collected by Jane Hedge

The Bryan family

Granddaughter of Robert and Annie Bryan

Robert Bryan married Annie Marshall
Fred (known as Joe)
Martha ( Mrs Healey's Mother)
Jack (Mrs Healey's brother)

Her Grandfather worked for Hollingworths as a farm hand.  His nickname was "Black Bob" because of his wonderful head of black hair.
He was responsible for pumping up the bellows for the organ in church and she thinks he sometimes played it.

Grandfather Robert and family lived in the cottages on The Green. Mrs Healey remembers the occupants in this order, in the six adjoining houses
Mrs Coddington
Mr and Mrs Checkley
Mr and Mrs Bryan
Mrs Worthington (called Sis or Mabel)
This family moved to Farndon but she does not remember the name.
Mrs Ragsdale lived in a cottage backing onto the farm.

The cottage was 2up and 2down. As you went in through the front door, you entered the living room with the stairs straight in front of you. The living room had a fireplace with alcoves, she remembers it as being small. The door at the back of the room led into a large kitchen with a good sized pantry complete with cold slab. She said that she would see bacon and ham hung in the pantry when a pig had been killed. The sink was a shallow stone sink and everything had to be done in there. Outside was what she remembers as a stone area where all the washing was done in a wooden tub with dolly peg. There were 2 bedrooms.
She would visit quite often when young walking all the way from their home on Sherwood Avenue.

Grandad had a long back garden where he grew all sorts of things. She remembers him saying that he counted all the redcurrants and blackcurrants and would know if we had picked any!
After Grandma died, Grandad asked her mother to come and live with him with the girls. they came and only stayed a fortnight. in that time the girls went to school for just one week! Lily Checkley took them to school and Mrs Healey could not understand why she and her sister who was 6yrs younger were in the same class!! If you didn't know the answer to questions there was a book where you could look up the answer .You never got it wrong.
They went back home to Newark.
Aunt moved to Doncaster way.
Uncle Ernest moved to Worksop, Uncle Percy lived 1/2 way up Beacon Hill.

The Red Lion at that time was Run or owned by Mr and Mrs Simpson (that information from her brother-in-law)
She thought she had a vague memory of there being a pub opposite where the Inn on the Green is now.

Grandfather and Grand mothers' grave is just inside the churchyard, it has a kerb around it with Robert on one side and Anne or Annie on the other.

Mrs Healey has a son Brian who lives in New Zealand and a daughter who lives locally, in the flats opposite the Chesters Pub Main Street Balderton. Grandaughter Sue who lives in Cotswolds who has two children .

Collected by Jane Hedge January 9th 2006