Fardell, Thomas Richard

Fardell, Mrs Alice Agnes (nee Adams)

16 ? 31/05/1900  Thomas Richard Fardell married Alice Agnes  Adams.           

Farmer, Mr C H

1 Mr C H in 1918 smallholding tenant Lot 17 + ?

Farmer, Miss Kate

Farmer, H =Harry

Farmer, Harriet

15 Dec 1893 H Farmer took part in a dialogue called a Recitation contest, in the annual concert (with Hunt, F Backhouse and A Crawford). In April 1893 Kate and Harry received prizes for attendance at the school. Harriet also received one in the period 1886 - 1892. In1897- 8 Harriet became a school monitor. In 1906 she was probably assistant mistress since she wrote in the school log book about Chauntry Smith's illness.

8 Miss (Harriet)  in 1900 assistant school mistress.

Farmer, Mrs Ellen

3 Mrs Ellen  b 25.5.1862  d 1.1.1904? a wife and mother (of children above?)

33 /8 Mrs E ? in 1897, 1900 postmistress. (Letters via Newark arrive at 6.45 am and are despatched at 6.25pm ? nearest money order office at Newark.)

Farmery, Miss Sarah (later Mrs  Watson)

Watson, William

16  26/11/ 1771  William Watson married Sarah  Farmery       

Fearfield, Mr Thomas Fearfield, Mrs Jane  (nee Pacey)

= Fearfield, Mrs Jane

= Farfield, Mr Thomas

16  03/10/1796 Thomas Fearfield married Jane Pacey.   

3 Mrs Jane  d 28.9.1825 aged 66  wife of Thomas; b~1759

6 /25/26Mr Thomas  in 1832 and 1848 farmer, in 1844 listed as owner and farmer.

2 Mr Thomas Farfield   in 1863 landowner. check spelling and get details

Fearfield, Mr Thomas

Fearfield, John

Fearfield, Elizabeth

35 1841 Census

Thomas Fearfield, age 70 b~1771, Y(in Notts), Cottager.

John Fearfield, age 35 b~1806, Y(in Notts),

Elizabeth Fearfield, age 25 b~1816, Y(in Notts), (see below)

Folio 10, 862


36  will proved  1850 Yeoman

Fearfield, Mr John

24  In 1853 John Fearfield listed as farmer

3 Mr John  d 11.1.1860 aged 59; b~1801

Fearfield, Ms Elizabeth

7 Ms Elizabeth  in 1864 cottager

28/29 in 1872 and 1979 listed as resident, no occupation given

Fearfield, Ms Mary

Lea, Mrs Mary (nee Fearfield)

Lea, Thomas

=? Fearfield, Ms Mary Anne

15 Ms Mary ?in 1861 aged 16, one of 2 Coddington born pupil-teachers supporting the Chapel schoolmistress Mary Hollidge. (The other was Sarah Ridley 17yrs.)

16  21/05/1874  Thomas Lea married Mary Fearfield

          D Newcastle papers  Ms Mary Anne  1912 draft terms for the copyhold enfranchisement to a messuage and premises at Coddington [plan of the dwellinghouse, homestead and orchard]

Feathers, John

Feathers, Hannah

Foster, Thomas

35 1841 Census

John Feathers, age 50 b~1791, Y(in Notts), Agricultural labourer.

Hannah Feathers, age 60 b~1781, Y(in Notts)

Thomas Foster, age 8 b~1832, N(nt in Notts)

Folio 7, 862

Featherstone, William

Featherstone, Mrs Anne (nee Stapels)

16  23/04/1839  William Featherston married Anne Stapels. See below.

Featherstone, William

Featherstone, Ann

35 1841 Census

William Featherston, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts), Agricultural labourer.

Ann Featherston, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts)

Folio 8, 862

Featherston, Miss Elizabeth Clara (later Mrs Grocock,)

Grocock, George

16  03/05/1870  George Grocock married Elizabeth Clara Featherston  

Featherstone, Mr Thomas

Featherstone, (Snr)

3 Mr Thomas  d 7.7.1898 aged 53 (b~ 1845)

15 In Rev Frederick Taverner's 1857 map Featherstone had 1 small child, and lived next door but one from Fitzackaly. (Thomas would have been 12 ? not really small)

Fenton Miss Joane (later Mrs Harinsain)

Harinsain, Richard

16 ? 07/07/1632  Richard Harinsain married Joane  Fenton

Festing, Mrs Jane

29  in 1879 listed as resident, no details

Fillingham, Bryan Millington

25  In 1844 B M Fillingham listed as a farmer and an owner.

Finch, Mr Alexander

15  Inspector of the school April 1898.

Fitch, Mr Zachariah

7 Mr Zachariah  in 1864 cottager

Fitzackaly, Mr J

15  In Rev Frederick Taverner's 1857 map, J lived next to John Black, where the present school is and had 4 children.

Fitzackerly, Miss Emily (later Mrs Ward)

Ward, John

16  31/12/1868  John Ward married Emily Fitzackerly    

Fixter, Mr Frederick

3 Mr Frederick  d 8.11.1948

!  trade directory error?  see below

20  1950 at 2 Council houses, p.res

Fixter, Amy

19  1957 at Main St

Flatters, Miss Matilda (later Mrs Bryan)

Bryan, Joshua

16  - 25/05/1875  Joshua Bryan married Matilda Flatters.         


36  will proved  1809 Yeoman

Fletcher, Charles

Fletcher, Mrs Phebe (nee Snell)         

16  22/12/1806  Fletcher  Charles married Phebe Snell.  

Fletcher, Miss Phebe (later Mrs Dawson), (Phoebe?)

Dawson, Thomas

16  07/12/1809  Thomas Dawson married Phebe  Fletcher.      

Fletcher, Thomas

Fletcher, Elizabeth

Johnson, Harriet

Johnson,  Mary

Johnson, Sarah

Johnson, Thomas

35 1841 Census

Thomas Fletcher, age 20 b~1821, N(not in Notts) Agricultural labourer.

Elizabeth Fletcher, age 25 b~1826, N(not in Notts)

In the household of

Harriet Johnson, age 20 b~1821, N(not in Notts)

Mary Johnson, age 5 b~1836, Y(in Notts)

Sarah Johnson, age 2 b~1839, Y(in Notts)

Thomas Johnson, age 3m b~1841, Y(in Notts)

Folio 6, 862

Fletcher, Miss Emily (later Mrs Marshall)

Marshall, William

16? 05/06/1876  William Marshall married Emily Fletcher        

Fletcher, George

Fletcher, Mrs Sarah (nee Henton)        

16  22/11/1892  George Fletcher married Sarah Henton.         

Flower, Thomas

Flower, Mrs Elizabeth (nee Bell)

16  13/04/1702  Thomas Flower married Elizabeth Bell.

Flower, John

Flower, Mrs Elizabeth (nee Wand)

16  20/07/1843  John Flower married Elizabeth Wand. 

Fogg, Ms Emily May

3 Ms Emily May  d 17.6.1986 aged 89  a sister

Foorth, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Ashwell)

Ashwell, Mr Stephen

16  20/04/1681  Stephen Ashwell married

Elizabeth Foorth.

Foorth, Miss Sarah (later Mrs Ashwell)

Ashwell, Mr John

16  14/11/1681  - John Ashwell married

Sarah Foorth.


Foottit, John

Foottit, Mrs Mary (nee Carby)

16  24/12/1765  John Foottit married Mary Carby.

Foottit, William

Foottit, Mrs Hannah (nee Troop)

16  20/04/1822  William Footit married Hannah Troop.

Foottit, Miss Sarah (later Mrs Pegg)

Pegg, John

16  14/05/1846  John Pegg married Sarah Footit

Foottit, Mr Gervase

Foottit, Mr Jervas

Foottit, Mrs Eliza (nee Booth)

3 Mr Gervase  d 23.11.1873 aged 44; b~1829

7 Mr Gervase  in 1864 beerhouse and shopkeeper.

27 in 1869 Jervas Foottit  listed as beer retailer

28/30 in 1872 Gervas listed as beerhouse and shopkeeper

16  15/11/1857  Gervase Foottit  married widow Mrs Eliza Booth.

29/30 in 1879 Mrs Eliza Foottit listed as a shopkeeper (and in 1881 also beer retailer)




John Fordham

10/20  1942 - 1950 John Fordham is headmaster Cof E primary school.

Foreman, Mr Goodwin

Court record: In 1654 Goodwin Foreman and William Crosly, common brewers at Coddington were fined 4d for not selling their ayle according to ye statute.


36  will proved   1648 Labourer


36  will proved  1665

Forman, Miss Mary (Later Mrs


16 - 02/11/1665  James Albie married Mary Forman          

Formery,  Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Brett)

Brett, Thomas

16  - 22/06/1704 - Thomas Brett married Elizabeth Formery.

Forrington, John Turner      

Forrington, Annie (nee Lee)

16 - 07/09/1882 - John Turner Forrington married Annie Lee.    


36  will proved  1682

Foster, Jonathan

Foster, Mrs Eliz (nee Maltby)

16 - 22/06/1826 - Jonathan Foster married Eliz Maltby.

Foster, Thomas

Feathers, John

Feathers, Hannah

35 1841 Census

Thomas Foster, age 8 b~1832, N(not in Notts)

In household of John Feathers, age 50 Agricultural labourer, Hannah Feathers, age 60

Folio 7, 862

Fotherby, George

Fotherby, Mrs Eliz (nee Holmes)

16 - 09/01/1816 - Fotherby  George married Eliz Holmes

Fox, Peter

Fox, Mrs Harriet (nee Hunt)

16 - 26/07/1847 - Peter Fox married Harriet Hunt.  

Fox, John William

16 - 10/08/1875 - John William Fox married Charlotte Stanley.    

Francis, Frederick William

10 - 1942 at The Nook, p.res

Franks, Arthur

18/19 - at 64 The Green

Franncklyn, Miss Mary (later Mrs Mason)

16 - 9.7.1622 -Thomas Mason married Mary Franncklyn.

Freare? see also Frire, Frier, Fryer, Frire etc


36 -will proved - 1692 Shepherd

Freeman, Miss Mary (later Mrs  Wate)

Wate, John

16 - 08/07/1794 - John Wate married Mary Freeman      

Freestone, Raymond William

10 - 1942 at Honeycomb, p.res

Frier, Richard

Frier, Mrs Alice (nee North)

16 - 01/07/1632 - Richard Frier married    Alice North.

Frire, John

Frire, Mrs Frances (nee Bilbe)

16 - 20/09/1663 - John Frire married Frances Bilbe. 

Freare, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Turner)

Turner, William

16 - 28/05/1668 - William Turner married Elizabeth Freare        

Frere, Richard (Richard Fryer)

Frere, Mrs Catherne (nee Parkar) (Catherine Parker??)

16 - 21/06/1672 - Richard Frere married Catherne Parkar.     

Fryer, Thomas

Fryer, Mrs Alice (nee Abbott)

16 ?-- 12/04/1795 - Thomas Fryer married Alice Abbott .

Fryer, Francis

Fryer, Mrs Melicent (nee Thompson)

16 - 26/10/1837 - Francis Fryer married Melicent Thompson. See below

24 Mr Francis - 1853 listed as landowner. And lime burner.  

Fryer, Mr Francis

25/24/26 - in 1844, 1848 farmer and maltster, in 1853 - Fras Fryer listed as farmer and maltster.

7/ Mr Francis - in 1864 farmer and maltster, owner

28 - in 1872 listed as an owner.

Fryer, Francis et al

Fryer, Millicent

Fryer, John

Fryer, Ann

Shepherd, James

Hadkinson, William

Linn, William

Smith, John

Becket, Sarah

35 1841 Census  -

Francis Fryer, age 50, b~1791, Y( in Notts.), farmer

Millicent Fryer, age 40, b~1801, Y( in Notts.), (2nd wife?)

John Fryer, age 15, b~1825 Y( in Notts.), (son)

Ann Fryer, age 3, b~1838, Y( in Notts.), (dau of 2nd wife?)

- James Shepherd, age 15, b~1826, N(not  in Notts.)

- William Hadkinson, age 15, b~1826, Y( in Notts.), Male servant

 - William Linn, age 15, b~1826, Y( in Notts.), Male servant

John Smith, age 14, b~1827, Y( in Notts.), Male servant

- Sarah Becket, age 14, b~1827, Y( in Notts.), Female Servant.

(Folio 12, Piece 862)

Fryer, Mr John

2/27 Mr John - in 1863 and 1869 tenant farmer and maltster (Farm 6 - MD Farm / Inn on Green) occupied main house.

29 in 1879 listed as farmer on Balderton Rd.

30/32 - in 1881 John Fryer listed as farmer and one of three principal landowners (After death of his father Francis?). In 1894 described as an estate owner?only.

Fryer, Mr Thomas

9/23 Mr Thomas? in 1923, 1928, 1932 farmer

Fryer, Ms Lucy

3 Ms Lucy -  d 10.8.1974 aged 74; b~1900

Fryer, Mr John W(illiam)

10/18/19/20/21 - 1938 - 1942 - at Newlands, p.res

Fryer, Mr Leonard

18/19 ? at Deeping, Newark Rd

Fryer, Mr Sidney Ernest

3 Mr Sidney Ernest - d 21.3.1984 aged 77; b~1907

Furbisher, John William

10/21 - 1938 - 1941 police constable

Fukes, Richard

Fukes, Mrs Marie (nee Man)

16 - 02/12/1663 - Richard Fukes married Marie          Man.