compiled by Jane Hedge 2004


   My Father, Arthur Geeson was the tenant of Hall Farm from April 1937 to April1958. My parents then moved to a new bungalow in Balderton lane until my Father's death in 1982. After Mr. G.A.Ross died ,my father was the clerk to the United Charities for a number of years. Which involved overseeing the Almshouses and collecting rents from the Allotments.

   My mother, Mary, was a member of the Mother's Union for over 40 years, holding meetings at Hall Farm and then at Balderton Lane for 23 years. She was Enrolling Member (Chairman) for 16 years until Rev. Wright came to the village and Mrs Wright became Enrolling Member.
My Mother was a member of the W.I. from 1937 and Church Treasurer for 20 years.

   May have been born in the village, father a farm worker. He lived in a stone cottage at the gate to Hall Farm (one up, one down and scullery).
   Soldier at end of First World War- did not go abroad.
Worked at Hall Farm for over 40 years. Received one of the first Long Service Awards for working continuously on the same farm at Newark Show in May 1955 from Lady Anne Cavendish Bentinck, daughter of Duke of Portland.
   Devout churchgoer, sidesman always sat in the back seat in North Ailse to keep youths in order !!!
   Church warden (collected donations for the "sick" club ) please check.
   After stone cottage was demolished and he retired from the farm (working for Mr Charles Wooliams) he became Lollipop Man crossing the children over the A 17.
   Moved to the Alms house and then lived with his sister, Mrs Nellie Black at small farm on Newark Road. (Lot 18 on Estate Sale Plan)

   Frank & George Daybell farmed Hill Farm Balderton Lane.

   Miss Molly Sharpe ran the Post Office in Post Office Row.

   1st Coddington Brownies started by Mrs Gwen Ashton, The Green (see Walster family tree)
   1st Coddington Guides started 1950 at Vale Farm and then in School or Hall. Captain Mrs Nora Merrin, Sleaford Road.

   Owen Taylor lived in 1st cottage in Post Office Row. Gardener at Coddington House owned by Mrs Tallents, he was summoned to the house from the grounds by a bell which could be heard throughout the village.
Member of the Cricket Club that played on Cow Close, Hall Farm.
Member of the Parish Council.
M.C. at Whist Drives in the Reading Room. The tables fitted in around a large billiard table in the centre.  Cries of "come on Owen" when it was time to move tables.

   Mrs Mary Handbury, Vale Farm (née Daybell) organised Whist Drives every fortnight for various charities with helpers.
She was for many years W.I. Secretary or President.
Also secretary of the Mother's Union.
Her Daughter, Christine married Rev. Michael Usher.
Mrs Handbury was always involved in any money raising activities, donating any milk needed in a can!

   Mr E.C.P. Daybell brother of the above, District and County Councillor.

   Old Time Dancing Club in the New Coronation Hall organised by Mrs Gwen Ashton and Mrs Jessie Simpson (The Laurels) Both are on the Walster Tree Teachers were Mr and Mrs Hammond. (Newark)

   Church Fete held in grounds of Coddington House by kind permission of Mrs Tallent. Often a dance would take place after the Fete in the large school room.

   Jock Fryer had an artificial leg but he still delivered milk on a fixed wheel bicycle carrying two large cans.

   Lucy Fryer his wife (Sleaford Road) organised bus trips to pantomimes and ice shows at Notttingham as well as day trips to the coast and Wickstead park.

   Mrs Gibson a member of the Walster Family also organised bus trips.