The Old Globe Tavern



The Globe Inn or Old Globe Tavern once stood on Main St opposite Hall Farm. It too had ceased serving by the time of the 1918 Estate Sale, when it was sold as part of lot 49. 


The Booths and Footitts

John and Eliza Booth are the first people to keep this beerhouse and shop that we know about. John must have died early because in 1857 his widow Eliza remarried and in the 1861 Census Eliza and Gervas Foottit are keeping the pub and have started to raise a family. We don't know if Gervas was always simple or if he suffered some misfortune, but in the 1871 he was described as an imbecile - he died in 1873 aged 44. Mary Footit continued to keep the pub until her second son William Booth took over (by 1879). William kept the pub until at least 1900, marrying and raising a family of his own.

By the time of the 1918 Estate Sale, the former Globe Inn formed part of Lot 49: six brick and tile cottages with gardens and outbuildings (nos 66- 71 Main St). They were sold to a Mr Brown, for £450. The tenants at that time were: Colonel Harold Thorpe, Thomas Bryan, Frederick Ingram, John Kelham, Arthur Bryan and others. (Mr Brown of Wollaton bought a total of 22 cottages and 12 acres of woodland for £3,375 in the Estate Sale.)


In the 1957 Directory the following people were found at the Lot 49 addresses: 66: Reginald Leader; 67: Robert W Rawlinson; 68: Sarah Blackett and Florence E Ingram; 69: Mabel A Draycott; 70: John Mastin; 71: John T Kelham. In 1961 Mr Rawlinson had moved and neither Sarah Blackett nor Florence Ingram was listed.

As far as we can tell from aerial photographs, the cottages were demolished between 1966 and 1989. By 1966 the Morgan's Close estate had been built behind the Main St cottages.

Landlords of The Old Globe


Directory doesn't identify pub names. 3 victualers listed: Oliver Barfoot, James Marshall and William Blackburn (probably the Red Lion). John Hudson was also described in the parish records as a publican at the baptism of his child.

1841 Census

John Booth (20, grocer)

George Booth (12)

(Only 2 publicans listed, John Portass and his wife Mary, both 55 probably the Plough, and William Blackburn  probably the Red Lion)

1844 / 48 / 50: ??

John Booth: Beer Retailer/butcher/shopkeeper but Old Globe not identified


Eliza Booth, beerhouse and shopkeeper

1861 Census

Gervas Foottit (34, born Home/Stow, Lincs - publican, farmer of 20a)

Eliza Footit (wife, 44, born Bleasby Notts)

William Booth (wife?s son, 15, farmer's son, born Coddington)

Eliza Booth (wife's dau, 13, born Coddington)

George Booth (wife's son, 10, scholar, born Coddington)

Mary Footit (daughter, 1, born Coddington)

1860 / 64 / 69 / 72

Gervas Foottit: beerhouse/shopkeeper but Old Globe not identified (or Jervas)

1871 Census

Gervas Foottit (43, born Stow, Lincs - imbecile)

Eliza Footit (wife, 54, born Bleasby Notts)

William Booth (son-in-law, 26, bricklayer, born Coddington)

Mary E? Footit (daughter, 11, born Coddington)


Mrs Eliza Foottit: shopkeeper and George Booth of the Globe

1881 Census

Eliza Footit (64, born Bleasby Notts)

George Booth (son, m 30, born Coddington)

Elizabeth Booth (dau-in-law, 26, born Stafford)

Ann Booth (gdau, 4, born Coddington)

Eliza Booth (gdau, 2, born Coddington)

Harriet Booth (gdau, 11m, born Coddington)


Eliza Footitt, (Foottit) formerly Mrs Eliza Booth

1885 / 92 / 94

George Booth: Beer Retailer/butcher/shopkeeper (grocer) but Old Globe not identified

1897-8 / 1900

George Booth, confirmed as Globe Inn


Joseph Richard Young  beer retailer, location not given but Plough and Red Lion identified so not these.




Part of Lot 49 - 6 brick built cottages