1st Coddington Scout Group


The Scout Group was founded in 1938 by Bishop Cyril Bulley, priest in charge of Coddington and was originally 1st Coddington [All Saints].



The Scout Leader, or Scout Master, was George Morrell, assisted by Bob Herbert.




The Troop faded in 1942 until, in 1946, the Troop was reformed and led by Ken Maltby. The Troop met in a barn on Vale Farm owned by the Handbury family.




The Registration of the Group took place on 1st April 1950. The Priest in charge at the time was the Reverend Craddock Watson.



Ken Maltby resigned in November 1952 when called to do his National Service.


Harold Trevor Town from May 1951 to 20th February 1958 was Assistant Scout Master at 8th Newark [Salvation Army]. He then moved to 1st Coddington [All Saints] as Group Scout Leader.



During the early years he ran both Cubs and Scouts, in June 1960 he took a group of 12 Scouts and 1 Rover to camp at Walesby Scout Camp site. He finished his Woodbadge training on 6th February 1964 and was presented with his certificate on the 8th June 1964.



In 1966 Mr. Town was awarded the Medal of Merit. In 1967, according to the Annual Census Report, the Group had 12 Scouts and 12 Cubs. At this time the Southwell Diocese, through the Rev. Peter Wright, was approached by Mr. Town to ask if the Group could take over the old village school as their HQ.



In 1969 the Group, led by Trevor Town, officially open the School as the permanent Headquarters of 1st Coddington Scout Group. At this time the administration included the following people: -



G.S.M.                         Mr. H T TOWN


S.M.                            Mr. R DICKINSON


A.S.M.                         Mr. D SEIBOTH


C.S.L                           Miss G BURGESS


A.C.S.L.                      Mrs. P HAMMOND






CHAIRMAN                                         Mr. P HAMMOND


SEC & TREAS.                                    Mr. S STONE


MEMBERS                                          Mr. G JOHNS




            Mrs. HEWITT                         REV. P WRIGHT


            Mrs. SCARBOROUGH                Mr. R CHECKLEY


            Mrs. F MOORE                        Mrs. R ELLIOTT


            Mr. J MOORE                         Mrs. J KNOTT





Mr Town retired from active scouting in March 1974 and was followed in 1971 by Mr Tony Nash who has supplied a large amount of the information. He remained in charge until the early 1980's.



During the 80's the GSL post was held by Rodney Cousins, who became District Commissioner, Mike Clark and Bob Archer. These gentlemen between them kept the flag flying and the building in one piece despite the efforts of nature and kids. 



The group was taken over by Dave Hedge in 1992 at the same time that the group started to raise money to buy the property at a cost of £15000. In June 1994 the building became the property of Coddington Scout Group and became a Trust with 4 Trustees.



The Venture Unit was started in this year and John Collier moved from Scout Leader to Venture Leader and it was also the first occasion that girls were permitted into the group.



The Beaver colony was started by Jean Gardner, L Gresko and Maggie Clark in 1985, as soon as Scouting lowered the age of admittance, 6-8yrs. It has been very well attended ever since then, always running with a waiting list.



In 1993 after 10yrs of strong leadership the Scout Troop had a number of older lads who wished to carry on in Scouting. The Scout Association had introduced a new Section for the 15 to 20 yr olds called Ventures.



John Collier, who was Scout Leader at that time saw there was the need to start a Venture unit at Coddington & handed over the troop to his assistant Adrian Parrett. It also coincided with the girls being introduced to Scouting.  Rosevale Ventures was born. Named after the Farm where the first Scout camp was held many years before.(1930's)


John Collier was assisted by Barbara Rawlin and Kate Fuller.


In 1997, Barbara Rawlin, who had been helping with Cubs for about a year, took over the Pack and Jane Hedge moved to Ventures.



In 1994 the Beaver Colony was taken on by Jill & Bob Skelley  & they were joined in 1998 by Hazel Robinson.



In 1994 John Collier had set up the Duke of Edinburgh Award section helped by Marin Appleby & Neil Fuller. It was very successful so in 1996 he left the Venture Unit to concentrate on D of E. One of only 4 in the whole of Nottinghamshire to be run from a Scout Group.



1997 saw the Troop run by Ian Todd & Andrew Appleby until in 2003 Ian Todd became ADC Scouts for the District. Andrew then ran the troop until work called & in, 2003, he handed over to Chris Phillips & Mark Ryder.



In 2000 three people who started in Beavers at the age of 6 and went on in Scouting to Ventures earned their Queen's Scout Award. Andrew Appleby, Graham Wells and Peter Robinson were invited to the Guildhall London to receive their Award from the Chief Scout George Purdey



In 2002 the Scout Ass. changed the age ranges of the older sections and Ventures disappeared replaced by 14-18yr Explorer units.



2005 saw Chris leave due to work transfer & Mark took on the task.



Between 2000 & 2004 the Beavers were successfully manage by Emma gartside, Peter Robinson, Nicola Carter & Zoe Medley.




In 2005 Dave Hedge reached 65years & handed over the GSL duties to Laura Bennett who was also Beaver Leader. Also Jane Hedge retired & handed on the Cub Pack to Barbara Rawlin



Explorers met as a District unit but in 2006 The Scout Group was asked by the members to form our own Unit and, with the blessing of the DC, the Unit formed with Pam Page taking on the task of Unit Leader.




List of Leaders from 1969 onwards [ apologies for any missing names]


Group Scout Leader                                                       

 1969            Harold Town


                                         1984            Mike Clark                                        


                                 1990          Bob Archer                              


                       1993            Dave Hedge                   


                                             2005            Laura Bennett                                                       


Scout Leader                                    


 1969             Reg Dickinson


Alan Draycott


1972             David Seiboth


                           1975            Martin Searson                         


1976            Mr Rossington


   1978  No Leaders - no scouts


1979           Alan Draycott


                      1980           Rodney Cousins & K Wright


     1982  No Leaders - no scouts


   1983            Graham Hughes


                       1985            Brian Horton & Chris White


                        1992            John Collier & Adrian Parrett


1994            Adrian Parrett


                          1997            Ian Todd & Andrew Appleby


       2003            Andrew Appleby


                         2005           Chris Phillips & Mark Ryder


2006            Mark Ryder


                            2007            Mark Ryder, Asst. Alan Gosling & Stuart Buchan



Cub Leaders



1969            G Burgess


                               1976            Mrs Hammond & Mrs Hewitt


          1977            Alan Draycott


      1983            D Lambert


                       1984           Graham Worthington


                             1987            Jane Hedge, Dave Hedge


                                           1989            Jane Hedge, Heather Chamberlain,


Adrian Parrett & Andrew Rawlin


                     1997            Barbara Rawlin & Helper/ Chef     Peter Richardson




Beaver Leaders



          1985            Jean Gardner & L Gresko


            1986           Jean Gardner & Sue Shaw


1994            Jill & Bob Skelley


1998           Hazel Robinson


2000            Emma Gartside


                            2001            Peter Robinson & Nicola Carter


2002            Nicola Carter


2002           Zoe Medley


   2004            Laura Bennett


2007            Sue Stott



Venture Unit


         1994            John Collier & Barbara Rawlin


1997            Jane Hedge & Kate Fuller


Closed by re-organisation of Scout Movement age grouping.


Explorer Scouts created [14 - 18] run by District until 2006.




Explorer Unit   [Became part of Scout Group 2006]



2006            Pam Page