A Timeline of Coddington 1500 - 1600

1485-1509  Reign of Henry VII
1501    Deed pole. John Capp to Robert Browne of Newerke (and his wife Agnes) all his lands, tenements, meadows, pastures, rents and services in Codyngton; witnesses Thomas Birche, William Spalford, William Lane, Robert Birche, William Birche, Thomas Bristawe, William Cundy all of Codyngton & others.
1501   Coddington document dated 1501, in "Magnus Charity Chest" "(Calendar of various deeds, some of medieval ones relate to Trinity Guild, Newark, believed to be connected with St. Leonards).
1513    Enclosure in Codington. (This is possibly the old enclosure mentioned in the 1760 Act, area near the Moat, Balderton Lane)
1530    Wolsey, after visiting Newark, bequeathed his Codynton land to Newark.
1509- 1547 Reign of Henry VIII
1538   The Dissolution of the Gilbertine Priory of St Catherine outside Lincoln. The thirteen canons were pensioned, but the lay sisters got nothing. In 1535 the clear yearly value of the property was £202 5s. 0½d. It included the granges or manors of Harmston, Wellingore, North Hykeham, Stapleford, Long Bennington, Belchford, Cherry Willingham, and Saxby; in Nottinghamshire, Coddington, and in Yorkshire Brampton, lands and rents in many other places in Lincolnshire, and the rectories of Stapleford, Alford with Rigsby Chapel, Marton, Bracebridge, Canwick, Hackthorn, Mere, Friskney, Harmston, North Hykeham and Saxby. Granges and rectories alike were let, and the canons lived on their rents. The cost of the maintenance and education of some orphans in the hospital, of five lay sisters to look after them and the sick amounted to only £21 13s. 4d. a year.  Four years later in the hands of the crown bailiff the property brought in £209 5s. 9d.
1540   York Registry will: Thomas Swynsco (probate 12.5.1541)
1541   York Registry will: Henrie Witton, Codington husbandman (probate 20.7.1541)
c1547   Beacon Mill, winde mill on hill built for Anthonye Ffoster (*c1536).
1547    Bishop Henry Holbeach surrendered to the King, in exchange for other lands, the Castle of Newark, together with the Manor and its jurisdiction over half the Wapentake, and the adjacent manors of Farndon, Balderton, Coddington, Winthorpe, and Moorland.
1548    York Registry will: Agnes Ashewell, Codingeton widow (probate 16.5.1549)
1547-1553 Reign of Edward VI
1551   York Registry will: William Bracerig junr Coddyngton husbandman (probate 8.10.1551)
1551   York Registry will: Thomas Newton, Coddyngton (probate 8.10.1551)
1552   York Registry will: John Wilson, Codington husbandman (probate 27.4.1553)
1552    After the Monastic Dissolution, The chantry lands formerly attached to the altar of St Peter, in the church of Coddington, consisting of 5 messuages, 3 tofts and 140acres of arable land and 27 of meadow, with their appurtenances, granted to Edward Bray, Knight, John Thornton and John Danby, and the heirs of the two latter. (The chantry was endowed by Henry de Codyngton, parson of Bottesford, in 1404.)
1553   9-day reign of Lady Jane Grey.
1553-1558 Reign of Mary I (Mary Tudor)
1550   Lay Subsidy Rolls, Newark: Land supporting many sheep: There were 147 at Balderton, 140 at Coddington, 580 at Stoke.
1550   Joseph Fullwood donates to the Parish of Codynton.
1553  Arthur Whytton pays £6 8s to Newark Corporations annually for holding one tenement with certain lands in Coddington.
1556    York Registry will: John Layne, Codyngton labourer (probate 20.4.1559)
1557    York Registry will: Thomas Shiriffe Codington (probate 1.10.1557)
1557    York Registry will: Philipp Horner, Codington labourer (probate 7.10.1557)
1557    York Registry will: William Broke, Coddington husbandman (probate 13.1.1558)
1558    York Registry will: William Girsbie, Codington husbandman (probate 13.10.1558)
c1556*   Mill built at Codyngton within fields by Thomas Leonard alias Pocklington.
1558-1603 Reign of Queen Elizabeth I
1571    York Registry will: Thomas Ashefeild, Coddington husbandman (probate 24.7.1571)
1574    York Registry will: Thomas Knifesmith, Codington husbandman (probate 27.9.1576)
1575    York Registry will: Elizabeth Marshall, Coddington widow (probate 2.1.1575)
1576   Inquiry into the state of the Newark (water) Mills. Anthony Burke of Balderton agreed that the six water mills of Newark were sufficient to grind the "griste" for Newark, but not in the time of drought. "The towns of Balderton, Barnbey, Coddington, Girton, North and South Scarle have commonlie used to grind their corn at ye mills. About *40 past years or more there was a winde mill built by Mr Anthonye fforster wch is still standing and continewed within feilds of Newark called the Beacon mill. About *20 years past there was another mill builded within the feilds of Coddington by Thomas Leonard, alias Pocklington, continued to this day”.
1578   Vicar of benefice of East Stoke (including Coddington, Syerston and Elston) - Richard Gymney, (documented in various Archbishop Presentments up to 1634).
1578   Injunction of Edwin, Archbishop of York, for the better execution of ecclesiastical laws and ordinances (in 1951 parish document archived – but now mislaid.)
1582    York Registry will: Stephen Rychardson, Coddington yeoman (probate 8.10.1585)
1584    York Registry will: John Kempe, Codingeton husbandman (probate 6.5.1585)
1584    York Registry will: William Asswell (Ashwell?) Codington husbandman (probate 2.10   27 Eliz - 1584)
1586    York Registry will: William Browne, Codington labourer (probate 30.7.1586)
1587   Coddington curate - Richard Hardall (documented in various Archbishop Presentments up to 1589, swornman in 1587 is Thomas Ashton).
1588    York Registry will: Richard Sansam, Coddington husbandman (probate 6.12.1591)
1588    York Registry will: Katherine Aswell, Codington widow   (probate 20.4.1592)
1589   Archbishop’s Presentment –  Coddington curate Richard Hardall, and  Gregory Garth (parson of Clayworth), in presence of Coddington churchwardens and swornsmen (Stephen Ashwell, Robert Birch and Edmond Lane) present those accused of wrongdoing:
Ananias Fisher
Mrs Florence Shadocke - widow, fornicatrix
 Denys Methringham - has taken away the church Bible
 Richard Coe - refuses to pay the clerk's wages.
“we want our quarter sermons in Mr Garthes default”
1591    York Registry will: Richard Clarke, Coddington labourer (probate 6.12.1591)
1591    York Registry will: Henry Kytchine, Coddington husbandman (probate 29.4.1591)
1591- 1647 Archives land transaction. Grubb family mentioned.
1590       Articles of Enquiry at the Visitation of John, Archbishop of York (part only). (In 1951, Parish document submitted to Nottinghamshire Archive, but now mislaid/mislabelled/lost.)
1590   Mr Key was a caliver (mounted soldier) and is removed out of the towne, and dwelleth in Coddyngton.
1520       Articles of Enquiry at the Visitation of John, Archbishop of York (part only). 1590
1595    Instructions for Muster Roll for Newark Wapentake for soldiers 25th Oct 1595, Willm Standley, Alderman from Newstead: All petty constables to bring to Newark by 3rd/4th Nov, according to the assessment, all the common armour, the following persons, and moneyfor four days expenses of each man (8d/day). Also those charged with providing any private armour, or armour being repaired, to present it, along with expenses for the training and living of those men. In addition bring some of money assessed upon every township for bullet, match and powder and other necessities for service. CODDINGTONE; 8s Stephen Ashewell, Thomas Cealbanke, James Fentone, Henry Roberts.
1597    Record of a Windmill.
1597    York Registry will: Robert Preston Coddington (probate 9.1.1598)
1598    York Registry will: Richard Curtis, Coddington husbandman (probate 24.3.1598)
1598    York Registry will: Margaret Richardson, Codington widow (probate 9.1.1598)
1598    York Registry will: Thomas Grove, Coddington labourer (probate 3.5.1599)
1598   Archbishop’s Presentment April: Stephen Ashfield and Thomas Grubb (churchwardens of Coddington), Edward Birch and Edward Knifesmith (swornmen) present Richard Gymney (vicar of East Stoke, Coddington, Syerston and Elston) - “our vicarage is in great decay in default of Mr Gymney the vicar”. Also presented William Allen.
1598   Archbishop’s Presentment Dec: Thomas Grobe (churchwarden) and Stephen Ashwell (churchwarden and swornman) present Giane Palmer - for having a child outside wedlock.
1599   6 windmills built at Balderton, Barnby, Codyngton, Girton and North and South Scarle due to drought and failure of Watermills.
1602   Thomas Leonard alias Pocklington and his heirs obtained use of the former Coddington chantry lands and heridataments for yearly value of 67s 4d. (6th June 44 Eliz).