Others -

1 In 1918 - Others - occupy cottages of Lot 49

Oats, Miss Ann (later Mrs Smith)

Smith, George

16 - 22/10/1787 - George Smith married Ann Oats         

Oates, Miss  Elizabeth (later Mrs Uffindall)

Uffindall, George

16 - 08/11/1802 - George Uffindall married Elizabeth Oates 


OLDHAM, Mrs Mary (née TAYLOR)

16 - 15/12/1687 - John OLDHAM married Mary TAYLOR


36 -Will, Commision and Bond of John OLDHAM of Coddington, yeoman 31 Dec 1688

[Notts Archives ref PR/NW, Accession No. 7245]

Oliver, John

Oliver, Mrs Elizabeth (néeAshwell)

16 - 22/01/1699 - John Oliver married Elizabeth Ashwell           

Oliver, Miss Martha (later Mrs Pilgram)

Pilgram, William

16 - 25/05/1762 - William Pilgrammarried Martha Oliver  

Oliver, Robert

Oliver, Mrs Elizabeth (née Hales)

16 - 23/11/1775 - Robert Oliver married Elizabeth Hales

Oliver, Miss Mary (later Mrs Ashwell)

Ashwell, Mr Stephen 

16 - 20/09/1804 - Stephen Ashwell married Mary Oliver.

Osbrook, Benjamin

Hall, Thomas et al

Hall, Mary

Hall, William

Hall, John

Pigot, John

35 1841 Census  -

Benjamin Osbrook, age 20 b~1821 N(not in Notts) apprentice wheelwright

In household of Thomas Hall, age 25 wheelwright, Mary Hall age 25, William Hall age 2,

With others

John Hall, age 15, b~1826, Y( in Notts.), apprentice wheelwright

John Pigot, age 14, b~1827, N(not in Notts.), apprentice wheelwright

(Folio 5, Piece 862)

ORDOYNO, Mr Garret (Snr1 b1723)


ORDOYNO, Mr Garret (Snr2/Jnr1) (1770-1855)

ORDOYNO, Mr Jacob (1789-????)

ORDOYNO, Mr Charles Sambrook (1766-1826)

ORDOYNO, Mr Thomas (1767-1815)


ORDOYNO, Lydia (1773-1774)


Newark Advertiser/ Barratt - 1732 birth of Garret, registered at Coddington. Married Anne SAMBROOK at Oundle, Northants on 11th Feb 1766.  Five offspring (all baptised in Oundle): Charles Sambrook ORDOYNO (1766-1826), Thomas ORDOYNO (1767-1815), Garret ORDOYNO (1770-1855), Jacob ORDOYNO (1789-????) and Lydia ORDOYNO (abt 1773-1774).  Garret's death is commemorated in Newark parish Church on a neat mural Monument”; “SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF GARRET ORDOYNO, Who departed the life Nov. 29th, 1795, Aged 72 years.”  “Also of JACOB ORDOYNO, WHO DIED A BACHELOR, Jan. 9th, 1812, in his 78 year.”  This monument is erected as a tribute of Gratitude, by Garret ORDOYNO, of Coddington, Son and Nephew of the above. 1795_-_monumental_inscription_Garret_ORDOYNO_b._1723_Newark_church2.jpg

Garret and his brother, Jacob (later joined by Garret's son, Thomas) established a successful business as nursery and seedsmen in Newark and Coddington.  In 1785 Jacob bought land behind the Malt Shovel pub on Northgate, Newark for use as a nursery.

6/7 Mr Jacob ORDOYNO (1733-1812) - Attested copy Will of Jacob ORDOYNO of Coddington, gent [Notts Archives DD/H/155/7]

"To be buried in Coddington church in a brick grave and oak coffin, and a tablet put on wall.

£20 to be invested for poor of Coddington and £20 to be invested for poor of Aston, Yorks.

All real estate in Coddington and Newark and ½ pew put up in Newark Church by testator and John BARTON (faculty in hands of the latter's son-in-law) to nephew Garret ORDOYNO, charged with payment of:-

£60 p.a. to nephew Thos. O.

£20 p.a. to nephew Chas. D.

£10 p.a. to servant Eliz. GIRTON, sen., and £5 for mourning.

£100 each to Jacob SQUIRES of Gainsborough Lincs., schoolmaster and wife Ordoyno S.

£10 each to niece Sarah widow of Thos. PASTALL of Newark, milliner, nephews Rob. Key and John TAYLOR, nieces Jane Garth, widow, and Sarah wife of - ANDERSON, painter, both of London, Geo. s. of nephew Chas. C., apprentice to a Nottm. watchmaker, and to Eliz. MOORE late servant to Mr. WOGDEN of the Haymarket, London, gunmaker.

£2 2s. to late servant Wm. BRASENDER.

£400 to servant Eliz. GIRTON, jun., and £5 for mourning.

Botanical and gardening books, and debts owing to him from when nurseryman in Newark, to nephew Thos.

£5 each for rings to Jos. WITHERS of Newark, nurseryman, and Stephen ASHWELL of Coddington, gent., trustees.

All residue to Garret O., executor, jointly with trustees."

Codicil: bequest and appointment of S.A. revoked and to Jos. WINROW, jun., of Newark, cornfactor, instead. Will: 1 June 1809.

Cod: 16 April 1810.

Prob: 10 July 1812.

Copy: 11 June 1842

[CHECK - Churchwarden accounts - Both Garret and Jacob occur as church wardens in these]

Charles Sambrook ORDOYNO - moved from Coddington to Nottingham where he became a successful publisher and printer.  Specialised in salacious pamphlets describing trials, murders and hangings.  Nottm Central Library has a collection 1812 - 1836.  (Also ref to W ORDOYNO, printer in Pannier Gate Nottingham in 1815 - connection unclear.)

Thomas ORDOYNO - a respected naturalist and author of ground breaking 1807 Flora Nottingamiensis, published by S and J RIDGE of Newark.  In Garret Snr's Will 1795 Thomas was left 6 messuages in Water Lane off Northgate, where he was nurseryman.


ORDOYNO, Jacob (1733-1812)

36 - Will proved  1812 Jacob ORDOYNO, Gent (see above)

ORDOYNO, Garratt

ORDOYNO, Mrs Margaretta (née BIRKETT)

16 - 16/12/1807 - Garret ORDOYNO married Margaret BIRKETT.

When Margaret ORDOYNO (née BIRKETT) died Garret installed a slabstone under the Lady Alter within Coddington All Saints church: "Beneath this stone Leith the remains of Margaretta, Wife of Garret ORDOYNO who died December 26 in the year of our Lord 1841 Aged 62 years."

Garret died 1st Jun 1855 and was buried in Coddington on 18th Jul (!)

25/ 6 / 26 Mr Garret - in 1832 farmer, in 1844, 1848 listed as farmer and owner.

25/26 - In 1844 Garret ORDOYNO Jnr (b~1811) listed as limeburner.

24 Mr Garret - 1853 listed as landowner and gent.

Newark Advertiser/ Barratt/  Mr Garret - 1772-1855 - nephew to Mr Jacob, son of Mr Garret Snr.  In 1804 member of Newark Volunteers.  At Joseph's death in 1812, nursery business prob sold to Joseph Withers.  1829 Charity Commissioners report lists him as a trustee of Jacob's Orodoyno Coddington charity, and stated that Garret had been a churchwarden for 30 years.  Buried at Coddington on 8th June, 1855 aged 83.

[CHECK ? Churchwarden accounts for details]

ORDOYNO, Mr Garret (Snr2)

ORDOYNO, Margaret

ORDOYNO, Caroline

ORDOYNO, Garret jnr2



ORDOYNO, Henrietta


SILLS, William

STANLEY, Charlotte

HAGE, Elizabeth

35 1841 Census

Garret ORDOYNO, age 70 b~1771, N(not in Notts), farmer.

Margaret ORDOYNO, age 61 b~1780, Y(in Notts)

Caroline ORDOYNO, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts)

Garret ORDOYNO jnr, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts)

Anne ORDOYNO, age 25 b~1816, Y(in Notts)

Jane ORDOYNO, age 20 b~1821, Y(in Notts)

Henrietta ORDOYNO, age 15 b~1826, Y(in Notts)

Also in Household

George SIMPSON, age 15 b~1826, Y(in Notts) - Agricultural labourer

William SILLS, age 15 b~1826, Y(in Notts) - Agricultural labourer

Charlotte STANLEY, age 15 b~1826, Y(in Notts) female servant

Elizabeth HAGE, age 15 b~1826, Y(in Notts) female servant

Folio 5; 862


36 - Will Proved -1673 Widow

Osbrook, Benjamin

Pigot, John

Hall, Thomas et al

Hall, Mary

Hall, William

Hall, John

Pigot, John

35 1841 Census  -

Benjamin Osbrook, age 20 b~1821 N(not in Notts) apprentice wheelwright

In household of

Thomas Hall, age 25 wheelwright, Mary Hall age 25, William Hall age 2,

With others

John Pigot, age 14, b~1827, N(not in Notts.), apprentice wheelwright

John Hall, age 15, b~1826, Y( in Notts.), apprentice wheelwright

(Folio 6, Piece 862)




Oxby, William

Oxby, Mrs Hannah (née Staniland)

3 Mrs Hannah - d 26.2.1892 aged 81 ? widow of Mr William; b~1811.

3 Mr William - d 9.5.1867 aged 63; b~1804

16 - 10/12/1827 - William Oxby married Hannah Staniland

26 - in 1848, William Oxby listed as farmer

29/30/31 - 1879, 1881, 1892 Hannah Oxby listed as farmer (Mrs H in 1892 listed as farmer).

Oxby, William a

Oxby, Mr Thomas (Snr?)

Oxby, Mrs Elizabeth (née Glazier)

Oxby, Mr Thomas (jnr)

Oxby, Mary (née Crofts)

Oxby, Mr William

Glazier Mr Thomas

Glazier, Mrs Alice (née Millington)

Lincs surnames

William baptised at 14.8.1803 at Auborn, Lincs.  Oxby family recorded at Coleby, Aubourn and Harmston back to 1702.

father of William (baptised 14.8.1803)

Mr Thomas (Jnr?) and Mary Oxby (née Crofts).  His parents had married at Aubourn in 17.5.1792.

William's father, Mr Thomas (Jnr?) baptised at Aubourn 22.10.1769.

William's grandfather & Thomas Jnr's father was Thomas Oxby Snr who had been baptised at Coleby 5.2.1736.  Thomas Snr had married his mother Elizabeth Glazier at Coleby on 12.6.1769, shortly before the birth of his son.

[Elizabeth Glazier - baptised at Aubourn in 31.5.1747 - was the daughter of Thomas and Alice Glazier (née Millington). Thomas and Alice Millington had been married at Aubourn in 12.5.1746.]


Mr William Oxby - baptised at Harmston 5.2.1736.  Died at Coleby 10.9.1769.  Probably father of Thomas Snr - whose own son, Thomas was baptised soon after his father's death.

Lincs surnames Miss Hannah Staniland - baptised at Coddington 8.10.1810.  Married at Coddington 2.6.1827 William Oxby

Oxby, William

Oxby, Hannah

Oxby, Mary

Oxby, Henry

Oxby, Hannah jnr

Oxby, William jnr

Reynolds, Israel

35 1841 Census

William Oxby, age 35 b~1806, Y(in Notts), Agricultural labourer

Hannah Oxby, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts),

Mary Oxby, age 12 b~1829, Y(in Notts),

Henry Oxby, age 8 b~1833, Y(in Notts),

Hannah Oxby, age 5 b~1836, Y(in Notts),

William Oxby, age 2 b~1839, Y(in Notts),

Also in same household

Israel Reynolds, age 20 b~1821, Y(in Notts), Quarryman

Folio 12, 862

Oxby, Miss Hannah (later Mrs Wilson)

Wilson, Robert

16 - 30/12/1858 - Robert Wilson married Hannah Oxby (jnr)- see above

Oxby, Miss Mary  (later Mrs Hickling)

Hickling, William

16 - 09/12/1858 - William Hicklingmarried Mary Oxby- see above

Oxby, Miss Charlotte (later Mrs Dimaline)

Dimaline, William

16 - 05/02/1877 - William Dimaline married Charlotte Oxby

Oxby, Mr George

3 - Mr George - d 2.6.1904 aged 54 - died at Morton

Oxby, Miss Eliza (later Mrs Griffiths)

Griffiths, Richard

16  - 02/02/1869 - Richard Griffiths married Eliza Oxby         

Oxley, Mr William

= Oxby, Mr William ? or his son?

7 - Mr William - in 1864, cottager

Oxley,  Hannah

28 - in 1872 Hannah is a farmer/cottager