward Young listed as gent.

26 in 1848 Edward Young listed as resident.

7 Mr John - 1832 listed as landowner.

25/24/26 Mr John - in 1844, 1848 and 1853 listed as landowner, farmer and lime burner.

28/ - in 1872 John Young Listed as a gent and owner.

15 - Mr John & Mr Edward - prominent Coddington farmers who were trustees of the Wesleyan school in 1858.  In 1865 Edward was the head subscriber of the chapel rebuilding subscription list (Tender of £390 accepted).

27/28 In 1869 John Young listed as gent, but Edward and William Young listed as farmers and limeburners.

29/30 in 1879 Edward Young listed as farmer and limeburner.  In 1881 also gent as Edward Young Esq. now also one of three principal landowners.

31/32/33/8 - in 1892, 1897, 1900 W Young listed as farmer and limekilns.  In 1894 listed as an estate owner - farmer, landowner and lime burner at The Farm.

Young, Mr William

8 Mr William - 1900 farmer and limekiln owner.

Young, Miss Olive (later Mrs Lee)

Lee, William

16 - 01/05/1856 - William Lee married Olive Young                  

Young, George

Young, Mrs Frances (néeSmith)

16 - 31/05/1864 - George Youngmarried Frances Smith 

Young, John

Young, Frederick

Young, Harry

Young, Walter

Young, Jane

Young, Sarah

(relationship between them not known, nor to John and Edward Snr.)

15 John - received school attendance awards in 1873 - 1877.

15 Frederick - received 3s rebate for passing in three subjects at school during 1878 - 1882.

15 Harry - a poor attendee at school, in August 1887, his mother evaded the attendance officer by sending him to the Wesleyan School. 

15 Walter - a poor attendee at school.  In Jan 1891 reported to the attendance officer for 'gross irregularity'.

15 Jane and Sarah Ann - received school attendance awards in 1893.

Duke of Newcastle papers: Sarah Young, dated 16 Apr 1928; "agreement on sum compensation for the extinguishment of manorial incidents fortwo parcels of land at Coddington, together with the adjoining Plough Inn [details of acreage provided]; Oct 28 - two closes of land in First Green Field and Middle Green Field, Coddington [details of acreages, cultivation and numbers on O.S. map provided]

2 Miss Sarah Young (1920 X get details)

Young, Mr John

1891 Census Kirklington strays Farm house

Mr John - 22 farm servant, b Coddington Notts (employer Joseph Adlington (44) and Mary (55) farmer).

Young / Lee Sarah (later Mrs Millns)

Millns, William Thompson

16 - 07/06/1881 - William Thompson Millns married Sarah Young Lee

Young, Mrs Sarah

34 - in 1912 listed as farmer.       

Young, Miss Fanny (later Mrs Beckett)

Beckett, Mr Samuel

16 - 09/06/1898 - Samuel Beckett married Fanny Young

Young, Joseph Richard

Young, Mrs Alice (néeWatkinson)

16 - 07/02/1899 - Joseph Richard Young married AliceWatkinson

34 - in 1912 Joseph Richard Young listed as a beer retailer.        

Young, Mr F

Young, Mr Charles

Young, Mr Charles J

Young, Mr Richard

1 Mr F - 1918, cottage in lot 59.

3 Mr Charles - Notts and Derby Regiment,

3 Mr Charles - Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry

3 Mr Richard - Sherwood Foresters

3 Lost in WWI: Richard Young, Charles Young and Charles J Young.