Spafford, George

18/19 – 1957-1961 at Tudor Cottage, Newark Road

Speed, Harold S

18/19 – 1957-1961 at Beckingham Road

Spence, Mr Francis

Spence, Ms Harriet

Spence, Ms Jane

3 Mr Francis – d 3.12.1855 aged 67 - stained glass window; b~1788.

Ms Harriet Spence and Ms Jane Spence in 18.8.1870 erected brass plaque to their sister Mrs Mary Alice Thorpe (who d 28.8.1868)

Spragging-Godfrey, Mr Thomas

6 see Godfrey, T Spraggon Esq – in 1832 occupied Beaconfield House.

Newark & District photobook - Mr Thomas Spragging Godfrey, 1901 – 1859, local banker, who built Balderton Hall in 1840 (135 acres). By 1900 it had become the home of Newark brewer, William Deeping Warwick – and by 1930s a hospital.

Was this why he sold Beaconfield House to the THORPEs?

Spray, John

Spray, Mrs Mary (née Jepson)

16 - 21/07/1748 – John Spray married Mary Jepson          

Spray, Ann (later Mrs Smith), Smith, Francis

16 - 24/12/1785 - Francis Smith married Ann Spray 

Spray, Mrs Sarah

Spray, Mr Thomas

Spray, Ms Hannah

3 Mrs Sarah – d 1.7.1893 aged 56 – wife to Mr Thomas; b~1837

3 Mr Thomas – d 4.9.1909 aged 78; b~1831

3 Ms Hannah – d 5.6.1898 aged 59; b~1839 ??sister

Spur, Francis

Spur, Mrs Hannah (née Cochin)

16 -14/11/1791 - Francis Spur married Hannah Cochin          

Squire, Mrs Elizabeth (later Langley)

Langley, Mr John

37- 28.3.1730 John Langley, husbandman of Coddington, aged 60 (b~1670) when he married Elizabeth Squire of C(oddington?) widow at Newark.

Squires, Miss Mary (later Mrs Ellis)

Ellis, James

16 - 09/12/1817 - James Ellis married Mary Squires

Squires, Mr John

Squires, Mrs Ann

35 1841 Census

John Squires, age 35 b~1806, Y(in Notts), Schoolteacher

Ann Squires, age 30 b~1811, Y(in Notts)

Folio 10, 862

Squires, Mr John

Squires, Mrs Ann

15 Mr John – named in 1841 census (then in late 40s) as a teacher, who probably taught in his own home (Could have been the master mentioned in 1827 – or possibly John Wilkinson).

25/26 – In 1844 John Squires listed as a teacher, 1848 teacher at boys school.

15 Mrs Ann – named in 1841 census, wife to John (then in her early 30s)

Squires, Mr Richard

Squires, Mrs Elizabeth

Squires, Mr Richard (Jnr?)

3 Mr Richard – d 21.11.1909 aged 76; b~1833

3 Mrs Elizabeth – d 9.9.1915 aged 82; b~1833

15 – Richard – in Feb 1875 received a school good attendance award.

St. Maur, Mr Algernon

29 – in 1879 Mr Algernon St. Maur listed as resident, no details.

Stafford, Mr John

2 Mr John – in 1863 occupied cottage at n end of 2-cottage range at the west end of Well Green (in 1918 became part of Lot 38 3-cottage range).

Stafford, Miss Sarah Ann (later Mrs Mathers)

Mathers, Matthew

16 - 17/06/1879 - Matthew Mathers married Sarah Ann Stafford

Standlay, Miss Dorathy (later Mrs Deeppine)

Deepine, William

16 - 23/11/1674 - William Deeppine married Dorathy Standlay. 'Dorothy'? - Deepine

Standley, Miss Jane (later Mrs  Town)

Town, John  

16 - 02/10/1856  - John Town married Jane Standley       

Standley, Mr George

Or Standby, Mr George

Standley, Mr Charles

See also Stanley

15 Mr George – On Rev Frederick Taverner’s 1857 map: had one child and lived where the current school is, next to the Johnsons and John Taylor.

15 Mr Charles  - On Rev Frederick Taverner’s 1857 map: lived opposite the current school, just up from Balderton Lane, next to Wm Burton.

Stanfield, Miss

1 Miss Stanfield – in 1918 in house The Laurels Lot 43, the Ross’s housekeeper

8 Miss Stanfield – in 1900 Wellgreen Cottage (end cottage of maltings range – no = Laurels)

9/13/22/23/34 Miss Stanfield – in 1912, 1916, 1923, 1928, 1932 p.res

Stanfield, Mrs Ann

Stansfield, Mrs Anne

28/29/31/33 in 1872, 1879, Mrs Ann Stanfield listed as resident (no trade given). (see 1871 census – the Laurels.) 1892, 1897 Mrs listed as ‘Wellgreen Cottage’

32 – in 1894 Anne Stansfield listed at Wellgreen cottage.

Staneland, Mr Joseph (or Staniland)

Staneland, Mrs Mary (née Atter)

16 - 14/05/1805 - Joseph Staneland married Mary Atter   

Staniland, Mr William

Staniland, Mrs Elizabeth Asling

16 - 11/11/1819 - William Staniland married Elizabeth Asling      

Staniland, Miss Hannah

(later Mrs Hannah Oxby)

Oxby, William

16 - 10/12/1827 - William Oxby married Hannah Staniland

Lincs surnames

Miss Hannah – baptised at Coddington 8.10.1810

Married at Coddington 2.6.1827 William Oxby (baptised at 14.8.1803 at Auborn, Lincs)

Oxby family recorded at Coleby and Auborn back to 1702.

Staniland, Ms Anne

3 Ms Anne – d12.7.1886 aged 75. b~1811

Staniland, Miss Ann (later Mrs Burton)

Burton, Mr John

16 -  12/11/1828 - John Burton married Ann Staniland

Stanniland, Ann

Towne, Robert

Green, Thomas

Green, Ann

35 1841 Census  -

Ann Stanniland, age 3, b~1838, Y( in Notts.)

(relationship to Greens unknown).

Living in household of

Thomas Green, age 45, b~1796, N(not in Notts.), Agricultural labourer

Ann Green, age 45, b~1796, Y( in Notts.)

Also living in household

Robert Towne, age 20, b~1838, Y( in Notts.)

Folio 7;862

Stanniland, Elizabeth

35 1841 Census  -

Elizabeth Stanniland, age 65, b~1776, Y( in Notts.)

Folio 11;862

Staniland, William

Staniland, Mrs Melicent (née Riley)

16 - 05/06/1843 - William Staniland married Melicent Riley          

Staniland, Mr Joseph

Staniland, Mrs Jane (née Gilbert)

2 Mr Joseph Stanilandin 1863 occupied cottage “2a” which became Lot 58 MDF (as under-tenant to John Fryer).

16 - 20/05/1867 - Joseph Staniland married Jane Gilbert           

1 Mr Joseph Staniland – in 1918 occupied cottage in Lot 36;

Staniland, John

Staniland, Mrs Sarah Ann (née Hough)

16 - 04/11/1867 - John Staniland married Sarah Ann Hough

3 Mr John d 8.2.1928 aged 84; b~1844

3 Mrs Sarah Ann – d 4.6.1914 aged 69 – wife to Mr John; b~1845.

Staniland, S J

?=Staniland, Jane

15 SJ and J – In Feb 1877, school inspector MJ Barrington-Ward found J Staniland’s writing "cramped and bad".  She received a good attendance award at school in the period 1873 – 1877.

Staniland, J

?= Staniland, Miss Jane

15 J – listed as one of children in good attendance at Nat School in period 1873 - 1877

15 Miss Jane - listed as one of children who received a fee rebate for passing in three subjects at Nat School in period 1878-1882.

= Sarah Jane?

Staniland, Sarah Jane (later Mrs Clarke)

Clarke, Frederick

16 - 21/10/1897 - Frederick Clarke married Sarah Jane Staniland

Staniland, Miss Betsy Ann (later Mrs  Woodhead)

Woodhead, John George

16 – 18/09/1890 - John George Woodhead married Betsy Ann Staniland

Staniland, Mr Joseph Staniland, Mrs Jane

Staniland, William

Staniland, Emily

Staniland, Kate

1891 Census Bottesford

Mr Joseph Staniland – b 1842 (aged 49) Maltster of Coddington lived at 6 Rutland Arms Rd.

Mrs Jane Staniland – b 1845 (46) wife to Joseph, born Sutton on Trent.

William – son of Joseph/Jane b 1877 (14) builder carter.

Emily – daughter b 1880 (11) scholar, born at Long Bennington.

Kate – daughter b 1884 (7) scholar, born at Orston

10 1942 at The Old Vicarage, p.res

Stanifield, Mr John Parkin

Stanifield, Ms Ann Parkin

?? error for Stanfield??

3 Mr John Parkin  - d 26.10.1898 aged 79

3 Ms Ann Parkin – d 26.11.1932 aged 71 – daughter to Mr John Parkin




Stanley  see also Standley

Stanley, George

Stanley, Elizabeth

Stanley, George

Stanley, Charles

Stanley, Samuel

35 1841 Census

George Stanley, age 45 b~1796, Y(in Notts), Agricultural labourer

Elizabeth Stanley, age 40 b~1801, N(not in Notts),

George Stanley, age 10 b~1831, Y(in Notts),

Charles Stanley, age 10 b~1831, Y(in Notts),

Samuel Stanley, age 3 b~1839, Y(in Notts),

Folio 5, 862

Stanley, John

Burton, Mr William et al

Burton, Mrs Lucy

Burton, John

Burton, Sarah

Burton, Lucy

Heslem, Sarah

35 1841 Census

John Stanley, age 15  b~1826, N(not in Notts),

Agricultural labourer

In household of William  Burton, age 50 farmer, wife Lucy Burton, age 50, John Burton, age 25, Sarah Burton age 10, Lucy Burton, age 9. 

Sarah Heslem, age 100 - relationship not known. 

Folio 5, 862

Stanley, Charlotte

Ordoyne, Mr Garret (Snr2) et al

Ordoyne, Margaret

Ordoyne, Caroline

Ordoyne, Garret jnr2

Ordoyne, Anne

Ordoyne, Jane

Ordoyne, Henrietta

Simpson, George

Sills, William

Hage, Elizabeth

35 1841 Census

Charlotte Stanley, age 15 b~1826, Y(in Notts) female servant

In household of Garret Ordoyne, age 70 b~1771, N(not in Notts), farmer.

Margaret Ordoyne, age 61and their family remaining at home Caroline Ordoyne age 30,

Garret Ordoyne jnr age 30, Anne Ordoyne age 25,Jane Ordoyne, age 20, Henrietta Ordoyne age 15.

Fellow servants also in Household

George Simpson, age 15 b~1826, Y(in Notts)

Agricultural labourer

William Sills, age 15 b~1826, Y(in Notts)

Agricultural labourer

Elizabeth Hage, age 15 b~1826, Y(in Notts) female servant

Folio 5; 862

Stanley, Miss Mary (later MrsLynn)

Lynn, Gibson

16 -05/06/1865 - Gibson Lynn married Mary Stanley         

Stanley, Mr Charles

Stanley, Mrs Lucy

Stanley, Joseph

Stanley, George

Stanley, Annie

Stanley, Mary

Stanley, Charlotte

Stanley, Charles

B Internet 1881 Carlton-in-Lindrick Census Mr Charles agricultural labourer, aged 50 from Saxilby, Lincs.  Wife Lucy, aged 49, born Coddington b~1832.  Children born in Carlton-in-Lindrick (Annie 18, inn waitress, Mary 11, Charlotte 8, Charles 4).

In 1891 census ? the head of family is 60 and described as from Coddington, Lucy is 59, unmarried sons Joseph gardener aged 32 from Coddington, George agricultural labourer aged 23 and Charles farm boy aged 14 (both of Carlton-in-Lindrick) are at home.

Stapels, Miss Anne (later Mrs Featherstone)

Featherstone, William

16 - 23/04/1839 - William Featherston married Anne Stapels

Stapelton, Mr John

28 - in 1872 gardener at Beaconfield.


36 - Will Proved 1703 Yeoman


36 - Will Proved 1748 Yeoman

Starnill, Mr William

Starnell, Mrs Elizabeth (née Mason)

16 - 10/05/1680 - William Starnill married Elizabeth Mason 

Starnell, Mr John or Starnill,

Starnell, Mrs Mary (née Aslin)

37 - 30/11/1713 - John Starnell of Coddington married Mary Aslin, of Westhorpe at Southwell 30.11.1713        

Starnell, Mr John

? or Harnell, Mr John

2 - Mr John - in 1863 landowner-? check for typo and add details

Steadman, Mr F

33/8 - Mr F Mr - in 1897, 1900 head gardener to Col. Thorpe

Stertevant Miss Mary (later Mrs Sidde)

Sidde, Robert

16 - 08/12/1670 - Robert Sidde married Mary Stertevant      

Stevens, Mr Ronald Percy

3 Mr Ronald Percy - d 7.8.1901 aged 8 months

Stewardson,   William

Stewardson, Mrs Susan (née Cargill)

16 - 02/08/1858 - William Stewardson married Susan Cargill

Stewart, John

Stewart, Eleanor (née Thorpe)

16 - 14/07/1846 - John Stewart married Eleanor Thorpe         

Stimson, William

Stimson, Mrs Eliza (née Bryan)

16 - 07/07/1873 - William Stimson married Eliza Bryan         

Stokes, Mr William

6 Mr William - in 1832 farmer

Storrs, Mr John William

Storrs, Mrs Annie

3 Mr John William - d 30.10.1950 aged 68; b~1882

3 Mrs Annie - d 16.4.1975 aged 90 - wife to Mr John William; b~1885

19 - Annie 1957 at The Gidda, Newark Road.

Strapps, R

= Strapps, Richard

31/32/33 - in 1892, 1894 (Richard), 1897 listed as farmer.        

Stringer, John

Stringer, Mrs Eliz (néeWilkinson)     

16 - 16/05/1818 - John Stringer married Eliz Wilkinson         

Sturman, Alfred

Sturman, Mrs Charlotte (née Johnson)

16 - 21/09/1876  - Alfred Sturman married Charlotte Johnson          

Sudbury, Joseph

Sudbury, Mrs Elizabeth (née Lambe)

16 - 07/03/1682 - Joseph Sudbury married Elizabeth Lambe

Sudbury, Joseph

Pilgrim, Elizabeth

Smith, John

Pratt, William

Jalland, Thomas

Birketts / Bell / Charity

Bell, William

Taylor, Mrs Mary (nee Bell)

Thomas, Taylor

Taylor, Elizabeth (later Mrs Birkitts)

Birkitts, Richard

Birkitts, William

Birkitts, Elizabeth (nee Langley)

Birkitts, William jnr

Birkitts, Samuel

Birkitts, Samuel

Birkitts, Elizabeth (nee Pratt)

4 sons

From Margaret Ilott - In William Bell's 1698 will, he names Joseph Sudbury as a tenant of an ancient cottage,  property  left to his widowed daughter Mary Taylor and therafter his granddaughter Elizabeth Birkitts:

"I do hereby devise all wherever I live and close and croft adjacent thereunto and 13 oxgangs of land, meadow and appurtenances, and three ancient cottages in occupation of Joseph Sudbury, Elizabeth Pilgrim and John Smith and two newly erected cottages in occupation of William Pratt and Thomas Jalland with their appurtenances and 21acres of meadow in Holme meadows unto Mary, my daughter during her natural life. After her decease to Elizabeth Birkitts, my grandchild and her heirs"

£2 left annually to the poor of Coddington out of land on Beacon Field.

Property passed into Birkett family and sold on death of Mrs Birketts at auction at the Plough in 1820.

Sumner, Miss Ann (later Mrs Gilbart)

Gilbart), John (?Gilbert)

16 - 11/07/1757 - John Gilbart married Ann Sumner.

Summers, Michael

Summers, Mrs Rebecca (nee Covill)

16 - 15/10/1833 - Michael Summers married Rebecca Covill   

Sutherton, Thomas

Sutherton, Elizabeth Sutherton, Henry Sutherton, Rebeccah Sutherton, Sarah Sutherton, Gibbin

Sutherton, James

35 1841 Census

Thomas Sutherton, age 35, b~1806, N(not in Notts.) Agricultural labourer

Elizabeth Sutherton, age 40 b~1806, Y( in Notts.)

Henry Sutherton, age 10 b~1831, Y( in Notts.)

Rebeccah Sutherton, age 10 b~1831, Y( in Notts.)

Sarah Sutherton, age 5 b~1836, Y( in Notts.)

Gibbin Sutherton, age 4 b~1837, Y( in Notts.)

James Sutherton, age 1 b~1840, Y( in Notts.)

Folio 11;862

Sutherington, Miss Sarah (later Mrs Cray)

see also 'Southerington' Sutherton?

Cray, John

16 - 03/08/1851 - John Cray married Sarah Sutherington. (?see above)

Sutherington, Mrs Hannah

16 - in 1879 Hannah Sutherington listed as a dressmaker..

Sutton, Richard

Sutton, Mrs Kate (née Johnson)

16 - 24/05/1886 - Richard Suttonmarried Kate Johnson          




Swingbourne, John

Swingbourne, Mrs Elizabeth (née Muxlow)

16 - 04/12/1797 - John Swingbourne married Elizabeth Muxlow? see below

Swinburn, Elizabeth

35 1841 Census

Elizabeth Swinburn, age 65, b~1776, N(not in Notts.) widow (mother of Samuel?)

Folio 12;862

Swinbourn, Miss Susan (later Mrs Vicars)

Vicars, Joseph

16 - 20/06/1832 - Joseph Vicars married Susan Swingbourn(sister of Samuel?)

Swinbourn, Samuel

Swinbourn, Mrs Mary (née Wood)

16 - 24/11/1840 - Samuel Swinbourn married Mary Wood- see below

Swinburn, Samuel

Swinbourn, Mrs Mary

Swinbourn, Susan

35 1841 Census

Samuel Swinburn, age 20, b~1821, Y( in Notts.), Agricultural labourer

Mary Swinburn, age 25, b~1816, N(not in Notts.)

Susan Swinburn, age 2m, b~1841, Y( in Notts.),

Folio 11;862

Swynsco, Thomas

36B - Thomas Swynsco, Coddington - Will dated 18.1.1540; Proved 12.5.1541; York ref Vol11 Fol 524