was once part of a farm and malting complex - later to become Manor Dairy Farm.  It later featured as a private house - the Dice House, until the end of the 1950s when it became the Dice House Country Club.  By the 1990s it was established as the Inn on the Green public house.

After the sale of the property as 'a Country House' in 1953 WAC ANDERSON turned the old farmhouse into an exclusive social club for members only - 'The Dice (Dyce) House Country Club'.  Bernard MASTIN was the Chairman of the Club Committee overseeing the conversion from farmhouse to club.

In the 1950's Squadron Leader Edmund 'Lofty' ALLEN bought it and Tommy TRINDER appeared there.

The licence was changed in the 1970s from club to public house.  It was kept by a couple from Ireland, John and Ann CROSBIE.  They built up the business and turned it into a steakhouse called the Stableford (or Stapleford) Inn.  It was then bought by Robbie Lester GEORGE and became a Rob Roy Steakhouse.


 The Inn on the Green' (as it was in 1987).

The Nottingham Evening Post of 2 Feb 1989 reported that the Chef and Brewer Group [part of Grand Metropolitan Retailing] had aquired the Inn on The Green (along with two other steakhouses) from Mr Robie LESTER-GEORGE who had traded under the name Rob Roy Steakhouses.  


The pub was further developed in time for Christmas 1997 with both a refurbishment and the introduction Chef and Brewer's Hungry Horse menu and branding.