Tailer  see also Tailor, Tailiour, Taylor

Tailer, Beed

36B - Beed Tailer, yeoman Coddington - Will dated 12.11.1609; Proved 12.9.1609; York ref Vol31 Fol415


36 - Will Proved 1610 Yeoman

Tailiour, Elizabeth (later Mrs Pratt)

Pratt, Mr William

see also Taylor

16 - 27/05/1633 - William Pratt married Elizabeth Tailiour                  

Talbot, Miss Lucy (later Mrs Johnson)

Johnson, Joseph

16- 06/12/1830 - Joseph Johnson married Lucy Talbot- see below

Talbot, Sarah

Johnson, Joseph

Johnson,Lucy néeTalbot

Johnson, Sarah

Johnson, Martha

Johnson, Elizabeth

Johnson, Mary

35 1841 Census

Sarah Talbot, age 75 b~1766, N(not in Notts)

Living in her daughter's household

Joseph Johnson, age 35 b~1806, Y(in Notts), Agricultural Labourer

Lucy Johnson, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts),

Sarah Johnson, age 8 b~1833, Y(in Notts)

Martha Johnson, age 7 b~1834, Y(in Notts)

Elizabeth Johnson, age 5 b~1836, Y(in Notts)

Mary Johnson, age 2 b~1839, Y(in Notts)

Folio 6/7, 862

Talbot, Miss Annie Maria (later Mrs Whitten)

Whitten, Mr John

Whitten, Arthur

Whitten, Walter

Whitten, William

16 - 13/05/1884 - John Whitton married Annie Maria Talbot 


1891 Census (check) Kirklington strays for Moor Cottage

Whitten, Arthur 6, born Coddington Notts

Whitten, Mr John 29, Agricultural Labourer b Edingley, Notts

Whitten, Mrs Annie wife 28, b Fulbeck, Lincs

Walter 6, William 1 both born Kirklington

Talbot, Frederick

20 - 1950 poultry farmer at The Folly

Tallents, Mr Godfrey

Tallents, Mrs Eliza Caroline Pardo

Tallents, Mr Godfrey Edward Colonel

Tallents, Mr Hugh (DSO)

Ms Belle Mathews

Tallents, Mr Godfrey

Tallents, Mrs Godfrey

3 Mr Godfrey - d 10.3.1917 aged 69, b~1848

Newark Adv. - Mr Godfrey in 1843 Mayor of Newark

24 Mr Godfrey - 1853 listed as landowner.

7 Mr Godfrey - in 1864 listed as owner.

8/30/31/32/33/34 in 1881 Mr G living at Coddington House (Mrs Ann Thorpe having died in 1877) - in 1892, 1894, 1897, 1900, 1912 Mr G at Coddington House. Coddington House described as having been built in 1858.

32 In 1894 listed as solicitor and Town Clerk for Newark.

3 Mrs Eliza Caroline Pardo - d 20.8.1954 aged 92 - wife to Mr Godfrey; b~1862

15 - At meeting about the school on 26th March 1883, Godfrey Tallents (solicitor, Town Clerk of Newark, living at Coddington House) was one of the managers taking the decision to sack John Roberts. On 17th June 1897, he and his wife Eliza paid a rare visit to the school. On 1st March 1900, after the relief of Ladysmith there was a school parade followed by Tea at the Hall and gifts of oranges from Mrs Tallents and Mr Ross.

3 Mr Godfrey Edward- d 14.7.1967 aged 83 - Colonel in 20th Lanc Fusiliers; b~1884

3 Mr Hugh - d 3.8.1978 b 2.7.1885 - DSO Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry

ALSO 3 Ms Belle Mathews - d 25.5.1893 aged 28 ? nurse of St Bartolomew?s Hospital; b~1865

(four stones in same grave surround)

18/19 - Godfrey E at The Old Vicarage

10/13 Mr Godfre - in 1916 at Coddington House

20/21/22/23 - Mrs - 1923 (no phone nos) - 1932 - 1936-8 - 1941-2 - at Coddington House Tel Nwk 281X2, p.res

Tansley, Mr Taylor

7 Mr Taylor- in 1864 keeper/owner of The Plough

Taverner, Rev Frederick

15 Rev Frederick - curate who conducted most of Coddington's services from 1855-1861.  Rough, sometimes inaccurate sketch map of 1857, listing where everone lived, their occupations and no of children. (Pg 8)

Taylor  see also Tailiour, Tailor

Taylor, Thomas

Taylor, Mrs Mary (néeBell) seealso Tailiour

16 -24/11/1679 - Thomas Taylor married Mary Bell

Taylor, Miss Mary (later Mrs Oldham)

Oldham, John

16 - 15/12/1687 - John Oldham married Mary Taylor

Taylor, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Ashling)

Ashling, James

16 - 18/03/1775 - James Ashling married Elizabeth Taylor.

Taylor, Richard

Taylor, Mary (néeCussins)

16  - 27/02/1786 - Richard Taylor   married Mary Cussins        

Taylor, Mr

Slight, Mr Leeson

Hage, Mr

Sale Poster,1820 - Hage, Printer of Newark. Mr Taylor the butcher will shew the premises.  Mr Hage will auction Mrs Birkett's Coddington house on 25th Jan 1820 at the Plough (Mr Leeson Slight).

See Bell/birketts/Charity Farm

Taylor, John

Taylor, Mrs Sarah (néeWeightman)  

16 - 11/07/1820 - John Taylor married Sarah Weightman   

Taylor, Mr John

Taylor, Sarah

Taylor, William

Taylor, John

Taylor, Sarah

Taylor, Joseph

35 1841 Census  -

John Taylor, age 40, b~1801, Y(in Notts.), tailor

Sarah Taylor, age 40, b~1801, N(not in Notts.)

William Taylor, age 15, b~1826, Y(in Notts.)

John Taylor, age 14, b~1827, Y(in Notts.)

Sarah Taylor, age 12, b~1829, Y(in Notts.)

Joseph Taylor, age 10, b~1831, Y(in Notts.)

Folio 13;862

Taylor, Mr John

See Robinson

=Taylor, Johnabove

6 - Mr John  - in 1832 tailor

15 - In Rev Frederick Taverner's 1857 map, John lived where the current school is now, next to George Standby.

Taylor, John

25/24 - In 1844 and 1853 John Taylor listed as a farmer.

Taylor, William

Clayton, John et al

Mary Clayton

35 1841 Census  -

- William Taylor, age 15, b~1826, N(not  in Notts.),  Male servant

In household of John Clayton, age 55 farmer, wife Mary Clayton, age 55, son Thomas and probably his wife and baby. There are 2 other young servants, Thomas Chiltern, age 15, and

Mary Barrat, age 20.

(Folio 8, Piece 862)

Taylor, William

Taylor, Mrs Ann (née Redhead)

25 - In 1844 William Taylor listed as a tailor.

16 - 11/02/1847 - William Taylor married Ann Redhead

26 - In 1848 William Taylor listed as a cottager - but not as a tailor  = same man?

Taylor, Miss Elizabeth (later Mrs Lawson)

Lawson, Samuel

16 - 02/03/1848 - Samuel Lawson married Elizabeth Taylor 

Taylor, Miss Sarah (later Mrs Graves)

Graves, William

16 - 14/11/1850 - William Graves   married Sarah Taylor

Taylor, Thomas

Taylor, Mrs Elizabeth (née Marshall)      

16 - 02/05/1861 - Thomas Taylor married Elizabeth Marshall

Taylor, Miss Mary (later Mrs Thurlby)

Thurlby, John

16 - 17/03/1870 - John Thurlby married Mary Taylor         

Taylor, Miss Mary

29/30 - in 1879, 1881 Mary Taylor was listed as Mistress of Wesleyan School.

Taylor, Ella ?

Taylor, Mrs Elizabeth (née Harvey)        

16 - 06/10/1874 - Ella- Taylor married Elizabeth Harvey - (or Harvey Taylor m Elizabeth Ella)      

Taylor, Mrs Eleanor Mary Nesbit


Cave, Mr William Armitage

3 Taylor, Mrs Eleanor Mary Nesbit d 15.3.1956 aged 90; b~1866

also 3 Mr William Armitage - d 19.1.1953 aged ?0 (brother?)

Taylor, Mr John

28 - in 1872 John Taylor shopkeeper and at the Red Lion

Taylor, R(ichar)d Marriott

Taylor, Mrs S

21 - 1938 at Newlyn, p.res

10 - 1942 at Newlyn, p.res

Taylor, F J

20 - 1950 at Langford Moor Tel Winthorpe 207, p.res

Taylor, Mr William

20 - William - 1950 at 1 Council houses, p.res

Taylor, Elizabeth E

18/19 - 1957- 1961 at 24 Old Main Road

Taylor, Owen

18/19 - 1957-1961 at 24 Old Main Road

Taylor, Robert

18/19 - 1957-1961 at The Hollies, Newark Road

Taylor, Mr Harold John

Taylor, Mrs Hilda

3 Mr Harold John - d 1962 b1897

3 Mrs Hilda - d1974 b1898 - wife to Mr Harold John

18/19 - Harold J - at Balderton Lane

Taylor, Mr William MacDonald

3 Mr William MacDonald - d 18.11.1984 aged 77; b~1907

18/19 - William M - at West View, Balderton Lane




Thacker, Mr Eggleston

3 Mr Eggleston ? d 29.7.1884 aged 79; b~1905

Thacker, John William

Thacker, Mrs Mary Elizabeth (née Derry)

16 - 27/12/1897 - John William Thacker married Mary Elizabeth Derry        

Thompson, William

Thompson, Mrs Ann (née Hall)

16 - 08/12/1818 - William Thompson married Ann Hall         

Thompson, Miss Melicent (later Mrs Fryer)

Fryer, Francis

16 - 26/10/1837 - Francis Fryer married Melicent Thompson.    

Thompson, William

Thompson, Mrs Maria (néeGrocock)

16 - 17/09/1835 - William Thompson married Maria Grocock  

Thompson, Thomas

Thompson, Mrs Rebecca (néeLiggett)

16 - 11/06/1822 - Thomas Thompson married Rebecca Liggett - see below

Thompson, Thomas

Thompson, Rebeckah née Liggett

Thompson, Abner

Thompson, joses

Thompson, John

Thompson, Mary

35 1841 Census

Thomas Thompson, age 50, b~1791 Y(in Notts.), Agricultural labourer

Rebeckah Thompson, age 40, b~1801, N(not in Notts.),

Abner Thompson, age 14, b~1827, Y(in Notts.),

joses Thompson, age 11, b~1830, Y(in Notts.),

John Thompson, age 7, b~1834, Y(in Notts.),

Mary Thompson, age 2, b~1839, Y(in Notts.),

Folio 9/10;862

Thompson, Henry

Thompson, Mrs Mary Ann (néeSoutherington)

16 - 15/07/1886- Henry Thompson married Mary Ann Southerington

Thompson, William

Thompson, Mrs Olive (née Brown)

16 - 15/10/1889 - William Thompson married Olive Brown 

Thompson, A

3 Mr A - d 7.7.1944 aged 26, Gunnerrd Worcester Yeomanry Airlanding Light Regiment R A.; b~1918

Thompson, Mr Arthur

Thompson, Mrs Florence

=? Thompson, Arthur

3 Mr Arthur - d 1.5.1972 aged 86 ? b ~ 1886

3 Mrs Florence - d 14.5.1966 aged 71 - wife to Mr Arthur; b~1895

15 ? In 1893 Arthur received a school good attendance award.

Thompson, Arthur (two of them)

18/19 - Arthur1957-1961 at Beckingham Road

18/19 - Arthur1957-1961 at The Lodge, Newark Road

Thompson, Mr Arthur Edwin

Thompson, Mrs Phyllis May

Thompson, Mrs Phyllis M

3 Mr Arthur Edwin - d 20.5.1964 aged 49; b~1915

3 Mrs Phyllis May - d 16.11.1960 aged 46 - wife to Mr Arthur Edwin; b~1914

19 - 1957 at Beckingham Road

Thompson, Harold

19 - 1957 at 58 The Green

Thornton, John

7 John - At dissolution granted to Sir Edward Bray, John Thornton and others, the rich chantry endowed by Henry of Coddington (to pray for his soul). (date??)

Thornhill, Henry

Thornhill, Mrs Ann (née Beckett)      

16 - 10/12/1877 - Henry Thornhillmarried Ann Beckett         

Thornhill, Mrs Ann

Beckett, Mr Christopher

Beckett, Mrs Elizabeth

3 Thornhill, Ann - d 20.8.1894 aged 58 daughter of Christopher/Elizabeth Beckett; b~1836

3 Mr Christopher - d 30.6.1888 aged 69; b~1819

3 Mrs Elizabeth - d 29.2.189- aged 66 - wife of Christopher

Thornhill, Mr William

1 Mr William - cottage in Lot 36 in 1918

15 - William received a school attendance award in 1893.

Thorpe, Richard

Thorpe, Mrs Mary Marshall (néeBrown)

16 - 20/06/1842 - Richard Thorpemarried Mary Marshall Brown        

Thorpe, Mr Amos

Thorpe, Mrs Mary

Thorpe, Mr James Edward

3 Mr Amos

3 Mrs Mary -? wife to Mr Amos

3 Mr James Edward - infant son of Amos / Mary

Thorpe, Mr Charles

Thorpe, Mrs Eliza (néeElse)

16 - 17/11/1877 - Charles Thorpemarried Eliza Else           

Thorpe Family

Thorpes of Beaconfield, Ardbrecknish and London- need to add details from biography from Newark library

Thorpe Miss Eleanor (later Mrs Stewart)

Stewart, John

16 - 14/07/1846 - John Stewart married Eleanor Thorpe

Thorpe, Mr James (1)

Magic of Malt: James Thorpe - no 1? - born 1755, and married Lydia Taylor in 1789.  Joined the Millgate firm Berriff and Co., which later became Berriff and Thorpe, and then Thorpe's when his son bought out Berriff's share of the company.

Thorpe, Mr James (2)

Thorpe, Mrs Ann

Thorpe, Mr John

3 Marble plaque: Mr James Thorpe Snr of Beaconfield died 4.11.1843 aged 52. - also Mayor of Newark (Newark Advertiser list).

15 James Snr, a prosperous wharfinger, maltster and coal merchant with premises in Mill Gate, bought Beaconfield House and made extensive improvements to it.

Magic of Malt: James Thorpe no 2 - the Alderman - born ~1791 - d 1843.  In 1811 married Anne X (~1791 ~ June 1877).  He was a JP, an alderman and Mayor of Newark in 1832 and 1835. 1829 Pigot's directory said Thorpes were coal dealers with premises in Millgate.  In 1832, as mayor, he presided over the celebratory election dinner for Tory candidate W E Gladstone. 1835 James Thorpe & Sons flour dealers and maltsters on Millgate, and owned a large steam mill on Farndon Road.  He bought Coddington Beaconfield estate in 1840.  Thorpes had the Millgate premises in period 1832-1893, and also premises at Gainsborough, Louth and Market Rasen.

31 - 1892 Colonel J Thorpe living at Coddington Hall.

32 - in 1894 listed as JP and DL for Argyllshire; of Coddington Hall, Ardbrecknish in Scotland and 59 Eaton Place, London SW.

7/27/28 Mrs Annie - in 1864, 1869 and 1872 lived in Coddington House (Dower house built, but Hall still called Beaconfield Hall).

31 - Coddington House described as having been built in 1858.

15- Ann died in 1877 (and is not listed in 1879 directory).

29 - in 1881 Coddington House now occupied by G Tallents.

7/27 John Thorpe (brother of James 2) - active in family business, became his nephew's business partner.  In 1885 the Thorpe family business was taken over by Gilstraps.  In 1869 John Thorpe Esq. was living at Elston Hall.

Thorpe, Colonel Harold

1 Colonel Harold - Tenant of cottage in Lot 49, and Lot 34 (laundry).

3 Harold - DSO Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry

Newark Advertiser - 9th MAY 1900 - LieutHarold of Sherwood Rangers

9, 13/34 Lieut Col.Harold DSO, JP - in 1912, 1916 and 1928 Coddington Moor

10/21/22/23  Lieut Col.Harold DSO, TD, JP - in 1923 (just listed as JP), 1932 - 1936-8 - 1941-2 Coddington Moor Tel Newark 281X1

20 - Lt Col. Harold DSO TD JP? 1950 The Old Vicarage Tel Newark 28, p.res




Thorpe, Ms Mary Alice

=Thorpe, Mrs Mary Anne

3 Ms Mary Alice - d 28.8.1868 Brass plaque, erected by her sisters Harriet Spence and Jane Spence 18.8.1870

Thorpe, Mrs Mary Anne (firstwife)

Thorpe, Mr James

Thorpe, Mrs Annie (widow)

1James Stewart;

2 John Somerled

3 Harold

4 William

5 Gervase

6 Richmond Muriel

7 Cicely

8 Helen Mary

9 Archibald James

10 Elspeth Margaret.

3 Mrs Mary Anne - d iii Aug MDCCCLVII aged XI - first wife of Mr James, of Beaconfield  also

3 Mr James Jnr- d iii Jul MDCCCCII (3.7.1902?)  b 1824

3 Brass plaque: James Thorpe Esq. High Sheriff of Notts 1872

24/25/7/28/in 1844, 1853, 1864 and 1872 Hall still called Beaconfield House (1864 James described as Esq - farmer but listed as JP in 1872, 1897 (and may have been so earlier) (to be determined)

28/29/30/31/32; in 1879 and 1881 James Thorpe Esq listed as J.P. at Coddington Hall.  In 1894 James listed as JP, DL and lord of the manor.

31 - In 1894 Coddington House described as having been built in 1858.

26/ - in 1848 Mrs Mary Thorpe listed at Beaconfield House.

15 - James was talented and energetic, assumed the role of local landowner and became recognised as the Squire.  Married Mary Spence by 1851.  By1860 he was 36, and his first wife Mary was 31.  He paid for the restoration work on the church in 1864.  Mary died childless at 40 in 1867.  In 1868, at 45 James remarried the 23yr old Annie McDougal.  James was a churchwarden and one of the leading managers for the school when it was nationalised in 1872.  Rolf Vernon's book is full of information about his and his two wives and his involvement with the school.

3/2 Mrs Annie Thorpe (née McDougal of Lunga)- d 18.11.1929 aged 82 - widow of James Thorpe, mother of James Somerled Thorpe.

Children of James (3) / Annie


1James Stewart;

2 John Somerled

3 Harold

4 William

5 Gervase

6 Richmond Muriel

7 Cicely

8 Helen Mary

9 Archibald James

10 Elspeth Margaret.

15 / MDF papers/Magic Malt:

1 James Stewart died as an infant - he was baptised in Coddington Church in Aug 1870.

2 John Somerled. - Captain & Heir- b.1873 - d Sept 1916

In 1893 he joined the Scots Guards, becoming a captain and commander of the 2nd Battalion, and served in the Boer War. (Where and what actions?).  In 1902 he inherited the estate (Coddington Hall and Ardbrecknish property) on his father's death.

In 9th August 1904 he married Elizabeth Cecelia Meade at Salisbury Cathedral.  She was the daughter of Rev Sidney Meade of Frankleigh House Bradford on Avon Wilts.  In her marriage settlement she had £30,000, with interest of 4% guaranteed at £1000/yr.

In 1914 John Somerled rejoined the Army and was twice wounded in WWI.  On 15-16th September 1916 (aged 43) he died at Loos while temporarily commanding the 2nd Battalion of the Scots Guards at the battle of the Somme.  In April 1919 he was described as Major, and he received the Military Cross.  He is buried at Carnoy cemetery and is commemorated by a plaque in the Coddington Church. (Newark Advertiser, MDFhouse papers, trade directories, church army list).

34 - in 1912, Capt. John S Thorpe, JP was the owner of Coddington Hall (his father having died in 1902) and principal landowner.

3 Harold,  Colonel  see above also

  In 1900 he was a Lieutenant in the Sherwood Rangers. In 1902 he inherited from his father "a specific share in the business".  In WWI he became a Colonel and earned a DSO in the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry.  His mother appointed him one of his brothers Trustees. In the 1918 sale catalogue he was recorded as tenant for lot 34 and one of the lot 49 cottages - see 7c.  The 1916, 1928 and 1941 directories record him as living at Coddington Moor.  From 1928 he is listed as a justice of the peace, and from 1941 as T.D andJ.P. (Newark Advertiser, MDFhouse papers, trade directories, church army list).

4 William -  b~1877 - d 1897.  He died of a trivial accident in Africa, as a 20 year old soldier during the Boer War.  (Vernon)

5 Gervase - Brigadier General.  On 8.5.1900, his brother Harold met Lieutenant Gervase Thorpe at Southampton.  Gervase had been severely wounded at the Battle of Paardeburg and was invalided home. "The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders bore a good share of the fighting in SA [Boer] War" (Newark Advertiser report).  In 1901 his father's Will promised him £5,000 free of all death duties, and in 1904 he was named as a trustee in his brother, John's, marriage settlement.  He was awarded a DSO (not clear if awarded for service in SA or in WWI).  On 15th November 1916, after his brother's death, capital in the business of maltster was allocated towards Gervase's £5000 legacy. The 1918 sale indentures describe him as "Brigadier General" of 30 Eaton Square, London.  On 7.4.1919, sale lots bought by Harold and Tallents in the sale auction were transferred to Gervase for £810 - fields 131, 132 (lots 26-27) and two cottages from Lot 42. (MDFhouse papers).

6 Richmond Muriel; 7 Cicely and 8 Helen Mary. Few details about these three daughters, apart from the monies left to them in their fathers Will.  Their signatures are on several 1918 sales documents in Manor Dairy Farmhouse papers  showing that they outlived their brother John, and recording their place of residence at that time as 30 Eaton Square.

9 Archibald James ~1882-1901.  He died in 1919, aged 19, of an illness that had been contracted some years earlier.  His father was too ill to attend his funeral (Rolf Vernon, Newark Advertiser report).

10 Elspeth Margaret - d 12.12.1904, underage and unmarried.  She was buried in Coddington (MDFhouse papers, and Graveyard survey, Notts Family history typo: Espeth Margaret?).

Thorpe, Ms E(l)speth Margaret

Thorpe, Mr John Somerled

Thorpe, Mr Gervase

3 Ms E(l)speth Margaret - d 12.12.1894 - daughter of James / Mrs Annie Thorpe

3 John Somerled Thorpe MC, Scots Guard, severely wounded in Boer War, killed in action in France 1.9.1916 (the Somme). Son of James / Mrs Annie Thorpe

Brass on organ: John Somerled Thorpe MC, Captain Scots Guard, of Coddington Hall and Ardbrecknish in Argyll.  Joined Scots Guard in 1893.  Served in South African War, rejoined 1914 twice wounded.  Killed at the Somme when temporarily commanding 2nd Battalion Scots Guards, 16.9.1916 aged 43, buried Carnoy. in action France 1.9.1916.

8, 13 Col. John - in 1900 JP, at Coddington Hall (same in 1916 Directory).

3 Mr Gervase  DSO Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders served through the Boer War (wounded at Paardeburg, invalided home  9th May 1900  (Newark Advertiser), severely wounded.  Son of James / Mrs Annie Thorpe

Thurlby, Robert

Thurlby, Mrs Mary (néeTrig)

16 - 18/08/1845 - Robert Thurlbymarried Mary Trig           

Thurlby, John

Thurlby, Mrs Mary (néeTaylor)

16 - 17/03/1870 - John Thurlby married Mary Taylor         

Thurlby, George

Thurlby, Mrs Rebecca (néeWilson)

16 - 13/11/1873 - George Thurlbymarried Rebecca Wilson          

Thurlby, Arthur

Thurnlby, George

15 Arthur and George - both received good attendance awards at school in the period 1886 - 1893.

Thurlby, Miss Alice  (later Mrs Barker)

Barker, James

16 - 10/06/1875 - James Barker married Alice Thurlby.         

Thurlby, Miss  Ann Elizabeth (later Mrs Ward)

Ward, John Ellis

16 - 04/11/1889 - John Ellis Ward married Ann Elizabeth Thurlby     

Thurnley, Mr Robert


3 Mr Robert -d 4.11.1885 aged 62 -  b~1823

Tilley, Ernest W

18/19 - 1957-1961 at Chapel Lane

Tim, Miss Hester (later Mrs Harker)

Harker, Thomas

16 - 05/05/ 1698 - Thomas Harker married Hester Tim




Tomlinson, Miss Catharine (later Mrs Ellvin)

Ellvin, William 

16 - 14/05/1838 - William Ellvin married Catharine Tomlinson (Catherine?)

Tomlinson, Mr Charles Leslie Tomlinson Ms Jean

3 Mr Charles Leslie - d13.12.1986 aged 54; b~1932

3 Ms Jean - d 10.9.1985 aged 55 (wife/sister?); b~1930

Tomlinson, John E

18/19 - 1957-1961 6 Council Houses Balderton Lane

Tomlinson, William H

20 1950 - William - at 6 Council houses, p.res

18/19 - 1957-1961 Balderton Lane

Torr, Wilfred D

10 -  1942 - poultry farmer, at The Spinney

Toogood, Mr Martin

3 Mr Martin - 26th Manchester Regiment - stained glass window in church

Towne, Robert

Towne, Elizabeth

Towne, George

Johnson, Edward et al

Johnson,  Mary

Johnson, Jane

Johnson, Hannah

Johnson, George

Johnson, John

35 1841 Census

Robert Towne, age 50 b~1791, Y(in Notts) Agricultural labourer. (Father of Robert below?)

Elizabeth Towne, age 50 b~1791, Y(in Notts)

George Towne, age 11 b~1830, Y(in Notts)

Living in household of

Edward Johnson, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts), Agricultural labourer

Mary Johnson, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts),

Jane Johnson, age 7 b~1834, Y(in Notts)

Hannah Johnson, age 5  b~1836, Y(in Notts)

George Johnson, age 2  b~1839, Y(in Notts)

John Johnson,age 4m b~1841, Y(in Notts)

Folio 11, 862

Town, William

Town, Mrs Selinor (née Beck)

16 - 02/09/1830- William Town married Selinor Beck see below

Towne, William

Towne, Selina néeBeck

Towne, John

Towne,  William

Towne, Joseph

35 1841 Census

William Towne, age 30 b~1811 N(not in Notts), Lime burner

Selina Towne, age 30 b~1811 Y(in Notts)

John Towne, age 8 b~1832 Y(in Notts) - see below

William Towne, age 5 b~1836 Y(in Notts)

Joseph Towne, age 5m b~1841, Y(in Notts)

Folio 11, 862

Town, Ms Susan

3 Ms Susan - d 4.6.1898 aged 75 - b ~1823

sister of Mr William / Joseph and/or John?

Town, John

Town, Mrs Eliza (néeMarshall)

16 - 13/06/1836 - John Town married Eliza Marshall - see below

15 on Rev Frederick Taverner's 1857 map, John Town live 3 doors up from Joseph towards Balderton Lane, with Widow Marshall.  Neither are marked as having any children.   

Towne, John

Towne, Eliza

35 1841 Census

John Towne, age 25 b~1816 Y(in Notts) Agricultural labourer.

Eliza Towne, age 20 b~1821, Y(in Notts)

Folio 6, 862

Town, Joseph

Town, Mrs Ann (néeEllis)

16 - 22/05/1841 - Joseph Town married Ann Ellis

3 Mrs Anne - d 31.12.1879 aged 66 - b ~ 1813

3 Mr Joseph - d 2.11.1884 aged 65 - husband to Mrs Anne - b~1819

15 Joseph - on Rev Frederick Taverner's 1857 map, Joseph lived next to the school, opposite the Mansion

- see below

Towne, Joseph

Towne, Ann

35 1841 Census

Joseph Towne, age 20 b~1821, Y(in Notts) Agricultural labourer.

Ann Towne, age 25 b~1816  N(not in Notts)

Folio 5, 862

Towne, Robert

Green, Thomas

Green, Ann

Stanniland, Ann

35 1841 Census  -

Robert Towne, age 20, b~1838, Y( in Notts.)

Living in household of

Thomas Green, age 45, b~1796, N(not in Notts.), Agricultural labourer

Ann Green, age 45, b~1796, Y( in Notts.)

Also living in household

Ann Staniland, age 3, b~1838, Y( in Notts.)

Folio 7;862

Town, John

Town, Mrs Jane (née Standley)       

16 -02/10/1856- John Town married Jane Standley

?William and Selina's son?

Town, John

Town, Mrs Susan (née Johnson)

16 - 13/04/1876 - John Town married Susan Johnson                     

Tranlow, Miss Margaret (later Mrs Gibson)

Gibson, Willm

16 -20/08/1635 - Willm Gibson married Margaret Tranlow

Tranlow, John

Tranlow, Sara (née Byrch)           

16 - 20/07/1635 - John Tranlow married Sara Byrch           

Trawley, Miss Mary (later Mrs Lane)

Lane, William

16 - 01/07/1680 - William Lane married Mary Trawley

Treloffe, Miss Margaret (later Mrs Lane)

16 - 18.6.1609 - Thomas Lane married Margaret Treloffe.

Treviss, Miss Jane (later Mrs Bennett)

Bennett, George

16 - 11/12/1769 - George Bennett  married Jane Treviss

Trickett, Ms Olive

5 Ms Olive - owned part of lot 57 Brownlow House papers.

Trig, Miss Mary (later Mrs Thurlby)

Thurlby, Robert

16 - 18/08/1845 - Robert Thurlbymarried Mary Trig           

Trolope, Mr Richard

Trolope, Mrs Brigitt (née Robards)

16 - 13.10.1608 - Richard Trolope married Brigitt Robards

Troop, Mrs Hannah (later Mrs Foottit)

Foottit, William

16 - 20/04/1822 - William Footit married Hannah Troop

Troop, Mr Baden

Oral: - Baden Troop lived at the Bungalow, Drove Lane some time later than Maurice Heath.

18 - 1961 at Cross Lane Cottage


36 - Will Proved 1635 Yeoman


36 - Will Proved 1662 Yeoman


or Troulove?

36 - Will Proved 1698 Widow

Tucker, William

Tucker, Edith

Tucker, Lily

Tucker, Fred

15 William, Edith, and Fred each received an award for good school attendance in the period 1886 - 1892.

15 Fred - d Jan 1898 -b~1889 - In August 1897 & early 1898 there was a scarlet fever outbreak and Dr Broadbent, medical officer from Newark, came to assess the extent.  A few cases were very severe and 9yr old Fred Tucker died.  It was followed by an influenza attack.

Turfitt, George Henry

Turfitt, Mrs Alice (née Henton)

16 - 06/11/1900 - George Henry Turfitt married Alice Henton

Turner, William

Turner, Mrs Elizabeth (née Freare)

16 - 28/05/1668 - William Turner married Elizabeth Freare

Tustin, Mr Henry

1 Mr Henry - occupied Lodge, Lot 47 in Winthorpe parish and Lots 50

Tysoe, Mr Frederick

3 Mr Frederick - d 26.9.1974 aged 52

19 - 1957 at Main Street

18 - 1961 at 8 Valley View

Mr Dave Tysoe has contacted to say the address was 2 Valley View, so this was an error in the 1961 Trade Directory.  His mother, Mrs Tysoe, and her family lived there until the early 1990s.

Tyrer, Mr John

28 - in 1872 John Tyrer was a farmer on Balderton Road.