The INGRAM family; first Thomas and then his widow, Mary, kept the Pough Inn throughout the period between 1869 and 1912. 

They had come from Caunton and baptised their sons; Fred in 1868, Roland Scott in 1872 and John Thomas in 1873 in Coddington Church.  Rolf VERNON's book Coddingtion School in the Victorian Age records that both Roland and John gained refunds for passing three subjects at school during the period 1873-1877 whilst Fred gained a good attendance award during the period 1878 to 1882.  In 1900 Fred was described as a cottager and at the time of the 1918 Estate Sale was a tenant of one of the cottages on Main Street (Lot 49 and since demolished).  In 1935 John INGRAM applied to the Duke of Newcastle to convert property (a house orchard and garden) from copyhold status.  Between 1938 and 1950 John was listed as living at "Fairfield".  By 1957 Florence E INGRAM was the only INGRAM listed.  She was living at 68 Main St, where Fred had been living 40 years earlier (see lot 49 on map below).

1871 Census

Thomas INGRAM (30, born Harbury, Warwicks)
Mary INGRAM (wife, 31, born Caunton Notts)
George INGRAM (son, 12, born Caunton)
Frederick INGRAM (son, 3, born Coddington)

1881 Census

Mary INGRAM (widow, 44, born Eddingley Notts)
Frederick INGRAM (son, 12, born Coddington)
Rowland INGRAM (son, 9, scholar, born Coddington)
John T INGRAM (son, 8, scholar, born Coddington)