Memories of Coddington School

From Rosemary Frost

Rosemary Frost nee Geeson. 

Three classrooms

Headmaster John Fordham cycled from Newark .

Miss Gomer took 7 to 10 age group. She lived in Almond Cottage Newark Road.

Mrs Bailey infant teacher, widow with daughter, Rita

There were no pre - school play groups then and I started school on my 5 th Birthday, 7 th May 1945 - I was most disappointed to have a holiday on 8 th May due to V.E. Day!!

I walked to school with Mary Campion crossing the A17 and went home for lunch.

Miss Gomer was very strict and we had to sit still and chant tables etc. We did a little sewing, making handkerchiefs out of cloth flour bags, decorating them with cross stitch.

Miss Gomer retired in 1950.

When we were 10 (the scholarship year) we moved to Mr Fordhams class with all the seniors.

The four "big" girls, Mary Campion, Hazel Maltby, Marjorie Clark (Beaconfield) and Anne Horton had some pink or cream material to make a skirt each. It was lovely material.

Lavatories at the bottom of the yard emptied at night in a dustbin on wheels.

We had B.B.C. Schools Radio in 1950 and heard Singing Together. Previously I only remember singing sea shanties with Mr Fordham.

We occasionally had sports and rounders, walking through the kissing gate and stiles to Feeding Close, Hall Farm.

In 1944 I believe the boys received their first football and cricket bat. The "big boys" used to do gardening on a Friday Afternoon.

The infant could take one of their own toys on a Friday Afternoon.

Mr Ross, a School Manager, used to come and check the registers regularly.

Three of us wrote in the dust on Mr Pattison's car (School Attendance Officer) . Unfortunately we put our initials so we were soon caught!!!!

1946 - I don't remember any special celebrations for the School's centenary.