Morgans Close Timeline

Until 1959, the area on which Morgans Close now stands was a grass field on which Fred Hollingworth grazed his horses. The close was built by Colemans (builders from Balderton) on behalf of Newark District Council. The first families moved into the newly built houses in 1960, surrounded by open fields that later became Parkes Close, Ross Close and Thorpe Close. In 1960 Coleman’s built Parkes close then in 1962 Humphries (builders of Balderton) built Ross Close and then Thorpe Close. The estate roads were named after prominent villagers – follow this link to their stories.
You can explore the Morgans Close estate using the street view (click for larger map) and satellite map below.

We have a series of aerial photographs available to members which show the changes to the Green and the nearby fields in the period 1954-2004:


1954: The Dalton’s house still stands at the NE corner of the Green, with Hollingworth’s field to the north, and the field and orchard bordering Main St to the south. Three paths fan out over the Green which retains its 19th century cottages to the south and west. Hollingworth’s field is no longer the site of the cricket pitch - parch marks off Drove Lane show that it has moved there. The Hollingworth’s former farmhouse has become the Dice House Country Club.


1966: Bernard Mastin’s bungalow and future Post Office have been built on the corner of Main St. The road structure of the new estate (Morgan’s, Parke’s, Thorpe’s and Ross Closes) is in place. The houses of Morgan’s Close, Parke’s Close and Ross Close have been built, and work is underway at the far end of Thorpe’s Close. The old cottages on the Green are still standing, along with Dalton’s house at the NE corner.
{Insert aerial photos from 1954, 1966}
1989: The estate houses are complete, but the playground has not yet been made (or is just out of shot). Houses have been built along the north side of Beckingham Rd. The first half of the Green development is complete: the sheltered housing in the centre and west is built, but the land to the east still awaits development. The Inn on the Green carpark has been concreted over, but Hall Farm still seems to be in working order. The old houses on Main St between the former PO and the Old Vicarage have been demolished and replaced. The Inn on the Green has been further developed since 1966. The Hollingwoth's have died and Manor Dairy Farm outbuildings are being converted to houses.
{Insert aerial photo from 1989}
1999: The sheltered housing to the east of the Green is now complete (the three final rows of bungalows). Hall farm is being demolished and redeveloped.The children’s playground is clearly visible.
2004: The new building on the playground is complete. Hall Farm redevelopment is also complete.
The First Occupants of the New Estate
The occupants at that time were:
starting from the bungalow on the LHS of the road:
Bill & Edith Lee
Lizzie Slack (mother of Nancy Sleight) & her son Jim Priestley,
half sisters Bella Earl & Lil Checkley,
Mr Robb & daughter Nellie,
Kath & Horace Robinson,
Ivy & Jim Lambert & family,
Joan & Bernard Curtis & family (Mrs Curtis became warden at Well Green),
Marg & Bob Checkley & family,
Ruth & Tom Robinson & family,
Mrs Butler.
On the RHS: -
Hazel & Colin Horton & Perry,
Charlotte & Cyril Hackett & daughter Patricia,
Kath & George Arnold & family,
Valerie (nee Knott) & Geoff Johns & family,
Yvonne & Tom Knott & family,
Wendy (Nee Franks),
Jean & Charlie Tomlinson & family.
The last trade directories of 1957 and 1961 give much more comprehensive listings than earlier ones.These householders live around The Green:
(NB – Houes numbers refer to the Green; there are no entries yet for the new roads; we can’t yet sort out any Main St entries)
Edmund E Allen – The Dice House, The Green (1961only)
(Frank T Ashton 1957 only)
Gladys Blackburn
Louisa Briggs – 55
Eva D Carter – Manor Farm Cottage, The Green
(Stanley Carter – 53 1957 only)
Annie L Checkley – 57
Eric W Checkley – 51
Isabella Earl – 57
Arthur Franks – 64
Cyril Hackett – 63
(Edwin Heginbotham – Manor House, The Green 1957 only)
James Hollingworth, Manor Farm Cottage, The Green
George F(rederick) Hollingworth – Manor Dairy Farm
Colin Horton – Manor Farm Cottage ( – on the Green, or elsewhere)
G Johns – 59 (1961 only)
Robert B Judson – 50
Minnie Kearney – 62
Geoffrey C Knott – 61
Fred Parkes – Main Rd
Horace F Robinson – 49
Reginald A Simpson – The Laurels, (The Green)
(Harold Thompson – 58 1957 only)
(Ronald K Wilson – 60 1957 only)
The 1950 listing is obviously restricted to businesses and more affluent villagers:
Lt Col W A Anderson – The Green tel 281 (The Dice House)
Newcombe Simpson – The Laurels (The Green)
Fredk. Hollingworth - farmer tel 566 (Manor Dairy Farm)
Arthur Cecil Geeson – farmer, Hall Farm
There are only 26 telephone numbers listed in the village in 1950.