Lacy, Mr William

3 Mr William - d 28.2.1822 in his 59th year - inscribed in wood on side alter

Laine ? see Lane, Lain, Layne etc

Lamb, Henry

= Lamb, Harry?

Lamb, Jane

Lamb, Tom (Thomas)

Lamb, Robert

15 Henry (=Harry?) - in 1874 and in Feb 1875, received school attendance award.

15 Harry, Jane and Tom- received school attendance awards during.

15 Robert, Harry and Jane - in 1878 received 3s fees for passes in three subjects

15 Jane and Tom- 3s fees for passes in three subjects during 1878 - 1882

Lambe, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Sudbury)

Sudbury, Joseph

16 - 07/03/1682 - Joseph Sudbury married Elizabeth Lambe      

Lamb, John

Lamb, Mrs Jane (née Wilson)

16 - 21/12/1819 - John Lamb married Jane Wilson

Lamb, Mr Kenneth Raymond

3 Mr Kenneth Raymond - d 7.6,1971 aged 41, b~1870

Lame, Miss Claire (later Mrs Byrch)

Byrch, Stephen (? Birch)

16 - 09/11/1634 - Stephen Byrch married Claire Lame


36 - Will Proved 1729 Yeoman

Lane, see also Lain, Laine, Layne etc

Layne, John

36B - John Layne, labourer Codyngton - Will dated 30.8.1556; Proved 20.4.1559; York ref Vol15 pt3 Fol306        

Lane, Thomas

Lane, Mrs Margaret (née Treloffe)

16 - 18.6.1609 - Thomas Lane married Margaret Treloffe


See also Lain, Lane

36 - Will Proved 1661 Labourer


36 - Will Proved  1634 Yeoman


36 - Will Proved - 1638

Lane, William

Lane, Mrs Mary (later Trawley)

16 - 01/07/1680 - William Lane married Mary Trawley


See also Laine

36 - Will Proved  1729 Yeoman

Lain, John

Lain, Mrs Sarah (nee Hardy)

16 - 21/04/1745 - John Lain married Sarah Hardy         

Lane, John

Lane, Mrs Elizabeth (née Ashwell)

16 - 16/11/1779 - John Lane married Elizabeth Ashwell

Lane, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Newton)

Newton, William

16 - 18/06/1792 - William Newton married Elizabeth Lane

Lane, see also Lain, Laine, Layne etc

Langlay, Robert

Langlay, Mrs Ruth (later Mrs Parlbie)

16 - 23/05/1666 - Robert Langlaymarried Ruth Parlbie


36 - will proved 1668 Yeoman


36 - will proved 1681 Labourer

Langley, William

Langley, Mrs Helen(née Clarke)

16 - 05/10/1685 - William Langley married HelenClarke


36 - Will Proved - 1706

Langley, Elizabeth (later Mrs Birkitts)

Birkitts, William

Birkitts, William jnr

Birkitts, Samuel

Birkitts, Samuel

Birkitts, Elizabeth (nee Pratt)

4 sons

Bell, Mr William

Bell, Mary (later Mrs Taylor)

Thomas, Taylor

Taylor, Elizabeth (later Mrs Birkitts)

Birkitts, Richard

Tenants 1698:

Sudbury, Joseph

Pilgrim, Elizabeth

Smith, John

Pratt, William

Jalland, Thomas

Slight, Leeson (The Plough)

Taylor, Mr (butcher)

From Margaret Ilott - 1730 William Birkitts (b1698) marries Elizabeth Langley; they had 2 sons William (b 1732) and Samuel (b 1734).

1679 William Bell settled a farm on his daughter Mary Bell on her marriage to Thomas Taylor, who died 1686. 1698 William Bell left farm to his daughter for life, and therafter to his grandaughter Elizabeth Birkitts. Also £2 left annually to the poor of Coddington out of land on Beacon Field.

1697 Elizabeth Taylor married Mr Richard Birkitts of Balderton. 1700/01 Richard and Elizabeth Birkitts move in with mother Mary Taylor nee Bell. Mary died 1719. c1720 Richard and Elizabeth Birkitts move back to Balderton, leaving his son William (b~1698) on the Coddington farm. ]

1730 William Birkitts marries Elizabeth Langley; they had 2 sons William (b 1732) and Samuel (b 1734).

Pre 1757- William Birkitt settled the farm brought to him by his wife Elizabeth Taylor on his eldest son William; in 1757 settled Charity Farm  on his second son Samuel Birkett.

Samuel Birkett married Elizabeth Pratt - he left the farm to her for her life with other bequests - the farm to be sold and divided equally between 4 of his sons. Elizabeth Birkett died 1819 - house sold 1820 - auctioned off at the Plough (see poster of sale from Rosemary Frost). Farm bought by John Ashwell, farmer and gentleman for £582 15s

Langley, Mr John

14 John Langley, yeoman, of Coddington, Nottinghamshire (2). 10.12.1717

For £40 paid to William Bernard [Barnard], tanner, of Newark (1) by (2), demise for 1,000 years from (1) to (2) of a messuage and tan yard in Mill Gate, Newark, and of another messuage in the same street; both premises recently devised to (1) under the Will of Hugh Barnard; includes arrangements for the payment of interest and expected covenants.

Langley, Mr John

Squire, Mrs Elizabeth (later Langley)

37- 28.3.1730 John Langley, husbandman of Coddington, aged 60 (b~1670) when he married Elizabeth Squire of Coddington, widow at Newark.

- Parents of Elizabeth who in 1730 married William BIRKETT (b1698)

 = Langlay below and above?


36 - Will Proved - 1730 Yeoman

Langton, Mr William

26/27/28 - in 1848, 1869 and 1872 William Langton listed as a boot and shoemaker. see below

Langton, Mr William Langton, Jane

Southern, John

Southern, Richard

35 1841 Census

William Langton, age 30 b~1811, N(not in Notts), Cordwainer

Jane Langton, age 30 b~1811, N(not in Notts),

Also in same household:

John Southern, age 25 b~1816, N(not in Notts), Lime burner

Richard Southern, age 20 b~1821, N(not in Notts), Lime burner

Folio 8, 862

Langton, Miss Jane Eliza (later Mrs Southern)

Southern, John

16 - 05/10/1841 - John Southern married Jane Eliza Langton

Did William Langton die young? Did John marry his landlady, or a relative of hers?

Laughton, Mr William

24 In 1853  Mr William Laugton listed as boot and shoe maker

7 Mr William - in 1864 shoemaker


36 - Will Proved - 1605 Yeoman




Lawson, Miss Jane (later Mrs Hall)

Hall, Benjamin

16 - 01/06/1794 - Benjamin Hall married Jane Lawson

Lawson, Isaac

Lawson, Mrs Mary (née Waite)         

16 - 18/01/1798 - Isaac Lawson married Mary Waite 

Lawson, Mr William

Lawson, Elizabeth

Lawson, Mary

Lawson, William jnr

Bennett, George

Holmes, Henry

35 1841 Census

William Lawson, age 40, b~1801, Y(in Notts), Agricultural labourer

Elizabeth Lawson, age 45, b~1796, Y(in Notts),

Mary Lawson, age 10, b~1831, Y(in Notts), William Lawson, age 4, b~1836, Y(in Notts)

George Bennett, age 45, b~1796, Y(in Notts), quarryman

Henry Holmes, age 20, b~1821, Y(in Notts), quarryman

Folio 9, 862

Lawson, Samuel

Lawson, Mrs Elizabeth (née Taylor)

16 - 02/03/1848 - Samuel Lawson married Elizabeth Taylor

26 ? in 1848 Samuel Lawson listed as a boot and shoemaker.   

Lawson, Mr Thomas

7/28/30 Mr Thomas - in 1864 and 1872 carpenter.  1881 wheelwright

15 In Rev Frederick Taverner's map Thomas Lawson lived opposite Balderton Lane, carpenter with two children.

Lawson, Miss Mary Robinson (later Mrs Alcock)

16 - 17/10/1881 - Richard George Alcock married Mary Robinson Lawson (Was Mary?s mother a Miss Robinson?)         

Layne - see also Lane Lain, Laine, etc

Lea, Thomas

Lea, Mrs Mary (née Fearfield)         

16 - 21/05/1874 - Thomas Lea married Mary Fearfield       

Leader, Mr Reginald

3 Mr Reginald - d 27.8.1983 aged 75; b~1908

18/19 ? 1957-1961 at 66 Main Street

Leaning, Lewis

Leaning, Mrs Annie (née Miller)

16 - 30/03/1885 - Lewis Leaningmarried Annie Miller

Leaning, William Henry

Leaning, Mrs Eliza (née Booth)

16 - 14/06/1900 - William Henry Leaningmarried Eliza Booth


See also Leverton

36 - Will Proved - 1706 Widow

Ledgett  - see also Lidgett, Lidgitt, Ligett etc


36 - Will Proved - 1815 Yeoman

Lee, Miss Martha (later Mrs Beckett)

Becket, Mr Samuel

16 - 17/02/1785- Samuel Beckett married Martha Lee

Lee, William

Lee, Mrs Ann (née Smalley)

16 - 14/05/1835 - William Lee married Ann Smalley        

Lee, John

26 -in 1848 John Lee listed as cottager.

Lee, William

Lee, Monica

Lee, William jnr.

Lee, John

Lee, Caroline

Lee, Mary

35 1841 Census

William Lee, age 40 b~1801, Y(in Notts), Miller

Monica Lee, age 45 b~1796, Y(in Notts)

William Lee jnr, age 15 b~1826, Y(in Notts)

John Lee, age 13 b~1828, Y(in Notts)

Caroline Lee, age 11 b~1830, Y(in Notts)

Mary Lee, age 9 b~1832, Y(in Notts)

Folio 7, 862

Lee, Mr William

6 Mr William - in 1832 miller

24/25/26 - in 1844, 1848 and 1853 listed as corn miller

15 Trustee of Coddington Chapel School when it opened it 1858. see below

Lee, Mr William

Lee, Mr William

Lee, Mrs Olive (née Young)

7 Mr William - in 1864 corn miller.  In 1862, added 10hp steam engine to mill, on Balderton Road; or son of entry above?

27/29  - in 1869 and in 1879 William Lee miller and farmer

28/30 -  in 1872 cornmiller Balderton Road, in 1881 William is farmer and miller

16 - 01/05/1856 - William Lee married Olive Young

3 Mr William - d 9.12.1884 aged 58; b~1826

3 Mrs Olive - d 25.1.1912 aged 79 - wife to Mr William; b~1833.

 parents of Samuel, Francis and Edward?

15 In 1858 William Lee was among the Trustees of the Wesleyan Chapel school.  In 1891 William Lee (the same one?) was on the board of management for the final years of the Coddington Chapel School - which closed in April 1895.

? Mr Lee - 1880 and at end March 1881 also one of National School managers.

Lee, Miss Mary (later Mrs Hurt)

Hurt, Isaac

16 - 03/04/1856 - Isaac Hurt married Mary Lee         

Lee, John Thomas

Lee, Mrs Emma (née Harvey)

16 - 07/07/1868 - John Thomas Lee married Emma Harvey

Lee, Miss Annie (later Mrs Forrington)

Forrington, John Turner

16 - 07/09/1882 - John Turner Forrington married Annie Lee

Lee, Reuben

29/30 - in 1879 farmer at Beaconfield, 1881 farmer         

Lee, Mr Samuel

3 Mr Samuel - 21.3.1889 aged 20; b~1869

Lee, Mr Francis

3 Mr Francis - 26.1.1913 aged 46; b~1867

Lee /Young,  Sarah (later Mrs Millns)

Millns, William Thompson

16 - 07/06/1881 - William Thompson Millns married Sarah Young Lee

Lee, John

Lee, Mrs Susan (née Smith)

16 - 21/05/1889 - John Lee married Susan Smith 

Lee, Edward

Lee, Mrs Hannah Elizabeth (née Daybell)

16 - 12/06/1890 - Edward Lee (age 31?) married Hannah Elizabeth Daybell.

same as below?

Lee, Mr Edward

3 Mr Edward - d 4.2.1933 aged 74; b~1859

8/31/32/33 Mr E - in 1892, 1894, 1897, 1900 miller and farmer (in 1894 Edward at Coddington Mill)

34/9/13/22/23 Mr Edward - in 1912, 1916, 1923,1928 1932 miller wind and steam

D Newcastles papers: compensation agreement for former copyhold property owned by Edward Lee in Coddington - 1935 [Long Greenfield Close with the cottage and buildings erected on it; a close of land in Stone Pit Close and Mill Close]

Lee, Mr Samuel

10/21 Mr Samuel - in 1936-8, 1941-2 miller (wind & oil)

18/19/20 - 1950 - miller, at Coddington Mill

Lee, William

18/19 - 1957-1961 at Stone Cottage, Balderton Lane  

Lee, Thomas J T

18/19 - at Balderton Lane     

Leek, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Shaw)

Shaw, Amos

16 - 23/06/1748 - Amos Shaw married Elizabeth Leek  

Leeson, Edward

Leeson, Mrs Ellen (née Johnson)

16 - 04/05/1634 - Edward Leesonmarried Ellen Johnson        


-see also Leaverton

Leverton, William

Leverton, Mrs Mary (née Dunn)

16 - 17/04/1683 - William Leverton married Mary Dunn   




Levick, Hannah's Charity

Notts Archives

Not known if this has any connection with FT Levick who lived briefly in Coddington.

Hannah Levick's Charity, Nottingham: records (DD2355).

Levick's Almshouses -

The almshouses in Neville Street, Nottingham were founded by Hannah Levick in memory of her Brother, the Late George Levick esq., and consist of fourteen houses for aged people over sixty years of age, each of whom receives yearly £3 and one ton of coal.

Levick, Mr Francis

=? Frederick Tonge Levick

Levick, Mrs Sarah

= ?Levick, Mrs Sarah Anne nee Hewson

Levick, Ms Phoebe Grace

= Levick, Ms Grace

Levick, William


?= Mrs Jessie Stephens

Levick, Harry

? Levick, Annie

? Levick, John

Levick, Eleanor

Levick, Frederick Henry (Dick) (=? Harry)

Levick, Dorothy

31 - in 1892 F T Levick listed as assistant overseer.

3 Mr Francis - d 2.5.1905 aged 54 - interred at Innisean, Alberta Canada; b~1851.

3 Mrs Sarah - d 30.10.1891 aged 39 - wife to Mr Francis; b~1852

3 Ms Phoebe Grace  - d 26.10.1891 aged 13 - daughter of Sarah and Francis. B~1878

(15 There was typhoid in Coddington in 1891, Jessie, Grace and Harry were all gravely ill and Grace and her mother Sarah died. The school subscribed for a wreath).

15 Jessie and Grace - good school attendance prizes in period

An Internet family tree: Descendents of George Levick of Worksop, Notts (FTS grandfather - have photo of him):

3rd generation: John Levick born 9 Dec 1827 in Blyth, Notts (died on 10 Jan 1889 in Newark) married to Sarah Anne Moxon (on 20.9.1849 in Gainsborough).  Children of John Levick and Sarah Anne Moxon were:  Frederick Tonge Levick, + Mary G, Clara E, Henry E, Henry E, Isabella E. 

4th generation consistent with 3/15/31 above? - Mr Frederick Tonge (=Francis?)  b 27.1.1851 in 25 Pennington St. Hull (died Innisfail, Alta, Canada 20.5.1905.) Married Sarah Ann Hewson, (CHG has photos of her, her mother and Hewson's mill) (b 14.8.1852 in Market Lane, Barton in Humber - she died in Coddington 30.10.1891.)

Children were:

Stillborn male: born 21.5.1875 in New Cross, London, England.

1 Annie

2 Phoebe Grace born on 2 Jun 1878 in New Cross, London, England - died on 28 Oct 1891 in Coddington.

3 John born on 5 Jan 1880 in Barton on Humber - died on 17 Sep 1880 in Barton on Humber.

4 Jessie Sophia was born on 11 Jul 1881 in Newark.  She died in Oct 1941. (She was married to James Stephens on 9 Jan 1905 in Innisfail, Alta, Canada. - their children were: Jim Stephens, John Fredrick (Jack) Stephens.)

5 William born on 4 Dec 1882 in Newark, died on 18 Jan 1962 in Ponoka, Alta, Canada.  [He was married to Mary Conway on 13 Nov 1917 (born on 18 Mar 1892 in Wawseata, Michigan, USA and died on 1 Sep 1967 in Crossfield, Alta, Canada.)]

(male stillborn) on 14 Dec 1884 in Newark, Notts.

6 Eleanor born on 25 Nov 1886 in Coddington - died on 9 Jan 1976 in Calgary, Alta, Canada.  She was married to Samuel Beck McKeague on 22 Mar 1922 in Pro-Cathedral, Calgary, Alta, Canada (he was born on 26 Aug 1891 in Cullies, Shercock, Co Cavan, Ireland, christened on 31 Dec 1891 in Corraneary Presbyterian Church, Bailie-borough,  Co. Cavan, Ireland, died on 28 May 1976 in Calgary, Alta, Canada.)

7 Frederick Henry (Dick) (=? Harry) born on 16 Jul 1888 in Coddington. He died on 11 Jul 1954 in Kimberley, BC, Canada.

8 Dorothy Levick born on 22 May 1890 in Coddington, Notts, England - died on 2 Jan 1986 in Modesto, CA, USA.

Frederick Tonge Levick was afterwards married to Isabelle Stuart on 12 Nov 1900 in Calgary, AB, Canada. Isabelle Stuart born on 18 Feb 1867 in Canada. (Children of Frederick Tonge Levick and Isabelle Stuart were:

John Stuart , Thomas Morley, Charles Edward 17 Jul 1904 in Little Red Deer, Alta, Canada.) He died on 18 Oct 1910 in Innisfail, Alta, Canada.

LEVICK, Frederick Tonge; wrote these two books on local history: Candlelight Years; Red Deer

Lewin, John

Lewin, Mrs Elizabeth (née Holmes)

16 - 24/03/1845 - John Lewin married Elizabeth Holmes           

Lewty, Rev Cooper

15 Rev Cooper - he came to the village in 1859. In 1861 census he was 26, a bachelor living at no 71, though recorded as lodging atno 70 (Joseph Booth's and his widowed mother's house).  He became the incumbent between, to be replaced by J M Dolphin.

Lidgett  - see also Ledgett, Ligett, Lidgitt etc

Liggett, Miss Rebecca (later Mrs Thompson)

Thompson, Thomas

16 - 11/06/1822 - Thomas Thompson married Rebecca Liggett

Ligget, Miss Mary (later Mrs Hall)

Hall, Charles

16 - 03/04/1823 - Charles Hall married Mary Ligget         

Ligget, Miss Eliz (later Mrs Dawson)

Dawson, Joseph 

16 - 29/04/1828 - Joseph Dawson married Eliz Ligget   

Lidgett, Nathan

Lidgett, Mrs Mary Ann (née Crossley)

16 - 30/03/1829 - Nathan Lidgett married Mary Ann Crossley                   

Lidgett, Miss Ann (later Mrs Bryan)

Bryan, Robert

16- 13/11/1843 - Robert Bryan married Ann Lidgett

Lidgett, Mr George

Lidgett, Ms Ruth

3 Mr George - d 2.2.1815 aged 64 b~1751

3 Ms Ruth ? d  27.3.1839 aged 83 b~1756

Lidgett, Mrs Ruth

Lidgett, David

Lidgett, Abner

Lidgett, Ann

Lidgett, Emma

35 1841 Census

Ruth Lidgett, age 65 b~1786, N(not in Notts), Independent

David Lidgett, age 35 b~1806, N(not in Notts), Agricultural labourer

Abner Lidgett, age 25 b~1806, Y(in Notts), Agricultural labourer

Ann Lidgett, age 20 b~1811, Y(in Notts),

Emma Lidgett, age 2 b~1839, Y(in Notts),

Folio 10, 862

Lidgett, Mr David

Lidgett, Mrs Mary

Lidgett, Mr Joseph

3 Mr David - d 31.8.1870 aged 67 b~1803 - see above

2 Mr David ? in 1863 occupied smaller house/cottage in NW corner range of Well Green (that in 1918 formed 3-cottage range lot 39)

3 Mrs Mary - d 15.1.1881 aged 65 (b~1816) - relict of David

3 Mr Joseph - d 2.12.1930 aged 72 (b~1858) ? youngest dau of David and Mary b~

D Newcastle papers: Lidgett, Mr Joseph - draft compensation agreement dated 13 Jan. 1927; [close of land in Coddington, cont. 3 cottages - details of acreage and names of former occupiers]




Lightfoot, Richard

Lightfoot, Mrs Esther (née Carby)

16 - 12/05/1785 - Richard Lightfoot married Esther Carby 

Lightfoot, Richard

Lightfoot, Mrs Sarah (née Dunn)

16 - 08/06/1790 - Richard Lightfoot married Sarah Dunn

Lightfoot, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Parkins)

Parkins, William

16 - 14/05/1811 - William Parkins married Elizabeth Lightfoot    


36 - Will Proved - 1814 Soldier.  (Died in action?)

Lilley, Raymond G V

18/19 - 1957-1961 at Sunningdale, Newark Road

Linn, William

Fryer, Francis et al

Fryer, Millicent

Shepherd, James

Hadkinson, William

Smith, John

Becket, Sarah

35 1841 Census  -

William Linn, age 15, b~1826, Y( in Notts.), Male servant

In household of Francis Fryer, age 50, farmer

Millicent Fryer, age 40, (second wife?)

John Fryer, age 15, Ann Fryer, age 3 (dau of second wife?).  Also two or three other young male servants and a young female servant.

James Shepherd, age 15, b~1826, N(notin Notts.)

William Hadkinson, age 15, b~1826, Y( in Notts.), Male servant

John Smith, age 14, b~1827, Y( in Notts.), Male servant

Sarah Becket, age 14, b~1827, Y( in Notts.), Female Servant.

(Folio 12, Piece 862)

Lynn, Gibson

Lynn, Mrs Mary (née Stanley)

16 -  05/06/1865 - Gibson Lynn married Mary Stanley        

Linny, John

Linny, Mrs Mary (nee Mason)

16 - 24/11/1679 - John Linny married Mary Mason

Linney, William

Linney, Sarah

Hough, Stephen

35 1841 Census  -

William Linney, age 45, b~1796, Y( in Notts.), Cottager

Sarah Linney, age 50, b~1791, Y( in Notts.),

Also living in household

Stephen Hough, age 70, b~1771, Y( in Notts.), Agricultural labourer

Folio 10;862

Linney, Mr William

7 Mr William - in 1864 farmer

Lister, Miss Eliza (later Mrs Noltey)

Noltey, Henry

16 - 01/05/1861 - Henry Noltey married Eliza Lister

Lockton, Mrs

15 Mrs - Sewing Mistress for school, from Newark, started teaching 17th May

Looney, Mrs Julia Mary

3 Mrs Julia Mary - d 31.3.1978 b 29.2.1896 ? a wife and grandmother, from Anne Bernadette and grandchildren

Lound, Mr Robert

24 - In 1853 Robert Lound listed as a farmer.


36 - Will Proved 1789 Farmer

Lowe, Richard H,

18/19 - 1957-1961 at Rycliffe, Newark Road

Lowther, Mrs Jane (later Mrs Bell)

Bell, Mr William

37 - 11.3.1709/10 - William Bell of Coddington, gentleman aged 34 (b~1675) married by special licence Jane Lowther of East Markham, widow aged 34  (b~1675).  

Loxley, Mr George Rhodes

9/21/22/23 Mr George Rhodes - in 1923 poultry breeder

9/21/22 - 1928 - 1932 -  1936-8 at The Spinney, p.res