Joseph, NK (surname not known?)

Daybell, Mr William,

Daybell, Ann

Daybell, William

Daybell, Samuel

Deakins, John

35 1841 Census

Joseph (surname not known), age 15 N(not in Notts), male servant

Living in household of William Daybell, age 40 farmer: Ann Daybell, age 40 and sons William Daybell age 12, Samuel Daybell age 10.

Also in household John Deakins, age 14 male servant.

Folio 8, 862

Jackson, D

3 see Young E

Jackson, Charles

Jackson, Mrs Anne (née Crosby)

16 - 18/06/1685 - Charles Jackson married Anne Crosby

Jackson, Miss Jane (later Mrs Heath)

Heath, William

16 - 14/01/1746 - William Heath married Jane Jackson          

Jackson, Miss Catharine (later Mrs Grocock)

Grocock, Samuel

16 - 02/06/1838 - Samuel Grocock married Catharine Jackson    

Jackson, Miss Ruth

15 Oct 1882 Miss Ruth Jackson a former pupil teacher for St Mary's School Newark infant dept was appointed as school assistant mistress.  (Miss Smithson resigned because of delicate health.)

Jackson, Mr John William

Jackson, Mrs Fanny

3 Mr John William - d  9.3.1938 aged 71,

3 Mrs Fanny - d 18.12.1939 aged 72

21 - John William -1938 at Yew Tree Cottage, p.res

Jackson, Lilly

19 1957 at Iron Gates, Newark Road

Jalland, Thomas

Pratt, William

Sudbury, Joseph

Pilgrim, Elizabeth

Smith, John

Birketts / Bell / Charity

Bell, William

Taylor, Mrs Mary (née Bell)

Thomas, Taylor

Taylor, Elizabeth (later Mrs Birkitts)

Birkitts, Richard

Birkitts, William

Birkitts, Elizabeth (nee Langley)

Birkitts, William jnr

Birkitts, Samuel

Birkitts, Samuel

Birkitts, Elizabeth (nee Pratt)

four sons

From Margaret Ilott - In William Bell's 1698 will, he names Thomas Jalland as a tenant of a newly-erected cottage,  property  left to his widowed daughter Mary Taylor and therafter his granddaughter Elizabeth Birkitts:

I do hereby devise all wherever I live and close and croft adjacent thereunto and 13 oxgangs of land, meadow and appurtenances, and three ancient cottages in occupation of Joseph Sudbury, Elizabeth Pilgrim and John Smith and two newly erected cottages in occupation of William Pratt and Thomas Jalland with their appurtenances and 21acres of meadow in Holme meadows unto Mary, my daughter during her natural life. After her decease to Elizabeth Birkitts, my grandchild and her heirs.

£2 left annually to the poor of Coddington out of land on Beacon Field.

Property passed into Birkett family and sold on death of Mrs Birketts at auction at the Plough in 1820.


36 - Will Proved 1709 Yeoman


36 - Will Proved 1827 Farmer

Jalland, Mr Charles

6 - Mr Charles- in 1832 gentleman

Jalland, Mr John

6 Mr John - in 1832 farmer

2 Mr John - pre-1863 former landowner, occupied Farm (lot 6) before John Fryer (the tenant- occupant in 1863) Lived at Inn on Green House.

Jalland, Mrs Sarah

2 Mrs Sarah - before 1863 and before John Roberts occupied it, lived in the Laurels (House 1a).  Before Sarah Jalland in the tenure of William Joseph Cox.

wife/widow of John?

Jalland, Mr Joseph

2 Mr Joseph - in 1863 owned parcels of land, get details.

Jallands, Mr Frederick

= Jalland

15 Frederick - in 1893 appeared on National School prize list for good attendence.

Jenking, William

(Jinkin/ Jenkins?)

Jenking, Mrs x (Widow Randal)

16 - 09/08/1724 - William Jenkingmarried Widow Randal

16 - 09/08/1724 - William Jinkin married Widow Randal

Jepson, Miss Mary (later Mrs Spray)

Spray, John

16 - 21/07/1748 ? John Spray married Mary Jepson

Jesson, Mr George

3 Mr George - d 9.9.1804 aged 56

Job, Dr

15 Dr Job - an occasional inspector visitor to the National school in the years running up to 1884.

Johns, G

18 - 1961 at 59 The Green

Johnson, Miss Ellen (later Mrs Leeson)

Leeson, Edward

16 - 04/05/1634 - Edward Leesonmarried Ellen Johnson 

Jonson, Christopher

Jonson, Mrs An(n) Mason

16 - 24/06/1676 - Christopher Jonson married An Mason

Johnson, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Pailthorp)

Pailthorp, John

16 - 20/04/1747 - John Pailthorp married Elizabeth Johnson     

Johnson, Miss Ann (later Mrs Ward)

Ward, Benjamin

16 - 08/06/1801 - Benjamin Wardmarried Ann Johnson        


36 - Will Proved 1805 Yeoman

Johnson, Miss Ann (later Mrs Else)

Else, William

16 - 27/04/1815 - William Else married Ann Johnson

Johnson, Richard

Johnson, Mrs Mary (née Hunt)

16  - 01/08/1825 - Richard Johnson married Mary Hunt    

Johnson, Miss Mary (later Mrs Blundey)

Blundey, Charles

16  - 12/05/1829 - Charles Blundey married Mary Johnson.

Johnson, Mr E

6 Mr E - in 1832 miller

Johnson, Edward

Johnson, Mrs Amey (née Weatherall)

16  - 14/05/1833 - Edward Johnson married Amey Weatherall

Johnson, Miss Hannah (later Mrs Cargill)

Cargill, Mr Robert

16 - 09/09/1834 - Robert Cargill married Hannah Johnson.         

Johnson, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Key)

Key, John       

16 - 21/05/1838 - John Key married Elizabeth Johnson          

Johnson, Benjamin

Johnson, Mrs Jane (née Kirke)

16 - 17/05/1790 - Benjamin Johnson married Jane Kirke - see below

Johnson, Benjamin

Johnson, Jane

Johnson, Jane

35 1841 Census  -

Benjamin Johnson, age 75, b~1766, Y(in Notts.), Agricultural labourer

Jane, Johnson, age 75, b~1766, Y(in Notts.)

Jane, Johnson, age 15, b~1826, Y(in Notts.)

(Jane probably granddaughter or neice)

Folio 12;862

Johnson, William

Johnson, Sarah

35 1841 Census

William Johnson, age 60, b~1771, N(not in Notts.), Agricultural labourer

Sarah, age 60, b~1771, N(not in Notts.),

Folio 10;862

Johnson, Ms Ann (later Mrs Ingleton)

Ingleton, Jeremiah

16 - 14/09/1840 - Jeremiah Ingleton married Ann Johnson - see below

Johnson, Joseph

Ingleton Mrs Ann

Ingleton, Jeremiah

35 1841 Census  -

Joseph Johnson, age 2, b~1839, Y( in Notts.),

Living with his mother and ?step-father

Jeremiah Ingleton, age 25, b~1816, Y( in Notts.), Agricultural labourer

Ann Ingleton, age 20, b~1821, Y( in Notts.),

Folio 6;862

Johnson, William

Johnson, Samuel

Hilton, William et al

35 1841 Census

William Johnson, 25, b~1816, Y( in Notts.), Agricultural labourer

Samuel Johnson, 15, b~1826, Y( in Notts.), Agricultural labourer

Living in household of William Hilton, age 36, farmer. Also one other agricultural labourer, a housekeeper and three female servants ages 11-15.

(Folio 8, Piece 862)

Johnson, Joseph

Johnson, Mrs Lucy (née Talbot)

16- 06/12/1830 - Joseph Johnson married Lucy Talbot- see below

Johnson, Joseph

Johnson,  Lucy

Johnson, Sarah

Johnson, Martha

Johnson, Elizabeth

Johnson, Mary

Talbot, Sarah

35 1841 Census

Joseph Johnson, age 35 b~1806, Y(in Notts), Agricultural Labourer

Lucy Johnson, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts),

Sarah Johnson, age 8 b~1833, Y(in Notts)

Martha Johnson, age 7 b~1834, Y(in Notts)

Elizabeth Johnson, age 5 b~1836, Y(in Notts)

Mary Johnson, age 2 b~1839, Y(in Notts)

Also in same household, Lucy's mother (or relative)

Sarah Talbot, age 75 b~1766, N(not in Notts)

Folio 6/7, 862

Johnson, Miss Sarah (later Mrs Cullen)

Cullen, George

16 - 06/06/1853 - George Cullenmarried Sarah Johnson (aged 20 ?) see above     




Johnson, Harriet

Johnson,  Mary

Johnson, Sarah

Johnson, Thomas

Fletcher, Thomas

Fletcher, Elizabeth

35 1841 Census

Harriet Johnson, age 20 b~1821, N(not in Notts)

Mary Johnson, age 5 b~1836, Y(in Notts)

Sarah Johnson, age 2 b~1839, Y(in Notts)

Thomas Johnson, age 3m b~1841, Y(in Notts)

Also in same household

Thomas Fletcher, age 20 b~1821, N(not in Notts) Agricultural labourer.

Elizabeth Fletcher, age 25 b~1826, N(not in Notts)

Folio 6, 862

Johnson, Edward


Johnson, Jane

Johnson, Hannah

Johnson, George

Johnson, John

Towne, Robert

Towne, Elizabeth

Towne, George

35 1841 Census

Edward Johnson, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts), Agricultural labourer

Mary Johnson, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts),

Jane Johnson, age 7 b~1834, Y(in Notts)

Hannah Johnson, age 5 b~1836, Y(in Notts)

George Johnson, age 2  b~1839, Y(in Notts)

John Johnson,age 4m b~1841, Y(in Notts)

Also in same household

Robert, Towne, age 50 b~1791, Y(in Notts) Agricultural labourer.

Elizabeth Towne, age 50 b~1791, Y(in Notts)

George Towne, age 11 b~1830, Y(in Notts)

Relationship of E Johnson (miller) to Edward?  And of Townes to Johnsons?

Folio 11, 862

Johnson, Thomas


Johnson, William

35 1841 Census

Thomas Johnson, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts), Agricultural labourer

Elizabeth Johnson, age 35 b~1806, Y(in Notts),

William Johnson, age 3 b~1838, Y(in Notts)

Folio 11, 862

Johnson, Simon

Johnson, Mrs Mary (néeBilton)

16  - 22/07/1837 - Simon Johnson married Mary Biltonsee below

Johnson, Simon

Johnson,  Mary (née Bilton)

Johnson, Benjamin

Johnson, Edward

35 1841 Census

Simon Johnson, age 25 b~1816, Y(in Notts), Lime burner

Mary Johnson (née Bilton), age 25 b~1816, Y(in Notts),

Benjamin Johnson, age 3 b~1838, Y(in Notts)

Edward Johnson, age 1 b~1840, Y(in Notts)

Folio 11, 862

Johnson, M(rs?)

15 In 1857 marked on Rev Frederick Taverner's map on the corner of Balderton Lane, with two children.

Johnson, Thomas Dixon

Johnson, Mrs Elizabeth (née Answer)

16 - 01/02/1864 - Thomas Dixon Johnson married Elizabeth Answer     

Johnson, William

Johnson, Mrs Elizabeth (née Ellis)

16 - 01/10/1868 - William Johnson married Elizabeth Ellis 

Johnson, Miss Mary Ann (later Mrs Bower)

Bower, Mr Joseph

16 - 28/01/1869 - Joseph Bower married Mary Ann Johnson

Johnson, Richard

Johnson, Mrs Jane (née Wright)

16 - 09/06/1870 - Richard Johnson married Jane Wright

Johnson, Thomas

Johnson, Mrs Elizabeth (née Hague)

16 - 29/03/1875 - Thomas Johnson marriedElizabeth Hague       

Johnson, Mrs Elizabeth

married to?

Johnson, Mr Thomas

29 - in 1879 Mrs Elizabeth Johnson listed as a dressmaker.  

29/30 - in 1879, 1881 Mr Thomas Johnson listed as keeper of the Red Lion and shopkeeper.      

Johnson, Miss Sarah (later Mrs Weightman)

Weightman, Samuel

16 -15/05/1871 - Samuel Weightman married Sarah Johnson        

Johnson, Miss Eliza (later Mrs Smalley)

Smalley, William

16 - 22/10/1874 - William Smalleymarried Eliza Johnson          

Johnson, Miss Susan (later Mrs Town)

Town, John

16 - 13/04/1876 - John Town married Susan Johnson                    

Johnson, Miss Charlotte (later Mrs Sturman)

Sturman, Alfred

16 - 21/09/1876- Alfred Sturmanmarried Charlotte Johnson     

Johnson, Chris / Christopher

Johnson, Aurelia (Amelia)

Johnson, Amy Catherine

Johnson, Lucy

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Simon

Johnson, Mrs Jane

15 In Feb 1875 Chris Johnson received a good attendance award from school.

In 1874 and in the period 1878 - 1882 Amelia received 3s rebate after passing in three subjects.

In 1882 there was a scarlatina outbreak affecting many of the children.  Two young children; Amy Catherine Johnson and Arthur Clipston died in Jan 1882 - but the cause was not recorded.

In 1878 - 1882 Lucy and Mary received 3s rebate after passing in three subjects.

In 1890 Simon Johnson was a poor attendee at school, until the Bryans were threatened with a summons over Williams attendance.

(It is not known how many Johnson families there were - or the relationship of the children to the sewing mistress)

In March 1884 Mrs Jane Johnson was appointed sewing mistress to replace Emily Henton until the end of 1885. She also served for a while after Mrs Colbie.

Johnson, Miss Martha (later Mrs Shaw)

Shaw, Frederick

16 - 29/05/1880 - Frederick Shawmarried Martha Johnson         

Johnson, Ms Frances Daisy

3 - died, inscription from Coddington Church monument list (all details, if there were any, now lost)

Johnson, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Henton)

Henton, Alfred

16 - 04/11/1886 - Alfred Henton married Elizabeth Johnson

Johnson, Henry

Johnson, Mrs Ellen (née Bryan)

16 - 05/04/1886 - Henry Johnson married Ellen Bryan

Johnson, Kate (later Mrs Sutton)

Sutton, Richard

16 - 24/05/1886 - Richard Suttonmarried Kate Johnson          

Johnson, Richard

Johnson, Mrs Susan (née Weaver)

16 - 17/03/1887 - Richard Johnson married SusanWeaver         

Johnson, B

31 - in 1892 Church organist, living in Newark.

Johnson, Miss Annie Elizabeth (later Mrs Vessey)

Vessey, William

16 - 13/04/1899 - William Vessey married Annie Elizabeth Johnson

Johnson, Mr William

Johnson, Mr Thomas

1 Johnson, Mr William and Johnson, Mr Thomas - in 1918 tenants of Lots 26, 27

31/32 - in 1892 Mr W a farmer and carrier.  In 1894 the same, but located at Glebe Farm.

Johnson, Mr William

Johnson, Mr Thomas

Johnson, Mrs Elizabeth

3 Mr William d Jan -aged 15 - son of Thomas and Elizabeth

3 Mr Thomas

3 Mrs Elizabeth

Johnson, Mr Wilfred R

3 Mr Wilfred R - d 29.1.1984 aged 73, b~1911

Johnson, George

10/18/19/20/21 ? 1938 - 1942 - at Horseshoes, p.res

Johnson, Frances D

18/19 - 1957-1961 at 95 Balderton Lane

Johnson, Norman

19 - 1957 at Main Street

Johnson, Sydney

10 / 21 - 1938 - 1942 at Sunningdale, p.res

Jones, Walter Hubert

10/20/21 - 1936 - 1942 - 1950 at Woodside, p.res

Judson, William

Judson, Mrs Sarah Rebekah (née Henton)

16 - 23/05/1878 - William Judson married Sarah Rebekah Henton

Judson, Florence

Judson, Daisy

15 Florence and Daisy received good attendance awards at school, in April 1893.

Judson, Mr George Henry Judson, Mrs Elizabeth Ellen

Judson, Mrs

3 Mr George Henry - d 13.5.1936 aged 49, b~1887

3 Mrs Elizabeth Ellen ? d 29.10.1971 aged 87;b~1884

18/19 ? Elizabeth E 1957-1961 at Valley View

10/20/21 - Mrs - 1938 - 1942 - 1950 at Joyville, p.res

Judson, John

18/19 - 1957-1961 at Chapel Lane

Judson, Robert B

18/19 - at 50 The Green

Judson, Ms Betsy Maud Mary

3 Ms Betsy Maud Mary - d 25.5.1970 aged 68; b~1902