Earl, George Edwards

Earl, Mrs Lizzie (nee Sims)

16 - 15/05/1900 - George Edwards Earl married Lizzie Sims.


3 Mr George Edward  d 11.4.1902 b 6.7.1872 husband of Lizzie.

Earl, Percy

18/19  at 4 Main St

Earl, Isabella E

18/19  at 57 The Green

Miss Jane Easte (later Mrs Deepine)

16 - 31.1.1603 Anthony Deepine married Jane Easte.

Eatch, Miss Ann (later Mrs Woodcock)

Woodcock, Aaron

16  19/02/1816  Aaron Woodcock married Ann Eatch     

Eatch, Miss Sarah (later Mrs Capps)

Capps, Robert

16 - 21/12/1809 - Robert Capps married Sarah Eatch.

Eaton, Mr Collinson

24 - Mr Collinson in 1853 listed as farm baliff

Eaves, James L

20  1950 at 5 Council houses, p.res

18/19 ? 1957- 1961 at Balderton Lane

Edgley, William

Edgley, Mrs Sarah (nee Blythe)

16 - 01/09/1803 - William Edgley    married Sarah  Blythe.

Edlin, Herbert

Edlin, Harriet Louisa (nee Adams)

16  26/05/1898 - Herbert  Edlin married Harriet Louisa Adams .

Edwards, Harry

19  1957 at 14 Main St

18  1961 at 7 Valley View

Ella ? , Elizabeth

Taylor, Ella ?

Taylor, Mrs Elizabeth (nee Harvey)         

16 - 06/10/1874  Ella Taylor married Elizabeth Harvey  (or Harvey Taylor m Elizabeth Ella?)


Elliott, Thomas

Elliott, Mrs Sarah (nee Marsden)

16 - 02/11/1893 Thomas Elliott married Sarah Marsden.     

Elliott, Walter G       

19  1957 at Main St

18  1961 at The Old Forge

Ellis, Elizabeth (later Mrs Cliffe)

Cliffe, Tho(mas)s

16 -  25/01/1666  Tho(mas) Cliffe married Elizabeth Ellis.

Ellis, Mr William Esq.

3 Mr William Esq.? d  21.3.1767 aged 61  marble plaque in church

Ellis, Mr John

Ellis, Mrs Ann (nee Corby)   

16 -  25/10/1813 - John Ellis married Ann Corby.         

 John below, or his father?

Ellis, James

Ellis, Mrs Mary (nee Squires)

16 - 09/12/1817 - James Ellis married Mary Squires.

Ellis, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Parnham),

Parnham, John

16 - 19/03/1826  John Parnham married Elizabeth Ellis

Ellis, John

Ellis, Mrs Mary (nee Keetley)

16 - 27/02/1827- John Ellis married Mary Keetley.       

Ellis, John

Ellis, Mrs Mary

Colby, Robert

35 1841 Census

John Ellis, age 50 b~1791, Y(in Notts), Cordwainer.

Mary Ellis, age 50 b~1791, N(not in Notts),

Robert Colby, age 25 b~1816, Y(in Notts), Agricultural labourer

Folio 5, 862

Ellis, Mr John

6/7/24/25/26 Mr John  in 1832, 1844, 1848, 1853 and 1864 shoemaker / bootmaker.

Same John?

Ellis, Miss Ann (later MrsTown)

Town, Joseph

16 - 22/05/1841 - Joseph Town married Ann Ellis                

Ellis, Miss Ann (later Mrs Milns)

Milns, John

16 - 12/04/1841 ? John Milns married Ann Ellis

Ellis, William

Ellis, Mrs Harriet

Milns, John

Milns, Ann

35 1841 Census

William Ellis, age 25 b~1816, Y(in Notts), Cordwainer.

Harriet Ellis, age 20 b~1821, N(not in Notts),

Also living in the same household William's sister Ann and her new husband

John Milns, age 20 b~1821, Y(in Notts), woodman

Ann Milns, age 20 b~1821, Y(in Notts),

Folio 5, 862

Ellis, William

Ellis, Mrs Elizabeth (nee Headland)

25/24/26/27 In 1844, 1848, 1853, 1869 William Ellis listed as boot and shoe maker.

7 Mr William- in 1864 shoemaker

27/28/29 - In 1869, 1872 and 1879 also listed as shoe maker and sub-postmaster. (Typo  also listed as William Etlis.)

16 - 01/06/1863 - William Ellis married Elizabeth Headland.  

30/31/32  in 1881 William described as PO receiver? and shoemaker, 1892 and 1894 sub-postmaster and bootmaker.

Ellis, Mr William

Ellis, Mrs Harriet

3 Mr William  d  -.1.1896 aged 80; b~1816 see above

3 Mrs Harriet  d 3.1.1898 aged 83 wife to Mr William; b~1815

Ellis, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Johnson)

Johnson, William

16 - 01/10/1868 - William Johnson married Elizabeth Ellis 

Ellis, Miss Ada Frances (later Mrs Pass)

Pass, John Robert

16 - 01/10/1895 - John Robert Pass married Ada Frances Ellis

Ellvin, William

Ellvin, Mrs Catharine (nee Tomlinson)

16 - 14/05/1838 - William Ellvin married Catharine Tomlinson. Catherine?

Else, William

Else, William

Else, Mr John (Millwright of Fulbeck)

Else, Mary (of Norton Disney)

Pidd, Mrs Phillis nee Else

Snell, Mrs Elizabeth

Pidd, Mr Joseph

Grocock, Mrs Frances

Grocock, Mr William

Pigrim, John (of Shelford)

Midbone, John ?

Staunton, J ?

36  will proved  1816 Miller

Admon 6th March 1817, Bond 18th Sept 1816. (The original examined by IT. It is not  a will but the legal papers resulting from him not having a will.)

The Admon states that the people listed below "were sworn duly to administer And that the whole of the goods, chattles and credits of the within mentioned (ie William Else) .... in the diocese of York do not amount in value to the sum of one hundred pounds.

Witness my hand:

J Staunton ( signature hard to read so may not be correct)

Elizabeth Snell, widow

Frances Grocock wife of William

Phillis Pidd nee Else, wife of Joseph

John Else of Fulbeck, Millwright

Mary Else of Norton Disney

William Else

John Midbone ( hard to read) Yeoman

John Pigrim of Shelford

Else, William

Else, Mrs Ann (nee Johnson)

16 - 27/04/1815 - William Else married Ann Johnson. See below

Else, William

Else, Mrs Ann

Else, Edward

Else, Ann

Else, William jnr

35 1841 Census

William Else, age 50 b~1791, Y(in Notts), Carpenter.

Ann Else, age 50 b~1791, Y(in Notts),

Edward Else, age 20 b~1821,Y(in Notts), wheelwright

Ann Else, age 15 b~1826,Y(in Notts)

William Else jnr, age 9 b~1832 Y(in Notts),

Folio 13, 862

Else, Christopher

25  in 1844 Christopher Else listed as shoe and bootmaker.  

Else, Mr William

7/28/29 Mr William  in 1864, 1872 and 1879 listed as a cottager.

Husband of the Mrs Else who was for a short period school sewing mistress.

32  in 1894 William Else listed as farmer.

Else, Mr Edward

15 Mr Edward  in 1857 listed in Rev Frederick Taverner's map as having 4 small children. He lived opposite the current school between the Hentons and Mrs Burton.

Else, Miss Eliza (later Mrs Thorpe)

Thorpe, Mr Charles

16 - 17/11/1877 - Charles Thorpe   married Eliza Else        

Else, Mrs

15 Mrs Else 1878 (b ~1829) a dressmaker and a 49 year old widow, she replaced Mrs Roberts as sewing mistress when she became ill early in 1878. She had a bad attendance record and was replaced by Mary Walster in June 1879.

Else, Mrs Sarah

Else, Mr Thomas

1891 Census: Barnby 6 Cross St. The Green

Mrs Sarah  - wife, 43, Grocer of Coddington, Notts

Mr Thomas  husband 46, Woodman, Labourer of Balderton

Elson, Miss Elizabeth  (later Mrs Becket)

Becket, Mr Samuel

16 - 07/09/1756 - Samuel Becket   married Elizabeth Elson.       

Elston, John

Elston, Mrs Sarah (nee Pikitt)

16 - 09/09/1766 - John Elston married Sarah Pikitt. 

Elston, Miss Ann (later Mrs  Renshaw)

Renshaw, William

16 - 26/12/1803 - William Renshaw married Ann Elston    

Elvidge, John

Elvidge, Mrs Jane (nee Smalley)        

16 - 01/12/1863 - John Elvidge married Jane Smalley.       

Elvidge, Wallace J

Elvidge, Dorothy R

20  1950 at Tudor, p.res

19  1957 at Tudor, Newark Rd

Evans, Ms Janet

3 Ms Janet  d 3.1.1948 aged 80; b~1868

Evans, William F(rederick)

10/20 /19  1942 - 1950 - 1957 Deeping, p.res

Everett, Cyril R

18 ?1961 at Chapel Lane

Ewans, Mrs Sheila (nee Dernig)

Ewans, Mr Russ DFC

Kitchen, Mrs Susan (nee Ewans)

Ewans, Mr Richard

Ewans, Ms Alma

12 Mrs Sheila (nee Dernig) married twice - 1st husband = Rus Ewens DFC (had family, Susan (Kitchen), Richard and Sally Ewens.

Sheila is daughter of Frank and Annie Dernie (nee Walster b1895 - 11th child of George Walster Snr and Mrs Mary Walster (nee Roberts)  and sister of James Dernie.

12 Mr Russ DFC  Sheila's first husband.

12 Richard Ewens married Alma Stokes.

12 Kitchen, Mrs Susan (nee Ewans) married James Kitchen  has descendents Alison, Matthew (and Lucy).

12 Mr James Robertson - Sheila's second husband.